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States are lining up to drop out of No Child Left Behind

HOORAY! I hope California leaves it behind right away!  In my opinion, this was a bad program from the start.  Everything is geared toward the testing, which has dulled the educational system.  It has taken the fun out of teaching for the teachers, and out of learning for the kids..and given them test anxiety, to boot.  To tell you the truth, I can't think of anything good to have come out of the Cheney/Bush years.  Those evil men propelled us toward economical and ecological disaster in the fastest way possible, and we are paying for it today.


Heart-touching story about "Electron Boy"

Erik "Electron Boy" Martin

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SEATTLE (AP) — In real life he was Erik Martin, a boy with a constellation of severe health problems and a rare form of cancer. But in his imagination he was Electron Boy, a superhero who saved Seattle from the forces of darkness and evil one spring day last year.

Erik died Friday at home. He was 14.

In April 2010, hundreds of volunteers in Seattle and Bellevue made Erik’s superhero story come true, in an elaborately choreographed event created by the Washington chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Wearing a handmade superhero costume that he had helped design, and riding in a DeLorean sports car, Erik rescued the Seattle Sounders from Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy. He saved a Puget Sound Energy worker stuck in a bucket truck, rescued a group of people trapped on the observation deck of the Space Needle, and captured the villains, played to the hilt by Edgar Hansen and his sidekick Jake Anderson, both of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.”

The story of his big wish went viral on the Internet. The foundation was swamped by people pledging money and offering to help other children with life-threatening illnesses see their dreams come true.

“Erik’s wish just cast this net and brought them into the mission” of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, said spokeswoman Jeannette Tarcha. “People just wanted to be part of it.”

A group of independent comic-book creators inked and published a real comic book of his exploits. And the “Fans of Electron Boy” page, still active on Facebook, drew thousands of members—today, its fans number nearly 12,000.

Erik’s superhero deeds were recognized on the floor of the U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Wash. The boy, who is a foster child, became a hero to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and to cancer patients and foster families alike.

Tarcha said Erik’s foster father, Jeremy Martin, often told people he believed that “the reason this resonated with so many people is it’s the story of the hero’s journey, struggling against all odds to make it.”

“And that is the definition of who Erik was,” she said.

Erik’s wish was “one of the events that really brought our company together,” said Martha Monfried, spokeswoman for Puget Sound Energy, who recalled how, on his wish day, hundreds of the company’s employees gathered on the Bellevue campus and cheered on Electron Boy with hand-lettered signs.

“I’m just thinking about how fortunate I felt to be a part of his short and powerful little life,” said Rob Burgess, a local actor who played Electron Boy’s sidekick, Lightning Lad, on Erik’s wish day.

Martin and his wife, Judy, who started caring for medically fragile foster children after their two children were grown, began taking care of Erik when he was 6 weeks old. He was born with a malformed heart missing its right atrium and ventricle and required several surgeries to fix. He had no spleen, and sensory problems made him extremely sensitive to touch.

Three years ago, Erik was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called paraganglioma, which spread throughout his body and was not treatable with surgery or chemotherapy.

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation offered to grant him his wish, Erik told wish manager Jessie Elenbaas that he wanted to do things he has never been able to do: to run fast, be powerful and help people.

“Everyone wants to see someone become a superhero for a day, especially someone struggling with as many issues as Erik was,” she said.


Taking the bull by the horns -- and throttling him

Are You a Rebel or a Slave?

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig

30 September 11


RSN Special Coverage: Occupy Wall Street


here are no excuses left. Either you join the revolt taking place on Wall Street and in the financial districts of other cities across the country or you stand on the wrong side of history. Either you obstruct, in the only form left to us, which is civil disobedience, the plundering by the criminal class on Wall Street and accelerated destruction of the ecosystem that sustains the human species, or become the passive enabler of a monstrous evil. Either you taste, feel and smell the intoxication of freedom and revolt or sink into the miasma of despair and apathy. Either you are a rebel or a slave.

To be declared innocent in a country where the rule of law means nothing, where we have undergone a corporate coup, where the poor and working men and women are reduced to joblessness and hunger, where war, financial speculation and internal surveillance are the only real business of the state, where even habeas corpus no longer exists, where you, as a citizen, are nothing more than a commodity to corporate systems of power, one to be used and discarded, is to be complicit in this radical evil. To stand on the sidelines and say “I am innocent” is to bear the mark of Cain; it is to do nothing to reach out and help the weak, the oppressed and the suffering, to save the planet. To be innocent in times like these is to be a criminal. Ask Tim DeChristopher.

Choose. But choose fast. The state and corporate forces are determined to crush this. They are not going to wait for you. They are terrified this will spread. They have their long phalanxes of police on motorcycles, their rows of white paddy wagons, their foot soldiers hunting for you on the streets with pepper spray and orange plastic nets. They have their metal barricades set up on every single street leading into the New York financial district, where the mandarins in Brooks Brothers suits use your money, money they stole from you, to gamble and speculate and gorge themselves while one in four children outside those barricades depend on food stamps to eat. Speculation in the 17th century was a crime. Speculators were hanged. Today they run the state and the financial markets. They disseminate the lies that pollute our airwaves. They know, even better than you, how pervasive the corruption and theft have become, how gamed the system is against you, how corporations have cemented into place a thin oligarchic class and an obsequious cadre of politicians, judges and journalists who live in their little gated Versailles while 6 million Americans are thrown out of their homes, a number soon to rise to 10 million, where a million people a year go bankrupt because they cannot pay their medical bills and 45,000 die from lack of proper care, where real joblessness is spiraling to over 20 percent, where the citizens, including students, spend lives toiling in debt peonage, working dead-end jobs, when they have jobs, a world devoid of hope, a world of masters and serfs.

