Monday, July 28, 2008

Nation's largest UFO Conference was held in San Jose this past weekend

The MUFON Conference coincided nicely with all the UFO information
coming out lately via Larry King, Edgar Mitchell, the Stephensville, TX
sightings, etc. See short video re. the conference at:

I did not attend this conference because I had been to many previous
conferences where the same speakers had appeared, and I already knew
most of them and their stories. It's just as one of the interviewed
people on the video said -- these conferences are attended by ordinary
folks who are curious -- or who may have seen UFOs themselves. The
speakers are, for the most part, very credible and often are highly
credentialed people in the military or government. Our government has
tried hard, with disinformation, ridicule and lies, to keep us in the
dark for many years about the reality of UFOs and aliens visiting our
planet -- but once you have attended a conference like this and heard
the sincere witnesses who just want to get the truth out to the public,
it is hard not to become a "believer." Especially now, with former
astronaut Edgar Mitchell speaking out loudly and clearly on the subject.