Thursday, September 26, 2019

Wisdom from the mouth of a child

This little boy speaks like a wise old sage :-):  (I wish he could be a
White House counselor for Trump.)

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Surely we Democrats can do better than oft-incoherent Biden as our nominee

This article is saying exactly what I've been thinking. I'm glad the truth about Biden is being spoken and hope it continues:

We need a lucid, articulate, on-the-ball candidate -- the very best that the Democratic party can bring to the election.  Joe Biden is past his prime -- and even his prime wasn't that great.  Before he suffers any more humiliation, with the press trying to prop him up after each verbal fall, someone close to him should take him aside and tell him he just isn't cutting it.  It's not fair to anyone (Biden or us) to keep supporting him because we feel sorry he's had tough personal times in his life. He is not the right candidate for these times. As a favor to our party and the country, he needs to "fold his tent and silently steal away."   IMHO, Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate by far. Cory, Pete, Beto, Kamala and Bernie are all sharp and clear in their speech and in articulating their vision for our country.  Any one of these six candidates would be a good President, with the potential to be great.  Certainly ANYONE (including ME!) would be a better President than the idiot we have there now.  But we owe it to our country, the world, and our planet to put forth the very BEST at this most crucial period in all of Earth's history--a time when our very survival as a species is in peril.  Please pass along this article to other Democrats if you agree.

Monday, September 02, 2019

KARDEC; An excellent new film on streaming Netflix

Just watched this French film tonight -- a lot of truth in it re. life and death.  True story. Highly recommended.  Guaranteed to bring a little wonderment into life.