The only word these corporations know is more. They are disemboweling every last social service program funded by the taxpayers, from education to Social Security, because they want that money themselves. Let the sick die. Let the poor go hungry. Let families be tossed in the street. Let the unemployed rot. Let children in the inner city or rural wastelands learn nothing and live in misery and fear. Let the students finish school with no jobs and no prospects of jobs. Let the prison system, the largest in the industrial world, expand to swallow up all potential dissenters. Let torture continue. Let teachers, police, firefighters, postal employees and social workers join the ranks of the unemployed. Let the roads, bridges, dams, levees, power grids, rail lines, subways, bus services, schools and libraries crumble or close. Let the rising temperatures of the planet, the freak weather patterns, the hurricanes, the droughts, the flooding, the tornadoes, the melting polar ice caps, the poisoned water systems, the polluted air increase until the species dies.

Who the hell cares? If the stocks of ExxonMobil or the coal industry or Goldman Sachs are high, life is good. Profit. Profit. Profit. That is what they chant behind those metal barricades. They have their fangs deep into your necks. If you do not shake them off very, very soon they will kill you. And they will kill the ecosystem, dooming your children and your children’s children. They are too stupid and too blind to see that they will perish with the rest of us. So either you rise up and supplant them, either you dismantle the corporate state, for a world of sanity, a world where we no longer kneel before the absurd idea that the demands of financial markets should govern human behavior, or we are frog-marched toward self-annihilation.

Those on the streets around Wall Street are the physical embodiment of hope. They know that hope has a cost, that it is not easy or comfortable, that it requires self-sacrifice and discomfort and finally faith. They sleep on concrete every night. Their clothes are soiled. They have eaten more bagels and peanut butter than they ever thought possible. They have tasted fear, been beaten, gone to jail, been blinded by pepper spray, cried, hugged each other, laughed, sung, talked too long in general assemblies, seen their chants drift upward to the office towers above them, wondered if it is worth it, if anyone cares, if they will win. But as long as they remain steadfast they point the way out of the corporate labyrinth. This is what it means to be alive. They are the best among us.


Click here to access OCCUPY TOGETHER, a hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.


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Travolta, Cage photos from the very distant past?

The resemblances are remarkable!   Is this Nicholas Cage, proving he is a time traveler?;stories    Is this John Travolta, also a possible time traveler?


The Occupation of Wall Street -- RISE UP, PEOPLE! says Michael Moore

Watch the videos on this site -- get fired up -- We, the people have had ENOUGH of the greedy bastards on Wall Street refusing to pay their fair share and taking jobs and money from the dying middle class!  We've had ENOUGH of the bought-and-paid-for so-called "representatives" (weasels) in Congress who only represent Wall Street and the corporations who buy their votes!  We've had ENOUGH of a mainstream media owned by the corporations who tell the in-name-only reporters what they can and cannot report (one story which is being ignored is these very Wall Street demonstrations by We, the People).

We, the People need to stand up in every state in this country, on the steps of every state capitol and every city hall and tell the greed-and-power lusting bastards:  ENOUGH!  We are taking the country back from you!  We're taking it back from you,  Bush Family and all your "elite" corporate buddies--from you, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld--from you, Larry Summers and Tim Geithner--from you, Rupert Murdoch and your damn FAUX News, from you, all you war-mongering, greed-driven bastards who keep profiting from the wars you create on the backs of the middle class and poor!  We're taking it back from your hired thugs in the police forces who attack innocent people trying to demonstrate for their rights in a democratic way!  We're taking it back from the "elite" who will not allow themselves to be held accountable and punished for the lies and tricks they have played on the public in order to line their own pockets over and over and over again!   Watch Michael Moore in his "Rise Up!" video appearance on Lawrence O'Donnell's show.  And get fired up!
 Write letters to the President, to Congress, to your newspapers -- telling them you are done--get the hell out of the halls of our government!  We the People have had ENOUGH!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To Hell with the Poor! Let Them Die!

Throwing all those kids off welfare felt great — until they turned to crime to survive

We have reason to celebrate this weekend: Michigan is cutting off welfare payments forever to nearly 30,000 poor children!

Good thing. Little bastards are eating too much, and if their growth isn't properly stunted and they are allowed to survive, they'll eventually start breeding too. Yes, I know we should castrate them.

Back in the day, we used to do that to Native American children, or the "feebleminded," as long as they weren't from Texas and didn't have family money. But the liberal do-gooders put a stop to that.

If you are a "liberal do-gooder" who wants to know more about this horrific decision, you can read the rest of the article at:     If you are a Tea Party supporter, you can just pass this one by.  You will definitely agree that these little kids and their "dumb lower-class" parents should be thrown off welfare. You must stay true to those compassionate words of Scrooge:   "Are there no prisons?  Are there no workhouses?"  Oh yes, and there will be plenty more of them to house the parent criminals who will have to resort to robbery to feed their children.


Elizsabeth Warren SPEAKING TRUTH! We're all in this together!!!

The right wing continually tries to make us believe the business owners do it all on their own.  There is no such thing as making a successful business "all on your own." Elizabeth Warren tells it like it really is!


Humorous Bad Lip Reading -- Rick Perry

Watch this very short video of Rick Perry giving a speech --with interpretations of what he's saying being given by a bad lip reader.  It's hilarious.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A great clip from Jon Stewart/Daily Show

How True It Is!

Stewart tells the GOP voters to look in the mirror -- THEY (and not their candidates) are the problem.  The video clip shows the candidates they are rejecting.  It also focuses on Chris Christie, the one whom they are now begging to get into the race -- and shows why Christie will soon be rejected by them, too.  This is a Daily Show classic!  It points directly at the truth and asks Republicans to take a good look at themselves in the mirror, without thinking there is something wrong with the mirror.  There is something wrong with THEM!  Ya' just gotta' love Jon Stewart!  He sees SO MUCH MORE CLEARLY than the mainstream media pundits!  His verbal arrows always point to the truth.


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The Truth about Gardasil vaccine - a must-read for parents

(NaturalNews) Texas Gov. Rick Perry's failed plot to force Merck & Co.'s Gardasil vaccine on millions of young girls in the Lone Star State has sparked renewed interest among Americans, as to what all the controversy is about concerning the vaccine (

The mainstream media's response to the incident has included a lot of whitewashing, as well as a full-scale damage control operation to reaffirm the supposed safety of Gardasil, which is alleged by Merck to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) and some forms of cervical cancer. But the cat is out of the bag as thousands of curious Americans, many for the first time, are learning about the very real dangers associated with the Gardasil vaccine.

Major adverse events caused by the shots include the development of autoimmune disorders, paralysis, Guillain Barre Syndrome, seizures, migraine headaches, blindness, hearing loss, memory loss, and death (

So far in 2011 alone, there have been nearly 1,500 adverse events reported in association with Gardasil or Cervarix -- and in 2010, there were more than 2,500 adverse events reported in association with the two vaccines (

To date, there have been more than 21,000 reported cases of girls being adversely injured by Gardasil or Cervarix, more than 3,100 serious injury reports, and more than 100 reported deaths (


Truth about how the Fukushima nuclear plant crisis is out of control  Watch this informative news program video for truth about what is happening in Japan -- and how it is affecting not only that country, but the rest of the world as well. 

We don't hear much about it, because the global energy groups are successfully managing the mainstream media and keeping the information from the public.  The truth is, it appears to be totally out of control and in core meltdown. Read the following for some facts:

Fukushima Getting Worse -
Tokyo Becoming Uninhabitable?

By Tom Burnett

The radiation coming out of Fukushima is still INCREASING.  As I have said for months, there is no way to stop it.  The only solution is to hide it and pretend it doesn't exist.

As of today, the people who were evacuated from the dead zone can apply for compensation to get a home somewhere else.  The instructions are 160 pages long and the application itself is 60 pages and requires various proofs and documents.  Merely having to leave a zone of deadly radiation is not proof of anything to the Japanese government, even though they ordered the evacuation.

In addition, the instructions are incomprehensible, even to a Japanese lawyer.  A typical farmer or lay person could never complete the application.  

Moving right along...the Japanese are gearing up to restart all of the nuclear plants that are now offline.  They have no other sources of energy and winter is approaching - so all the plants that were shut down because they were - and still are - unsafe are going to be put back on line before winter.  It's very likely that there will be another Fukushima-type accident in the near future because of these unsafe plants.  Japan will not only kill off its own citizens, but everyone else as well.

That's not rhetoric.  Tokyo is rapidly becoming uninhabitable. As my VERY FIRST POST said back in March, when the cores hit groundwater, it will get very serious.  Now it is happening.  The entire northern half of Japan is effectively uninhabitable, although the Japanese government is simply ignoring the problem.  Radiation in California

I am continuing to monitor radiation levels in East Hawaii . So far every one of my predictions and observations have been proven correct. It now appears that this is becoming an earth-shattering event.  Not just Japan. If there has been a core meltdown into the groundwater, with radiation levels continuing to be high and drifting across the planet, the entire world is in danger right now.


60 Minutes video: The Murder of an American Nazi;storyMediaBox

Guns, white supremacy, violence, Nazi worship, abuse -- see what this added up to in a California family whose politics proudly remain conservative Republican today.  This story was aired on 60 Minutes last night.  It's the story of what fear and hatred can lead to, in an individual, a family, or a country.  Most Tea Party supporters do not see themselves as filled with hate and fired up by fear -- but those with eyes to see can observe very clearly where their kind of belief system leads.  They may call themselves Christians, but their actions belie their claims.  No doubt the father in this sad story thought of himself as a good Christian, even as his beliefs drifted steadily rightwards, straight into Nazi-ism.  View the video and come to your own conclusions.


Sunday, September 25, 2011


Lord of the Flies 2.0
By Stephen Pizzo

As the old saying goes, "Every dog has his day." And so it has come to pass.

The nation's simpletons leap from the shadows, where they wisely hide, except for distinct and notable moments in human history; the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, late 19th-century Germany and the same country during the 1930s. During such times, when the conditions are just right, like they are now, the dumb and dumber leap from the shadows and take center stage, claim their right to lead, and... well the results are history.

I only mention all this because it's true. Tea Party simpletons wrap themselves in prideful ignorance, and treat matters of life and death, like global warming, with dismissive derision. They scoff at the science that explains their very existence as a species. They say there are doubts about all that "science" stuff, but no doubt about the Spirit in the sky to whom they pledge mindless allegiance.

Instead of all that complicated, annoying and often inconvenient "book learnin' stuff, they offer "common sense solutions." Which would be fine, if their solutions were not so uncommonly and provably disastrous.

Here's the problem dealing with these simpletons; We can all argue about how things might turn out if we do this or that now, because this situation or that situation has not played itself out fully. It's much more difficult to argue with what actually happened when our ancestors did this or that back then. Those situations played out, for better or for worse.

Of course simpletons don't care much for all that. They are profoundly nearsighted. Besides, a knowledge of history requires a modicum of curiosity, and simpletons are also a profoundly un-curious lot. If mankind only produced simpletons we'd all still be sitting around in caves reinventing wheels and rediscovering fire.

Which is precisely what separates the enlightened from the simpleton. The simpleton seeks .... well.. simplicity. But hitching one's wagon to the simplest solutions at times of exploding complexity is like trying to navigate a maze with ones eyes closed. No, not a maze.. that's too benign a metaphor for these perilous times. It's more like navigating a mine field with eyes closed -- wearing logging boots while singing God Bless America.

Nevertheless, here they are, simpletons proudly and loudly marching through our 21st-century mine fields, clutching their 2000-year-old guidebook they claim was inspired by a "Prince of Peace," -- but who also cheer like a lynch mob at the mere mention of executions, and cheer at the idea of letting the uninsured die on hospital doorsteps.

Like the cycle that raises cicadas from the dark earth every 13-years, simpletons have risen -- again. History warns what follows. Yet no one seems to be able to figure out how to cram the simpleton genie back in the bottle. It's the Sorcerer's Apprentice come to life for GOP strategists who uncorked the simpleton bottle and now have no idea how to stop them. So, instead, they are running along beside them trying to keep up.


This article is only for those who want truth about the collapse of the WTC 7 building--and towers

If you are like me, you can't settle for obvious lies, distortions or half-truths about anything.  Do you value truth, no matter where the search for it may take you?  If you do, read this entire article at:    Its arguments and conclusions, based on facts and visual evidence, will definitely get you to thinking, if you have an open mind and an honest desire for truth.

For most of us who observed the fall of WTC building #7, it is really a matter of Groucho Marx's old question:  "Who do you believe? Me (the government) or your lying eyes?"  It's obvious, even to the least educated and trained among us, that the building did not collapse so symmetrically into its own footprint just by accident or simply because there was a small fire in one of the offices.  There are different theories about how the towers and Building 7 came down, with the latest research being that of Dr Judy Wood, a very credible/credentialed scientifically trained engineer, who made a 10-year study of the event and has concluded it was caused by a free electromagnetic energy (Nikola Tesla-type) directed at the buildings. Our government does have this technology, but keeps it fairly secret from the public.  Have you ever heard of HAARP?  Look it up on google. Basic info on it can be found at:  Dr. Wood's impeccable research and step-by-step reasoning can be read on her website at and in her remarkably detailed book entitled Where Did the Towers Go?  Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11.  There are other opinions of controlled demolition by respected/credentialed experts, such as the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth movement, which you can read about at:

Whatever the theory of suspected causes, the visual evidence demands that the same conclusion must be reached by all:  the reasons for the fall of the buildings, as put forth by the government, are not true. 
The Why of that is still for us to discover.

Learn more:

EXCERPTS from the above article
The primary argument about WTC 7 really has nothing to do with the temperature at which structured steel loses its integrity, or how hot the fires burned in WTC 7. Rather, it is a question of how did all the support columns for the entire building simultaneously shatter and bring the building down at free-fall acceleration into its own footprint?

Only an IQ-challenged individual would say this could happen from anything other than a deliberately planned demolition job. Even in severe earthquakes, large concrete-and-steel buildings don't fall straight down into their own footprints. To achieve that kind of symmetry requires careful planning and
weeks of preparation where you drill into the columns of the building and plant explosives which are all wired up to a rather complex control board. The detonation sequence also needs to be meticulously calculated so that the 24 inner columns are shattered just moments before the 57 outer columns in order to make sure the building falls into itself rather than "peeling away" and expanding its outer walls as it falls.

Demolitions is a rigorous scientific endeavor, and to achieve the symmetrical collapse of a large concrete-and-steel structure like WTC 7 required strict adherence to understanding explosives, support structures, architectures and the laws of physics. Thus, the people who brought down WTC 7 honor the laws of physics, while those quacks who claim WTC 7 was caused by "office fires" stand in total violation of the laws of physics.

Just in case you want to be really, really sure about WTC 7 actually being a demolitions job, here are two other bits of evidence you'll want to see on this.

The first is the video interview with Larry Silverstein who comes right out and openly admits "they made the decision to pull it." This term -- "pull it" -- is the term used by demolitions teams when they make the decision to bring the building down.

But here's the real gotcha in all this: The BBC, in a live news broadcast, reported the collapse of WTC 7 20 minutes before it happened! How could this happen? They apparently got their time zones mixed up and ended up airing video of a reporter declaring the Saloman Brothers building (WTC 7) had collapsed even while it was standing in the background behind her!

This clearly and obviously indicates prior knowledge that the building was about to be brought down. Watch that video at:

And read an accompanying explanation at:

Videos to watch that reveal more

9/11 Truth: What Happened to Building 7

WTC 7: The Smoking Gun of 9/11

How did WTC 7 fall?

This is an Orange

WTC 7 - Showing shaped charge explosions

WTC 7 Free Fall Collapse

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Excellent article -- Do Loved Ones Bid Farewell from beyond the Grave?

Unfortunately, the mocking comments of many readers at the end of the article show the type of consciousness that is prevalent in our society at this time.  Only a few of those readers realize that things like this occur regularly, as there is a very thin veil between this dimension and the afterlife dimension.  A new show on CBS last night actually tells the story of a happening like the ones described in the article.  It's about a neurosurgeon whose dead ex-wife appears to him, just as if she were still in the earthly dimension.  At first, he doesn't realize she had died -- until he hears about her accidental death, which took place before her first visit to him.  The show is called A Gifted Man -- and stars Patrick Wilson.

Unless you have experienced such an occurrence in your own life, you may not be inclined to believe that our loved ones live on after death and, in many cases, can communicate with those they love who are still on the earth.  I did have such an experience -- in fact, a few of them, with visits from my loved ones who had passed on, which has proved to me that there really is no death.  I think, though, that people are beginning to be more accepting about life after death, now that many experiencers are willing to tell their stories.  Hopefully, this will open more minds and hearts to a larger reality than we have been taught to believe by orthodox 'authorities' on this planet.

Read this article -- and judge for yourself whether the people who are relating their own experiences are telling the truth -- or not.

Two words not to say to your doctor if your child has been diagnosed with cancer

The two words are "second opinion" -- as in, "I want a second opinion."  This is a very big red flag for the medical profession.  If you want to investigate other forms of treatment, you could be accused of child abuse.  Read the following story of one family's agonizing journey...  Definitely worth taking the time to read, for information and as a warning.

The film, Cut Poison Burn, is available to view for free.

It's hard to fathom a medical system that threatens you and abuses you, and forces you to undergo toxic medical treatments against your will, while raking in massive amounts of money for these forced treatments; bankrupting you to the point where you can't even afford a simple funeral once the toxic treatments fail—which they usually do.

But what about the family's insurance, you may ask. Didn't they have any? Yes, they did, but as so many other Americans have come to find out, medical expenses incurred by families WITH insurance is the number one cause of bankruptcy in the US.

"They have a cap on cancer," Navarro explains. "I didn't know that. They capped everything, which isn't a lot because again they're in bed with each other; insurance, pharmaceutical. I won't get started on that because that makes my blood boil but a lot of it was on us after the cap was reached..."

"When we began, we were completely uncomfortable with everything and we wanted a second opinion. The minute those words are heard: 'second opinion,' CPS is brought into it," he explains. "You're charged with child abuse and medical neglect automatically. The charges go up from there depending on your level of resistance. They will kick in your door; come in armed. They will attempt to kidnap your child, which we had gone through several times with Thomas. By any means necessary they will get your child.

It didn't used to be that way. Doctors sadly have gotten to the point where they don't even threaten you with CPS, they just contact them when you don't know about it.

... Donna and I had a hearing on the first [CPS] case, because there were actually two; one in Arizona and one in Texas, and I said, "Child abuse? I don't think so. Medical neglect? I don't think so. I am spending approximately $12,000 to $15,000 a month on my son's well being. I have him continually checked by doctors and nurses. He's got a health regimen, which includes a change of diet, vitamins, supplements. I'm doing all the right things, plus I have a wife that is by profession a caregiver. She spent many years in the emergency room, ER and trauma. I've got a sense that she knows what she's doing.

... [T]he first thing they try to do is make you feel guilty when you don't comply... [T]hey also hold control over whether or not you get to stay at Ronald McDonald House, or you get your wish from Make-A-Wish..."

And You Thought Your Donations Went to ANY Sick Child in Need...

This may surprise some of you who dutifully donate money to charitable organizations like the Ronald McDonald House and the Make a Wish Foundation. These organizations do not use that money to provide services to just any sick child who might want or need it. Their services are to a large extent exclusive to patients who participate in the conventional system of standard care.

"[W]e initially were not allowed to check in at the Ronald McDonald House," Navarro says. "Why not?... "[B]ecause his doctor in Arizona withdrew his recommendation and without the doctor's recommendation you can't come here." ... So everyone is giving to this place, for children with cancer to stay, and now you're telling me because [the doctor] said no, there's a difference between him sick then and sick today?"

The doctor also pulled his recommendation for Thomas' application with the Make-A-Wish foundation. They got the call that it had been retracted on the day Thomas was scheduled to actually receive his wish.

"The attitude is, "Unless I have your child; unless I get to treat him, he's not sick. It's like the FDA... In the eyes of the FDA...He doesn't have cancer. Why doesn't he have cancer? "Because you're not doing our treatment and until he does our treatment we will not deem him sick."

The Navarros filed six appeals to the FDA after the initial paperwork to do a compassionate exemption, but the agency rejected all of them.

The film, Cut Poison Burn, is available to view for free.


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Astounding BBC Documentary on Near-Death Experiences is Life Changing

Very interesting one-hour documentary from the BBC. For the curious.

This video is available online at
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Dear friends,

The BBC documentary The Day I Died relates not only inspiring, well documented near-death experiences, it explores what happens to consciousness when the brain stops and the fascinating topic of life after death in general. Highlighting key cases where individuals were declared clinically dead for a period of time and then came back to life, powerful evidence is presented that consciousness can, in fact, separate from the body to see and experience things not possible from inside the body. View this amazing exploration of life after death at this link:

In this thought-provoking documentary, you will meet Vicki Noratuk, who has been blind from birth. Until Vicki's near-death experience, she had no concept of what the visible world was like. But upon leaving her body as a result of a bad car accident, she was astounded to suddenly be able to see. She went on to have a powerfully transformative experience. Once Vicki came back into her body in the hospital, she once again was blind, yet was incredibly grateful for having experienced sight and much more in her sojourn into the realms beyond.

You will also meet Pam Reynolds, who was facing imminent death from a massive brain aneurysm. She opted for a highly risky procedure where neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Spetzler deliberately brought her to a state where all of her vital signs, including all brain activity, were stopped for an extended period of surgery. All blood was removed from her head. Clinically, Pam was dead for that period. Yet on being successfully revived, she came back a transformed woman with an amazingly inspiring story to share of where her consciousness went while her body functions stopped.

And then there is the transformational story of Gordon Allen. Before his near-death experience Gordon was all about making money. And he was quite successful in his ruthless business world. After going through death, however, all of that changed. Learn about the most remarkable way the life of this once greedy man turned around in this beautifully compiled documentary.

A number of doctors and surgeons also give engaging interviews, including both skeptics of life after death and those who say that there is no explanation other than the possibility that consciousness can exist and perceive outside of the physical body. A few doctors were so intrigued with what they heard from patients who had come back from clinical death that they initiated extensive studies into the near-death phenomenon. And the results are quite amazing.

Another video and two well documented stories on near-death experiences and life after death are well worth exploring. A 26-minute video compilation of near-death experiences related by a number of people who survived death and lived to tell about is most fascinating. Watch it at the link below:

For two other wonderfully rich and inspiring cases, read the amazing near-death experiences of Mellon Thomas-Benedict (from Santa Cruz, CA) at this link and of Anita Moorjani at this link. And for lots more, see the highly inspiring online lesson on this topic at this link. All of these fascinating experiences suggest that there may be much more to both life and death than we imagine. Thanks for your interest, and please help to spread the inspiration.

See many inspirational resources at


9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Fast, to the point, and totally unbelievable. It's the official story... Video:

If you believed the official stories about the JFK,  RFK and MLK assassinations, you'll love this short 4 minute video explaining the official story of 9/11.

Opening New Doors: Faster than Light - Physicists' New Discovery

In accord with the upliftment of consciousness on our planet, new discoveries are being made more frequently these days, and this latest one is a mind-blower!  Those with curious minds might want to read about this fascinating discovery, which opens the door to time travel possibilities:

Although many upset scientists are exclaiming it can't be possible for anything to be faster than light, it appears that today's physicists are challenging that part of Einstein's theory of relativity--but not without a lot of squawking from those who hate to see change (we know who those people are, don't we?  The scientists who would rather hide new discoveries under the rug than change their opinions -- the kind of thinking best represented in our world by some right wing types).  In contrast, progressive thinking demands keeping an open mind--about Everything!  As we learn more, of course old and often cherished ideas will have to give way to the new.  That is what science is supposed to be all about, isn't it?  Although some reluctant scientists are protesting this discovery of faster-than-light sub-atomic neutrinos, I remember reading years ago that many in the scientific realm were already suspecting this was a possibility--perhaps even a probability.  In a book that I am presently reading, which was published in 1987, there are the following paragraphs that synchronize with this "new" discovery.  I don't think it is coincidental that I just happened to be reading about this in an old book and then, at the exact same time, also saw the online article about the new scientific discovery.  Synchronicity like this happens frequently in my life (and in the lives of everyone, if we take time to think about it--for instance, how often have you learned a new word and then began to see that word everywhere?):

From the book The After-Death Experience: The Physics of the Non-Physical by Ian Wilson:

Another factor of considerable potential relevance to the existence of 'minds' [on a cosmic level, 'One Mind'], and to the idea of these being able to communicate across space (and perhaps time), has been a problem arising out of Einstein's theory of relativity and Max Planck's quantum theory, the assertion that radiant energy is emitted in 'discrete atomic quantities', or quanta.  According to quantum theory there are certain conditions under which, in the case of two very distant subatomic particles, if the behavior of one is altered, the other can be expected to change instantaneously in exactly the same way, despite no apparent force or signal linking them.  It is as if each particle 'knows' what the other is doing.  Einstein always rejected this on the grounds that, since there could be no harmony without some signal passing between the two distant particles, a signal of this kind would have to travel faster than the speed of light, and his theory of relativity did not allow for this. 

For a long while the difficulty was one of finding any way of checking whether Einstein or quantum theory was correct.  Professor David Bohm of Birkbeck College, London, tried by measuring the polarization of twinned pairs of photons from a common light source.  He encouragingly found that, whenever the first of these was measured, the twin behaved as though it too had been disturbed.  But he could find no precise way of determining whether the process was genuinely instantaneous, and therefore faster than the speed of light.  A French team, headed by Alain Aspect of Paris's Institut d'Optique Theorique et Appliquee, has recently come on to the scene.  The French researchers have simply added to Bohm's experiment a switch to block any signal between the paired photons except one traveling faster than light, and have found this experiment to work.   Professor Bohm has commented, "All we can do is to look at several possible interpretations...It may means that everything in the universe is in a kind of total rapport, so that whatever happens is related to everything else.  Or it may mean that there is some kind of information that can travel faster than the speed of light. Or it may mean that our concepts of space and time have to be modified in some way that we don't now understand."

It's interesting to me to see that, as more scientific discoveries like this are being made, how they fall into perfect alignment with what ancient wisdom texts and sages have been saying throughout the centuries.  The teachings of the Buddha -- and the real teachings of Christ whose instructions as related in the Bible were often misunderstood in his time, and continue to be misunderstood by many in our time.  For correlative material with what the scientists are now discovering, anyone curious or interested can read
The Zen Teachings of Huang Po or I Am That or The Spiritual Discourses of Sri Atmananda or any of the contemporary books by John Wheeler, such as Awakening to the Natural State.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bernie Sanders is Right On! I wish he'd run for President!


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 06/28/11. (photo: LA Times)
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 06/28/11. (photo: LA Times)

Why Do Republicans Hate Social Security?

By Sen. Bernie Sanders, Reader Supported News

22 September 11


epublicans hate Social Security because it has been an extraordinary success and has done exactly what it was designed to do. It is the most successful government program in our nation's history and is enormously popular.

When Social Security was developed, 50 percent of seniors lived in poverty. Today, that number is 10 percent - still too high, but a testament to the success of Social Security.

Republicans have spent years demonizing Social Security and spreading lies about its sustainability. They want to scare Americans and build support for making drastic cuts to the program or privatizing it entirely. Their long-term goal is to end Social Security as we know it, and convert it into a private account system which will enable Wall Street to make hundreds of billions in profits.

The truth is that, today, according to the Social Security Administration, Social Security has a $2.7 trillion surplus and can pay out every benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 25 years.

Further, because it is funded by the payroll tax and not the US Treasury, Social Security has not contributed one nickel to our deficit.

Now - in a prolonged recession that has decimated the poor and middle class and pushed more Americans into poverty than at any point in modern history - we need to strengthen Social Security. That's why I, along with nine co-sponsors, have introduced the "Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act." This legislation would lift the Social Security Payroll tax cap on all income over $250,000 a year, would require millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share into the Social Security Trust Fund, and would extend the program for the next 75 years.

Join me now as a citizen co-sponsor of the Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act.

For 76 years, through good times and bad, Social Security has paid out every benefit owed to every eligible American. The most effective way to strengthen Social Security for the next 76 years is to scrap the payroll tax cap for those earning $250,000 a year or more.

Right now, someone who earns $106,800 pays the same amount of money into Social Security as billionaires like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. That is because today, all income above $106,800 is exempt from the Social Security tax. As a result, 94% of Americans pay Social Security tax on all of their income, but the wealthiest 6% do not.

