Sunday, April 07, 2019

Eye-opener about psychiatric drugs for "anxiety" - New Yorker article, "Bitter Pill"

Sad to read this article about the misery experienced by people addicted to psychiatric drugs, who were given diagnoses by psychiatrists and then prescribed drug after drug after drug to cure what was a misdiagnosis in the first place. In reading the article, it seemed to me that Laura's experience was like that of many of us in our teen years, especially if we were sensitive types -- not knowing who we were, trying to find an identity that we thought would be "acceptable" in the world at large, etc., etc.  She had the misfortune of being from a well-off family, who could afford to send her to a psychiatrist...and her story went on from there.  Told she was bipolar, put on drugs that made her sleepy, then drugs to keep her awake, then drugs to enhance or counter the effects of the other drugs...and on and on and on....  After many years of suffering, and having finally weaned herself off of all the drugs through a torturous period, she is now an advocate counselor for others who, like her, were steered in the wrong direction.  If only they had met a wise sage-like person in the first place, who could have confirmed for them that most people have a confused sense of self, especially in teen years, and can be led to understand themselves (without drugs) through self-reflection (not self-obsession), mindfulness meditation, spiritual studies (not critical, guilt-inducing religion types), gentle exercise, visualization, and what is sometimes referred to as "soul-searching," etc.  

I particularly think psychiatrists should pay attention to what the man who first introduced calming drugs into the medical scene, warned doctors:  that they should remember the patient is not a fixed object to be given a fixed drug for a "cure," but a living, moving, changing being to be talked with and listened to, as changes occur within them.  I believe most people on tranquilizers these days really just need someone wise to talk to -- who can help them understand who they really are behind all the personality facades we are led to try on by ads that tell us we aren't good enough just as we are.  Most just need to talk about their feelings and given guidance that makes sense, which is what Laura is now providing to people who consult with her.  Laura was a victim of the pharmaceutical world that rules in the medical field these days.  Thankfully, patients and practical, sensible doctors are waking up to different alternative ways of treatment in all areas of health care.  It is especially important in mental health issues for patients to know they are not going crazy or are out of the mainstream if they begin to question their sense of self.  Asking oneself "Who am I?" is a sensible query, one which all of us probably will, at one time or another in life, want to explore.  It is a healthy and perfectly natural thing to do.  In the insanity of the world today, it is actually the sane thing to do. And the sooner, the better, if one wants to live a happy satisfied life.

These are just a few of my "take-homes" from reading this article.  It's a challenge living in the world as it is today, but I believe most people are capable of finding their true self if given wise guidance.  I'm glad more of that kind of guidance is available in good doctors who don't simply depend on drugs to cure their patients, but who realize a listening ear is paramount in diagnosing and prescribing.  The best help might often be given in the form of good common sense. I'm especially grateful for patients like Laura who use their own experience as "wounded healers" to bring their special kind of wise guidance into the picture for others suffering as they once did. In many ways, yes, we are our "brother's keeper."  Empathy and compassion can go a long way in the healing of wounds, whether they are physical, mental or emotional.

I'm impassioned about this subject, as I have a friend who has been on drugs of this type for most of her adult life. We are now both in our 80s and, in talking with her, I can see the toll the pharmaceutical lifestyle has taken on her, and she also realizes it has been to her detriment for the most part.    



Friday, March 29, 2019

Distant planet terrified it might be able to someday support human life

Can't blame that poor planet for worrying.  🙄 I wish it well! 😉  (Trump may hate "fake" news.  But I love my fave news: The Onion!)


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Some musings on our country's situation today - What Do We Do Now?

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers on Planet Earth,
I am now in my 80s, having tried, in most of my adult years, to contribute to hope for peace and love on Earth.  I was born in 1936, during the Great Depression, when Hitler's rise was taking place in Germany. His Nazi party was gaining strength through the politics of fear and violence that would soon wash over all of Europe and the world.  World War II was inevitable -- and my generation lived through that war and the succeeding wars of Korea, Vietnam and the cold war, with threats of more wars and nuclear annihilation always in the wind.  As I listened to warnings made by brave anti-war leaders like Helen Caldicott, who led the fight against nuclear weapons, I joined with them and marched in Washington -- only to be patted on the head and told by our "leaders" (literally by one Senator!) in Congress, "Go home, little ladies, and bake your cookies, and don't worry -- we are taking care of things here."

Well...we see where that has gotten us.  Here are a few of my musings today on how the world has fared during my lifetime -- and where we find ourselves today.

Just as the fall of the Roman Empire was a victim of its own excesses, and Hitler's dream of ruling the world was doomed to failure, so it was inevitable, if we kept on the course we were heading after WWII, that America's leadership role in the world would come to an unglorious end. To those with eyes to see, it certainly looks like that is happening now.  

