Saturday, June 15, 2019

This short video shows why Elizabeth Warren should be President! GOD BLESS HER!!!

This video should be viewed by everyone not sure which Democratic candidate they would like to have as President.  View it for yourself and see why I am Voting for Elizabeth.

Here's a short excerpt from that article to whet your appetite to learn more about Elizabeth and her ability to be a great President for all of us. She has clear, significant, well-defined plans to reverse course from the disastrous Trump and Cheney/Bush years.  If you are planning to contribute to any of the campaigns, please consider Elizabeth. She deserves to be at the top of our list. We also need a Democratic House and Senate!!!  If you agree, please pass this information along.  To turn the tide from Trump, we need all the help we can get.

EXCERPT:   On September 20, 2016, John Stumpf, the C.E.O. of Wells Fargo, appeared before the Senate Banking Committee to defend his company's role in one of the biggest financial scandals in recent memory. Wells Fargo employees, who were under pressure from senior management to meet overly aggressive sales targets, had opened more than two million bank and credit-card accounts for customers who had never asked for them.

The tone of the questioning was initially courteous. Then Elizabeth Warren spoke. Peering over her glasses, she launched into a series of questions so scathing that the Senate chamber fell silent. "Since this massive, years-long scam came to light, you have said repeatedly, 'I am accountable,' " Warren said to Stumpf. "But what have you actually done to hold yourself accountable? Have you resigned as C.E.O. or chairman of Wells Fargo? . . . Have you returned one nickel of the millions of dollars that you were paid while this scam was going on?"

Warren pressed Stumpf on whether he had fired any senior executives over the revelations (he hadn't); paraphrased his comments, on an earnings call, about how lucrative the sales-quota strategy had been; and asked him to tell the audience how much money he had made personally as the company's share price shot up during the years of the fraud. When Stumpf declined to answer, Warren supplied the number: two hundred million dollars.

"A cashier who steals a handful of twenties is held accountable, but Wall Street executives almost never hold themselves accountable," Warren said. "Not now, and not in 2008, when they crushed the worldwide economy. The only way that Wall Street will change is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive frauds." She declared that Stumpf should be criminally investigated, accusing him of "gutless leadership."

A video of the exchange, posted on YouTube, became a sensation. One news site called it an "epic takedown"; another described Warren "verbally destroying" Stumpf. In May, when I met Warren on the campaign trail, she told me that she was "furious" as she went into the hearing. "He was building a business model for a huge financial institution that was built on knowingly cheating people," she said. "I figured that he deserved every punch he got."

The episode was a pointed demonstration of Warren's ability to tap into public anger about economic unfairness. Warren is one of the country's foremost critics of Wall Street firms and big banks, which make much of their profit, in her view, by abusing consumers and taxpayers. It's a perspective that has grown out of Warren's work as an academic and has shaped her ideas as a politician, propelling her from Harvard Law School, where she was a professor specializing in bankruptcy law, to the Senate, where she has represented Massachusetts since 2013

On many economic issues, Warren has been remarkably prescient. She has spent decades warning Americans about the pernicious effects of income inequality, predatory corporations, and consumer debt, and about the failures of our financial system—issues that are at the heart of the 2020 Presidential campaign.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Sound of rain and "Pink noise" for aiding sleep and calming anxiety

On the following link, it is explained how the sound of rain is calming to most people -- and something called "pink noise" (a combination of high and low frequencies) is better for encouraging sleep and covering over unwanted sounds than white noise. Pink noise sounds a lot like falling water.  The link contains another link within itself for 10 hours of pink noise.  Click on it to hear a sample of how it is different from white noise.  I play a CD of the sound of rain every night when I go to bed -- have been doing this for years.  It helps me to drift off easily and quickly.  In this era of Trump, I wouldn't be surprised if most people need peaceful sounds like this to calm down their minds after being bombarded with the news of the day.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Jon Stewart's speech is BEYOND GREAT -- he is calling out the rank hypocrisy and callous indifference (to the 9/11 first responders) of this terrible Congress and presidential administration.  His speech should be immortalized in history! I want HIM to run for President!  I defy anyone to watch this plea from Jon, without crying along with him.  Every member of Congress and the presidential disaster in the White House should be tied down to their chairs and made to listen to this plea 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  


Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Peaceful Chinese Lady -- living in close relation to nature - so relaxing to watch

My daughter Jeanie and granddaughter Isabella watch this youtube site and told me about it. It shows a peaceful Chinese lady going through her daily life, picking and preparing foods from her garden and just living a natural life.  It is very relaxing to watch and makes me realize how far we have drifted from a natural way of living in our world.  Today, I learned from her all about green plums and the many ways they can be used and cooked.  Just watching her pick and prepare them probably lowered my heart rate and blood pressure, much better than any pharmaceutical drug could do -- so necessary for all of us in this hectic chaotic age of Trump.  The woman's name is Li ziqi.  I am grateful to her for providing a peaceful and balanced alternative to the daily news.  😊

Monday, May 27, 2019

UFO stories now being stepped up by NY Times and Washington Post

I just received the following Twitter message (at the end of this e-mail) and think it is worth sharing with all.  It tells that the NY Times and Washington Post are putting out several UFO stories from military pilots lately -- drip by drip by drip.  One woman on Twitter, after reading all these stories, has a good question -- Why isn't this the only thing everyone is talking about?  Why, indeed?  We are being visited by beings from other dimensions/star systems. What could be more important for mankind to know about? But, we, the people of this planet, are being kept in the dark about it.  Many amazing things have been revealed by highly credentialed and high-placed, very credible government witnesses and whistleblowers over the past several decades. These officials, who believe our country's citizens have the right to know, have tried in numerous ways to get this story to the public.  Sadly, most people have been fooled by government and military deception into believing it is all "fake news."

Those in real command in our government and in governments all over the world have decided our planet's inhabitants are not evolved enough to hear the truth (and as I look at Trump voters, I think they may be right about them, at least!). The powers-that-be fear that the religious fundamentalists of all types will go crazy and run screaming in the streets if they are told what has actually been happening on our planet.  However, I think the international leaders (not Trump, obviously--he doesn't read reports and they probably haven't even briefed him on this topic) are now trying to get stories out, in a dip-the-toe-in-the-water attempt to educate the masses, slowly getting the public accustomed to--and hopefully accepting--the truth that we are not alone in the universe.  I believe people like Steven Spielberg were enlisted to help in this effort, as we can see in his movies like E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  But now, it appears that the mainstream media in the form of trusted newspapers and magazines are involved in stepping up the process of education.  Also, the British and French governments have opened their files on this subject -- and even the Vatican has spoken openly about the legitimacy of alien visitors.  But the U.S. government literally closed the book on official UFO studies in 1969 and has refused to admit there is truth to what the UFO whistleblowers and witnesses (which have even included famous astronauts like Gordon Cooper, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin) have said. See:

My several years of attending UFO seminars and hearing MANY sincere credible whistleblowers speak has been an eye-opener -- helping me to learn well-documented amounts of information on this topic.  If you are also interested in learning about the most important story of this lifetime -- or of any lifetime on planet Earth -- just google Bob Dean UFO (a highly placed military man who, unfortunately, recently passed away) or Robert O. Dean (his full name) -- and, in viewing his talks, educate yourself to what has been going on for decades but has been kept from the public through government ridicule and deliberate subterfuge. Bob Dean is not the only person who has been trying to put this story in the public eye - there are hundreds, perhaps thousands now, of military/scientific/government whistleblowers who have told their stories to those willing to keep an open mind.  Bob Dean is a particularly knowledgeable and articulate purveyor of this information, from his own decades of military experience at the highest level with a cosmic top secret clearance at SHAPE in Europe.  I have personally spoken with him and regard him highly as a man of supreme integrity -- a sincere and legitimate truth-teller.  Following are news links that were included in the Twitter message.  I am grateful that Bob's talks and the talks of many others (like renowned physicist Stanton Friedman and Colonel Philip Corso) are now available for all to view on youtube.  It makes for interesting viewing.  The best way for any curious person to find out if this information is true is to listen to the speakers and judge for yourself.

My husband, Holland, wrote a book (under the pen name of Gene Andrade) on this subject (and its spiritual implications) called "Star Wisdom," which is becoming a fairly good seller on Amazon, so I think many people are beginning to get the message that we are not alone in the universe.  One woman who read Holland's book was so impressed, she made a beautiful video of it for all to get the main message of what is important to believe and live your life by.  She set it to music, with inspiring images.  If you would like to view it, you can go to:

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I have been deeply guided and profoundly inspired by these words expressed by Gene Andrade in his superb ...

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