That makes no sense.

The "Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act" will ensure the long-term solvency of Social Security without cutting benefits, raising the retirement age or raising taxes on the middle class.

Join me and Democracy for America in fighting to strengthen Social Security - Sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act.

Social Security is keeping tens of millions of seniors out of poverty today. I can think of no more important issue facing our country today than making sure that Social Security remains strong for generations to come.

Thank you.


Senator Bernie Sanders
US Senator from Vermont



Disgusting behavior once again from the right wing audience at GOP debates

GOP debate audience boos gay soldier

A question from a gay soldier was met with boos during Thursday night’s Fox News Republican presidential debate.

“In 2010 when I was deployed to Iraq, I had to lie about who I was because I’m a gay soldier and I didn’t want to lose my job,” Stephen Hill, a U.S. soldier serving Iraq, told the candidates. “Under one of your presidencies, do you intend to circumvent the progress that have been made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military?”

The question was met by loud boos from the audience of Republican voters.

But those boos quickly turned to enthusiastic cheers as Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum explained that gays shouldn’t have the “special privilege” of being able to serve openly.

“Going forward, we would reinstitute [the gay ban] if Rick Santorum was president. That policy would be reinstituted. But as far as the people that are in, I would not throw them out be unfair to them because they policy of this administration, but we would move forward in conformity with what was happening in the past, which was sex is not an issue. It should not be an issue. Leave it alone, keep it to yourself, heterosexual or homosexual.”

The conservative gay rights group GOProud immediately called for an apology from Santorum.

“That brave gay soldier is doing something Rick Santorum has never done — put his life on the line to defend our freedoms and our way of life,” the group wrote in a media advisory. “It is telling that Rick Santorum is so blinded by his anti-gay bigotry that he couldn’t even bring himself to thank that gay soldier for his service.”


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why I Left the GOP cult after 30 years of service to them

The author is a rarity -- a man of intelligence who, as a member of the GOP, saw clearly what the Republican Party has become -- a tool of the wealthy, of war-mongers, and of fundamentalist religious fanatics.  This is an article to be read all the way through to get a truthful, factual look at the GOP in today's world--from the mouth of a man who served it on Washington's Capitol Hill for almost 30 years.  I've included just a few excerpts below, but you can read the entire article at:

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult
By Mike Lofgren

t should have been evident to clear-eyed observers that the Republican Party is becoming less and less like a traditional political party in a representative democracy and becoming more like an apocalyptic cult, or one of the intensely ideological authoritarian parties of 20th century Europe. This trend has several implications, none of them pleasant....

Far from being a rarity, virtually every bill, every nominee for Senate confirmation and every routine procedural motion is now subject to a Republican filibuster. Under the circumstances, it is no wonder that Washington is gridlocked: legislating has now become war minus the shooting, something one could have observed 80 years ago in the Reichstag of the Weimar Republic. As Hannah Arendt observed, a disciplined minority of totalitarians can use the instruments of democratic government to undermine democracy itself.

To those millions of Americans who have finally begun paying attention to politics and watched with exasperation the tragicomedy of the debt ceiling extension, it may have come as a shock that the Republican Party is so full of lunatics. To be sure, the party, like any political party on earth, has always had its share of crackpots, like Robert K. Dornan or William E. Dannemeyer. But the crackpot outliers of two decades ago have become the vital center today: Steve King, Michele Bachman (now a leading presidential candidate as well), Paul Broun, Patrick McHenry, Virginia Foxx, Louie Gohmert, Allen West. The Congressional directory now reads like a casebook of lunacy.

It was this cast of characters and the pernicious ideas they represent that impelled me to end a nearly 30-year career as a professional staff member on Capitol Hill. A couple of months ago, I retired; but I could see as early as last November that the Republican Party would use the debt limit vote, an otherwise routine legislative procedure that has been used 87 times since the end of World War II, in order to concoct an entirely artificial fiscal crisis. Then, they would use that fiscal crisis to get what they wanted, by literally holding the US and global economies as hostages.

Republicans make up misleading statistics to "prove" that the America's fiscal burden is being borne by the rich and the rest of us are just freeloaders who don't appreciate that fact. "Half of Americans don't pay taxes" is a perennial meme. But what they leave out is that that statement refers to federal income taxes. There are millions of people who don't pay income taxes, but do contribute payroll taxes - among the most regressive forms of taxation. But according to GOP fiscal theology, payroll taxes don't count. Somehow, they have convinced themselves that since payroll taxes go into trust funds, they're not real taxes. Likewise, state and local sales taxes apparently don't count, although their effect on a poor person buying necessities like foodstuffs is far more regressive than on a millionaire. All of these half truths and outright lies have seeped into popular culture via the corporate-owned business press.

John P. Judis sums up the modern GOP this way:

"Over the last four decades, the Republican Party has transformed from a loyal opposition into an insurrectionary party that flouts the law when it is in the majority and threatens disorder when it is the minority. It is the party of Watergate and Iran-Contra, but also of the government shutdown in 1995 and the impeachment trial of 1999. If there is an earlier American precedent for today's Republican Party, it is the antebellum Southern Democrats of John Calhoun who threatened to nullify, or disregard, federal legislation they objected to and who later led the fight to secede from the union over slavery."...

You know that Social Security and Medicare are in jeopardy when even Democrats refer to them as entitlements. "Entitlement" has a negative sound in colloquial English: somebody who is "entitled" selfishly claims something he doesn't really deserve. Why not call them "earned benefits," which is what they are because we all contribute payroll taxes to fund them? That would never occur to the Democrats. Republicans don't make that mistake; they are relentlessly on message: it is never the "estate tax," it is the "death tax." Heaven forbid that the Walton family should give up one penny of its $86-billion fortune. All of that lucre is necessary to ensure that unions be kept out of Wal-Mart, that women employees not be promoted and that politicians be kept on a short leash.



