Saturday, August 24, 2019

Black hole gobbles neutron star - causes ripples in space and time

Something broadening to lift our minds from the idiotic tweets of an insignificant, minuscule orange creature who imagines he is the ruler of the inconsequentially tiny blue marble planet called Earth, on the far outskirts of an infinitesimally small mini-galaxy known as the Milky Way. 

Kind of puts things in better perspective, doesn't it? 



Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Interesting video -- quantum physicist John Hagelin

This video runs for 16 minutes, but is well worth viewing just to get an understanding of what quantum physicists have discovered about our universe -- and us.  John Hagelin, a renowned quantum physicist, at 6 minutes into this video, begins a clear explanation of the unified field that was discovered by Albert Einstein.  For that clarity alone, this part of the video is worth viewing.

The entire video is a compilation of other people speaking of their experiences (one of whom is the actor Jim Carrey), and you can see where segments have been pieced together to get as many different ways of expressing the unified field -- with graphics and music in parts as well.  So it's not the highest quality in graphic presentation, but I think you will find it absorbing to view, simply for the scientific information.  I see it has been viewed by more than 888,000 people so far -- some of them have written in the review section about how they were affected by it.  

Because we are in a time of transition and change on our blue marble planet Earth, accompanied by fear, consternation, and planetary peril in many ways, this video can give a more balanced perspective by pointing to what is eternally real and unshakable -- and scientifically verified.  No need to take it on faith -- it is proven true.  I think you'll agree truth is something much needed in this time of Trump.

In any case, I find Hagelin's explanation of quantum field theory to be comforting and stabilizing.  Watch the video (at least from 6 minutes in) and see what you think: