Monday, July 21, 2008

Reality Pointers - so simple and clear!

The last paragraph says it the plainest and simplest way -- of course! how else could it be? (~.~) Thanks to John Wheeler for these beautiful "pointers" to the truth of who we really are--beyond body, mind, and world. If you've ever wondered at all about the nature of your own being, the following statements are like arrows pointing to where you can find the answer--and true peace.

The Pointers page is generally updated on Monday of each week. Note: The pointers are always specific to certain contexts and none of them are absolute. There is no fixed teaching at all. All pointers are provisional and in response to a certain question. The point is to see what the pointers are pointing to, which is just what you are. Before the next thought appears, you already are. That is all I am pointing to, just what you already are prior to concepts.
Be curious and explore the nature of the space in which thoughts appear.
What is that within which the mind comes and goes and which gives rise to the mind and all else?
The ever-present true Self has never been bound and does not need to be freed.
Being-consciousness-peace is one of those very useful pointers that is to be used but then negated at the appropriate moment. Otherwise, one may retain a sense of individuality as an "I" who is identified with that principle.
Before consciousness dawns, you are present as the one to whom it dawns.
Your seeking and fear will come to an end through understanding your real nature. There is no doubt about it.
Sat-chit-ananda (being-consciousness-peace) is the mind's highest conception of reality, but reality (and what you are) lies beyond
Being, consciousness and peace all have opposites and therefore are still in duality.
Realization, if it has any meaning, is the utter dissolution of the separate "I" notion. So there is no one left to have any continuous experience of being-consciousness-peace, or anything else.
The first thing is to understand clearly what your true nature is. Everyone overlooks this, which leads to doubt. Once your real nature is clear, it is helpful to understand the cause of suffering. At that point, your real being is clear and the root of the doubts is severed once and for all.
All of the questions come from turning away from the ever-present peace and attending to the problems created in the thoughts.
You are there with or without appearances, so there is not much to be gained by seeking and searching in appearances. Just be what you are, and let events come and go naturally.
Do not trade your essence for a passing thought! Use thoughts, but do not be used by them.
Once you get it in your mind to pursue enlightenment or awakening as some special attainment, you have already taken a wrong turn. Why? Because the very notion of some special event is dependent on several false concepts. First is the notion that you are a being in need of awakening in the first place. This is a clear contradiction of the basic tenet of non-duality, which is "You are THAT". (THAT being the absolute reality itself.) Why would the absolute reality need to awaken when it already is the absolute reality? Second is the notion that reality lies in the future, not the present. This overlooks the fact that time itself is purely a mental concept. How could reality reside in a concept? Third is the notion that reality is reducible to some special experience or event. Clearly, events or experiences come and go and cannot bear any relation to what the non-dual traditions point to as the ever-present, changeless reality. So, those who preach a doctrine of a special awakening are only peddling false concepts to the unwary. A clear and direct sharing of the essential message of non-duality results in the immediate recognition of one's own true being as always present and ever-attained. Dualistic spiritual approaches tend to stress either the so-called pre-requisites to self-understanding or some assumed post-awakening development. These approaches invariably leave one either practicing endlessly in hopes of awakening "some day" or else attempting to deepen some imagined awakening experience. Either way, one is left with a view of being incomplete, rather than standing firmly with the recognition "I am THAT".