President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the DCCC reception at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island, 10/25/10. (photo: AP)
President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the DCCC reception at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island, 10/25/10. (photo: AP)

Obama Throws 'Class Warfare' Charge Back in GOP's Face

By Greg Sargent, The Washington Post

20 September 11


his has to be the clearest sign yet that Obama has taken a very sharp populist turn as he seeks to frame the contrast between the parties heading into 2012. During his remarks this morning, Obama directly responded to Republicans accusing him of "class warfare," but rather than simply deny the charge, he made the critical point that the act of protecting tax cuts for the rich is itself class warfare, in effect positioning himself as the defender of the middle class against GOP class warriors on behalf of the wealthy.

A senior administration official tells me that parts of Obama's "class warfare" broadside were ad-libbed. Here's the key chunk - and it's a script that could have been written by just about any card-carrying member of the "professional left":

Warren Buffett's secretary shouldn't pay a higher tax rate than Warren Buffett. There's no justification for it. It is wrong that in the United States of America, a teacher or a nurse or a construction worker who earns $50,000 should pay higher tax rates than somebody pulling in $50 million ...

We're already hearing the usual defenders of these kinds of loopholes saying, "this is just class warfare." I reject the idea that asking a hedge fund manager to pay the same tax rate as a plumber or a teacher is class warfare. I think it's just the right thing to do. I believe the American middle class, who've been pressured relentlesly for decades, believe it's time that they were fought for as hard as the lobbyists and some lawmakers have fought to protect special treatment for billionaires and big corporations.

Nobody wants to punish success in America ... All I'm saying is, that those who have done well, including me, should pay our fair share in taxes to contribute to the nation that made our success possible.

This is as clear a sign as you could want that the White House is trying a dramatically different approach this time than it has in the past. The White House knows that the GOP is all but certain to reject many of Obama's deficit supercommittee proposals. But that's precisely what makes the new approach significant.

During past standoffs the White House signaled early on in the process that it was prepared to give ground on core liberal priorities in the name of compromise. At the outset of the debt limit fight, for instance, Obama quickly signaled that he knew his initial insistence on a "clean"debt ceiling hike was a nonstarter for Republicans, and that as a result, he'd have to accede to the GOP demand for spending cuts in exchange for it. But this time, the fact that tax hikes are a non-starter for Republicans is dictating the opposite approach - he's actively seeking a sustained confrontation over something Republicans are reflexively opposed to, in the belief that even if a compromise isn't reached, it will amount to a political winner for the White House and Democrats.

Relatedly, there's a ton of commentary out there today to the effect that this new posture is about nothing more than appealing to the Dem base. But that's thoroughly bogus: Whether they're right or wrong, Obama and his advisers have also decided that this is a good way to appeal to independents, too. Polling shows that while indys marginally disapprove of Obama's jobs plan, and are deeply skeptical of his performance on the economy, solid majorities of them support his actual jobs-creation prescriptions. Obama advisers reportedly believe that the best way to win back independents is to be seen as a fighter for their behalf on jobs. That's why Obama went out of his way to argue that the "American middle class" needs to be "fought for" as hard as GOP class warriors are fighting for "billionaires and big corporations."

I don't know how long he'll sustain this fighting posture. And as Jamison Foser notes, the jury is still out on how the ultimate compromise Obama does agree to - if a compromise is reached - will impact lower income folks and Medicare recipients.

But for now, at least, this is a clear sign that the "professional left" - which has long argued that showing fight is far more important to independents than chasing after compromise for its own sake - is getting what it wants.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

PAY ATTENTION, FOLKS! GOP Wants Tax Hike on Middle Class--But Not for Millionaires

Let's see, now -- Obama wants to tax the millionaires at the same rate that the middle class is now taxed.  But the Republicans don't want that.  instead, they don't want to raise taxes on the wealthy, but would rather tax the middle class even more.  Gee, sounds like a great plan, doesn't it?--for the rich, that is. 

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said on Sunday that House Republicans would oppose President Barack Obama's payroll tax cuts for both employers and employees, arguing that the policy had already failed to provide a sufficient boost to the economy. "It hasn't worked," Ryan said, suggesting the current temporary tax cut should be allowed to expire, which will amount to a 50 percent tax hike on workers making less than $106,000 per year.

He also said that he opposes the president's plan to require millionaires to pay the same tax rate as the middle class. As chairman of the House Budget Committee and the author of a long-term plan that radically alters Medicare and slashes tax rates for the wealthy as well as social spending, Ryan serves as something of an economic spokesman for House Republicans.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Laugh of the Day: 23 ADULT TRUTHS

****** 23 ADULT TRUTHS ******
(Ain't it the truth??)
1. Sometimes I'll look down at my watch 3 consecutive times and still not know what time it is.
2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.
3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.
4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.
5. How are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?
6. Was learning cursive really necessary?
7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on # 5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my
8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.
9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind-of tired.
10. Bad decisions make good stories.
11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just
aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day
12. Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don't want to have to restart my collection...again.
13. I'm always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my
ten-page technical report that I swear I did not make any changes to.
14. I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.
15. I think the freezer deserves a light as well.
16. I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night more kisses begin with
Miller Light than Kay.
17. I wish Google Maps had an "Avoid Ghetto" routing option
18. I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger.
19. How many times is it appropriate to say "What?" before you just nod and smile because you still didn't
hear or understand a word they said?
20. I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at
the front. 
21. Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever.
22. Even under ideal conditions people have trouble locating their car keys in a pocket, finding their cell phone,
and Pinning the Tail on the Donkey - but I'd bet everyone can find and push the snooze button from 3 feet away,
in about 1.7 seconds, eyes closed, first time, every time.
23. The first testicular guard, the "Cup," was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974.
That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.
Ladies.....Quit Laughing.