For a while, our capitalistic society looked pretty good, as long as it took care of the less powerful members in the middle class, which supported the whole thing.  The New Deal of FDR brought us out of the Great Depression of the 1930s -- and the war, as terrible it was, brought us together as one nation with principles of goodness in view.  The GI Bill after the war helped soldiers to get a higher education and buy homes and become contributing members of the middle class.  As time went on, it became apparent that the workers would need representation in the process, so they began to form unions.  Capitalism look pretty good to us in those days of unions to ensure fairness for the working man in the marketplace.  But that was not to last.  As always in this still low-consciousness world, greed kept increasing and its power finally took over.  

In today's world, capitalism has become bloated and disfigured through greed and power lust, exceeding all natural boundaries of fairness, equality and balance in its return to the people.  Without regulation or restriction, it was inevitable that a gorging process would take place in favor of the rich, who just kept on getting richer on the backs of the workers.  When unions were killed off by corporate scions afraid of losing their power and profits, workers lost their rights to bargain for their own fair share of corporate profits.

The corporate domination of our country has now reached its peak of power, with its bloated thumb on the scales against the people. The middle class is dying and we are fast becoming a divided nation of "haves" and "have nots." Homelessness is an increasing problem as more and more people cannot afford to pay mortgages and rising rents.  Hard workers, even with two or three jobs, are unable to feed themselves and their families on their salaries or have health care in this, the richest country on earth.  Education for our children beyond high school is unreachable without incurring huge debt.  Corporate money now buys and puts into place the political "representatives" who represent only corporations and their ever-increasing wealth, with all the evil bribes and peddling of favors entailed in the bargain of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."  Take a good look at Mitch McConnell who, in his majority rule of the Senate, will not even allow votes to take place if it appears his funded-by-corporations "side" will lose.  

As he was leaving office, President Eisenhower warned of the takeover of our country by corporations (what he called "the military/industrial complex"), but we ignored his prescient warning (see videos below). Through succeeding years of an ever-quickening downward spiral fueled by corporate greed, we watched as the darker devils of our nature won out over the "better angels" exhorted by Abraham Lincoln to the people of his time.  With the advent of Cheney/Bush and their fraudulent takeover of the White House, we were finally and inexorably being led to ultimate authoritarian rule.  Cheney/Bush and their evil administration, with all its subterfuge and lies, paved the road of darkness for the Trump dictatorship we are now being forced to endure.

America has long been avoiding karmic retribution for its dark history of seizure of land from the natives -- and the torture and enslavement of the innocent and powerless. Despite the inscription on the Statue of Liberty to "Give me your tired, your poorYour huddled masses yearning to breathe free," we now have a President who encourages prejudice, bigotry, racism and hatred against foreigners in his followers.  With black clouds over us now, it appears the time for that karmic payment has come due.  Trump is poised now to take away all the rights promised to "We, the people" by our forefathers in the Constitution.  All the gains of the common people that have been advanced over the years since 1776 are now being torn away, one by one and group by group, as the fabric of our nation is ripped apart.  We are now living in the country we would have been in 1865, had the South won the Civil War.  Our national karma was delayed until the present day, but, with the nurturing of greed and power lust to the ultimate degree of today's disgusting excess, it was inevitable. Using the tactics of threats and fear, the Republican Party of the United States, aligning itself with corporate and military power, has brought right-wing fascism in all its ugliness to rulership in our country.  

We are now watching the death of America's democratic republic, as Trump and Company impose their will on all of us. Our fourth estate, victims also of corporate takeover, is failing us, ensuring that journalistic integrity can no longer be counted on. The power of our news media to warn and protect us has been eroded by greed.  Alarms of AHWOOGA! should be sounding loudly, because we now even have a state-supporting network in FOX, watched by millions every day.  This Trump-adoring network dictates policies to the President who loves their adulation and sits fixated in front of his TV screen, getting political directions from the pundits on his favorite shows.  Our Congress is mostly owned by corporations and, seemingly, so is our Department of Justice.  Gerrymandering of districts, corporate ownership of voting machines, foreign interference into our electoral process, and the horrifying unfairness of the electoral college over the popular vote, has led to the near impossibility of fair elections. 

As a result, say hello to a "MAGA" country with a dictator as our President.

But it gets worse.  Not only is our country endangered, but the planet itself is in great peril from climate change being accelerated by greed-driven corporate practices that further pollute its air, water and earth.  With horrific consequences now apparent under Trump's fascist leadership, we go heedlessly on, ignoring all scientific warnings--and even stepping up all the pollution with deregulation and continuing use of coal/oil.  Wise proposals intended to save the planet, such as the Green New Deal, are mocked by the ignorant duped supporters of Trump's right wing. We are like the cartoon of a man in a tree, vigorously sawing off the limb he is sitting on.  

Those who can see clearly what is happening had set their hopes on Robert Mueller and his investigation to put a halt to the disastrous Trump phenomena that is leading us all to doom.  Finally, they thought, with all the revelations of criminality being shown daily to us by Trump's own actions and the actions of his minions, finally truth would triumph over the evil lies being spewed out daily from the right wing.  But sadly, justice was not to be.  Mueller has proved himself to be a loyal Trumpist Republican to the core.  He and his best friend, William Barr, now the Trump-appointed Attorney General, have deliberately loosened the last chains on the Trumpzilla monster, leaving it free to tromp through the country, rallying ever more support from its cheering ignorant followers -- and dealing the final death blow to the democratic principles on which our nation was founded.

As the comic-strip Pogo once sighed in deep sadness and realization, "We have met the enemy and he is us."   

So, what to do now?  We have to marshal our forces and march in the streets against this takeover of our government -- and we MUST fight Trump to our last breath.  And we MUST VOTE, even with the realization that pitfalls against a fair election and an accurately counted vote lurk in dark corners of the Internet, and in all social media.  Our only other alternative is to watch as the fascist forces take over, as they did in Hitler's Germany, leaving  us suffering a far worse fate than Germany did in the end of that (up till now) worst period of history.  In today's world, we stand to lose not only our rights, our country, and our lives, but the planet itself -- and the end of all life on Earth.  Thankfully, our children and grandchildren are realizing this and are the hope of the future.  What a terrible legacy we are leaving them to try to fix.  
Here is a quote from an article I read today by Michael Winship:  

...we must address the reality that Donald Trump is not only the carrier but also a symptom of the greater disease that infects the republic, one in which vast inequality and a government controlled by private and corporate wealthy interests and not the people drives us toward our certain doom both as a democracy and a planet.

If we do not confront this head on, Trump and his bullies win, Pyrrhic though their victory may be.   AMEN.

I can only add to that the words of Hillel the Elder, Jewish scholar of the 1st century:  If not you, WHO?  If not now, WHEN?  Please call and write your representatives and demand the changes we all deserve -- and vote for the Democratic candidates who most seem capable of bringing about the will of the majority of "We, the people" (us).  And NEVER LOSE HOPE. In this world, we can take heart that change is inexorable.  What is up, must go down. And what is down (as we seemingly are now), must go UP.  😌💥💟  If countries like Norway, Finland and New Zealand can elect good leadership and improve the lives of their citizens, we can, too!  I welcome suggestions and comments from any who feel so inclined, as to how we can hasten the recovery of our country and our planet from the right-wing ideological disease that has befallen us.

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.
YouTube - Aug 4, 2006

Eisenhower Farewell Address (Best Quality) - 'Military Industrial ...

Friday, March 22, 2019

Trump is running as a flat-out racist, and we are learning something important about America

Racism appeared to go into hiding for a while under the unwritten rules of political correctness  -- but, in this age of Trump, we now live in a different world.  This lowest-of-the-low President has brought out into full view all the racists, bigots, white supremacists and haters in our country and given them permission to proudly reveal their real feelings, in every offensive and disgusting way possible, through e-mail cartoons or "jokes," Facebook remarks, and their cheering adulation of a narcissist sociopathic dictator.  

I'm sure it has been a surprisingly sad revelation in many families to realize, as in Civil War days long past, that wide ideological divisions exist between brothers, sisters, cousins, parents and children.  In these sorry days of the demise of the GOP and the rise of the Trump Party in its place, you might find yourself standing on the opposite side of the bigotry line from your family members and friends.  People whom you thought valued our military and its heroes might now be defending Trump as he demeans and denigrates John McCain, a true war hero.  Some of these same people, marching in lockstep with their leader Trump, might even be speaking against McCain, mocking the hero whom they used to claim to revere.  Even the recent death of McCain from brain cancer hasn't stopped Trump from making derisive comments about him, opening the door for brainless Trump-imitating supporters to throw scornful remarks at McCain's widow and family members.  For shame!  

If you thought this nation had healed its differences after the Civil War, think again.  Prejudice that went underground for a while has now emerged in all its ugliness to tragically reveal that we are a nation still fiercely divided, intellectually, ideologically, emotionally--and spiritually.  Abraham Lincoln, who called on us to live from "the angels of our better nature," must be shedding copious tears from his observation post on high.  


Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Trump's mental instability - chilling video of it

Within this Salon article that so accurately depicts Trump's seeming insanity is a video of several not-often-seen clips from his recent CPAC speech.  Please view it and decide for yourself about his mental competency.  The author of the article asks Trump supporters to consider:  if their doctor or any professional in their life spoke like this, would they continue to use the services of that person? An excellent question.  And yet...and yet...they still continue to cheer on this temper-driven maniac who occupies the most important position in the world and is entrusted with the nuclear codes for the destruction of the world.  

Worst of all:  given the opportunity, they will vote for him again.  

Fortunately, there are more voters who will vote for a Democrat in 2020.  Hopefully, Trump and his basest instincts can be held in check by Democrats and Bob Mueller during the many months between now and November of next year. Let us pray.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Intriguing: The newest NEW YORKER magazine article - scientists frustrated in search for Ultimate Truth

This is an interesting article that speaks to the confusion of scientists in their exploration of matter and the universe for Ultimate Truth  Regardless of which way science looks for answers, they can't discover the Original Truth (Source of Everything) they are searching for. It constantly eludes them. Wise sages tell us this is because they are using the mind, instead of what might be called the "heart." The heart is the longing for Truth that burns in everyone. All are looking for happiness but the sages point out that most are heading in the wrong direction for ultimate satisfaction. Instead of going outward, they tell us to go inward to discover that, as spiritual texts tell us--and mean it literally, "The kingdom of God is within you."  

This article was marvelous to read as it tells of the perfection of each mathematical level that scientists reach in their pursuit of ultimate Truth. There is a certain glorious feeling to it -- they are learning that perfection is all around us, in the outer world and in the inner world. Perfection reveals Itself at every level they explore.  Sages tell us everything is Pure and Perfect Reality, both in appearances and beyond appearances. They say Reality is our very Being.  They tell us to search within ourselves for the "I Am" presence that is prior to body, mind, experience, and all appearance, from which every thought and appearance seemingly spring forth. This is Consciousness (with a capital "c") beyond consciousness (with a small "c").  Scientists don't yet even know what small "c" consciousness is -- i.e., what is the ever-present awareness behind our perception of a world, a body, "others," the universe, etc.  What is that awareness that we wake up to each morning -- calling itself "I"?

For ultimate wisdom that transcends the acquisition of intellectual/scientific knowledge, one must finally go to the sages who are always willing to point earnest seekers to ever-present Reality, our own Being that is birthless and deathless.  It is said that even Einstein, when near physical death, said regretfully, "I should have listened more to the mystics."

You might find this article to be interesting, which is why I am sending it to you.  I am a subscriber to the New Yorker magazine and receive frequent links from them.  I am hoping this one isn't meant just for me as a subscriber, but that you also will be able to access the article by clicking on the link.  If this link doesn't take you to it, you might be able to find it on Google -- It's titled, "A different kind of theory of everything."  

For anyone intrigued and curious to explore more of what wise sages tell us, the best book I have ever found on this subject is "I Am That" by a wise Indian sage, Nisargadatta Maharaj (a humble little man who ran a cigarette shop in Bombay and had no desire to be anyone important. He left his body in 1981).  This book has transformed my life since I first read it in the year of its publication, 1973.  In simple dialogues with questioners seeking truth (just the kinds of questions we all might ask), Maharaj's words speak directly to the heart, bypassing the mind and uplifting the spirit.  In my opinion, there is no other book like it on earth. It is a magnificent jewel.  If you don't already have this book and you are interested, it can be ordered on Amazon.  Amazon Prime Video has an excellent documentary available now called, "Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds," which dovetails with articles of this nature.  It's well worth watching, superbly giving a cosmic view and a lift we can all use by taking us away, for just a short while, from the appearance of Trumpzilla in the White House (~.~)


Thursday, January 17, 2019

My friend Dinah's art

She is an incredible self-taught artist -- I had dinner with her and her husband Dave last night and saw all her art "in person." (~.~)  She has an online site where her art is posted for all to see.  She chronicles life (hers and others' -- as well as her dreams) in her art, which is uniquely and beautifully her own -- and different from anything I've seen before. Her paintings are like a personal diary, capturing moments and the intricacies of life, in events and patterns, to which (it seems to me) anyone can relate. They invite you to look more closely and experience the emotions they evoke, kind of like a modern-day Grandma Moses.  Dinah and I will be attending art class together (not that she needs any instruction!) in my next round of art class.  

After knowing her for many years, during which she lived in Santa Cruz and then in Maryland for several years, fate has brought her now to be my neighbor in Watsonville, living just a few houses down the street from me.  We laugh a lot together and I thought it would be fun to be sitting next to each other as we paint, so asked her if she would be interested in coming to art class.  Am glad she said yes.  I can learn a lot from her. You'll see what I mean when you look at her paintings and read her comments explaining them.  I thought you might like seeing them, too.  I feel very lucky to have so many talented friends, from whom I can learn much about art and life!  Here is the link to Dinah's site: