Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Heart-touching inspiring story about Mister Rogers -- to read it, click on the link in the article below

Tom Hanks set to star as Mister Rogers

hanks rogers 2

Tom Hanks has a question for moviegoers: "Won't you be my neighbor?"

TriStar Pictures announced Monday that the actor will play Fred Rogers in "You Are My Friend." It's a film based on the friendship between the iconic children's TV host and a journalist assigned to write about him.

Rogers' PBS program, "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," aired from 1968 to 2001. He died in 2003.

Journalist Tom Junod profiled Rogers in an article for Esquire in 1998. The movie is about the bond that developed between the two men.

Related: Tom Hanks says Trump's attacks on press are concerning

"In the heart-warming story, a cynical journalist begrudgingly accepts an assignment to write a profile piece on the beloved icon and finds his perspective on life transformed," TriStar said in a statement.

Junod said on Twitter that the movie is "well-timed, for this moment."


Monday, January 29, 2018

Govt. moves to make homeopathic remedies illegal

NO! NO! NO! This CAN'T happen!  Read this article -- and write, call, and bang on the doors of your Senators and Representatives!  The article gives a link to "Comments from the Public"

Please pass this along to everyone you know!

All Homeopathic Products Now Illegal?

In a bold move, a government agency has moved to make popular homeopathic remedies essentially illegal and subject to enforcement action. Is the move really about protecting public health - or the $3 billion in profits being diverted from another industry?


Trump going down Nixon's path -- with far less intelligence

Trump and the Obstruction of Intelligence

by P.M. Carpenter | January 29, 2018

Since last May I have thought that Trump could never outdo his particular and exquisitely unique brand of stupidity — last May being when, in the Oval Office, he told Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak that he had fired "nutjob" FBI Director James Comey, thus "great pressure" was off. "He was crazy," said Trump of his own country's top law enforcement officer. Now, "I'm not under investigation," he added.

The photos of a bloated and blotchy president laughing along, in noticeable relief, with the chief representatives of America's No. 1 geopolitical foe (sorry, Mitt) were stunning. Our shock came not so much from Trump's jocular demeanor — he wasn't the first president to share a few jokes with the bear — as it did from his seemingly genuine conviction that he had relieved the investigative pressure on himself, rather than having ratcheted it up exponentially. That Trump could have believed that sacking an FBI director looking into his lawlessness would not essentially confirm suspicions of such and therefore broaden the scope of inquires was, I thought, the very limit of really dumb, presidential incompetence.

Or so I thought. Until last Wednesday. That was when our boneheaded president said this to reporters: "Here's what we'll say, and everybody says: No collusion. There's no collusion. Now they're saying, 'Oh, well, Did he fight back? Did he fight back?' You fight back, 'Oh, it's obstruction.'"

Yes, "they" will say that. Because you know who else "fought back" in your peculiar style and were thereupon convicted of obstruction of justice? Nixon's three Johns — John Dean, John Ehrlichman, John Mitchell — as well as H.R. Haldeman, Jeb Magruder and Chuck Colson. Another John who really knew how to fight back was John Gotti, also convicted of obstruction.

The Washington Post reports that "Trump, appearing frustrated and at times angry, has complained to confidants and aides in recent weeks that he does not understand why he cannot simply give orders to 'my guys' at what he sometimes calls the 'Trump Justice Department.'"

One wonders how many times this has been explained to him by White House counsel and other stupefied advisers. In an interview with the Post, Sally Yates, the acting attorney general who was fired by Trump for doing her job — same as Comey — succinctly explained what only Trump has failed to grasp in his 71 thick-headed years of existence: "It is a firm tradition at the Department of Justice that the White House just has absolutely no involvement in criminal investigations or prosecutions, period." She added that Trump's shenanigans — "the near daily attacks on the FBI; we've never seen anything anywhere close to this before" — are "beyond unusual" and "really dangerous."

Those attacks — most noticeably, Trump's firing of Comey — are also obstruction of justice, when corrupt intent is integral. Which Trump, in the Oval Office, so happily bellowed to Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak. I suspect the latter two gentlemen were laughing because even they understood that the president of the United States just confessed to obstruction. But Trump, dimwit that he is, believed they were laughing at his cleverness. My God, how stupid criminals can be.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Good interview re. evangelist support of Trump

I saw this on TV this morning -- a right-wing former evangelist telling it like it IS--not the way Fox news says it is.  Well worth viewing his comments:


Friday, January 26, 2018

Want to understand what it means to have net neutrality removed? Watch this Burger King ad


This video gives the best explanation yet about what the FCC is trying to foist over on us by taking away net neutrality regulations.  Beware the Republicans who are steadily deregulating EVERYTHING. They're already doing away with the Consumer Protection Agency; and the FCC, under Trump, has repealed the net neutrality rules. Their aim is to have no more consumer protection at all. Corporations rule totally, and we will be under the thumb of the authoritarian Trump govt. calling the shots against the people, no matter which way we turn.

Read this for more info:

F.C.C. Repeals Net Neutrality Rules - The New York Times

Dec 14, 2017 - 
The agency scrapped the so-called net neutrality regulations that prohibited broadband providers from blocking websites or charging for higher-quality service or certain content. The federal government will also no longer regulate high-speed internet delivery as if it were a utility, like phone service.

Newly Defanged, Top Consumer Protection Agency Drops…
3 days ago
Under Trump Appointee Mulvaney, CFPB Seen Helping Payday Lenders
2 days ago

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Trump and the Art of the No-Deal

The Great Shutdown Shemozzle of 2018

by P.M. Carpenter | January 21, 2018

Trump is fond of casting his greatness with firsts: Never in the history of the country has the economy done so well (which is untrue), never has the stock market performed so magnificently (which is untrue), never has the world so respected or feared the U.S. (the latter of which is unmistakably true), never never never — and it's all because of the great Donald Trump.

To his list of dubious achievements, he can now add the observation of none other than a Fox News host, Shephard Smith:

Never in the history … of the country has there been a government shutdown when a single party is in charge of Washington.

That is absurdly, scandalously true. And that, only the Donald could have accomplished. As the NY Times eloquently understates the overpowering incompetence of Trump: He's "a onetime real estate mogul whose book 'The Art of the Deal' proclaimed his mastery of negotiation," yet he "has struggled at times to seal deals as president." In fact, he has sealed nothing.

The tax bill was a creature of Congress hatched and delivered only by keeping Trump away from it, and his Supreme Court confirmation was the exclusive, sinister work of Mitch McConnell. Trump has signed many an executive order, of course — most of which are only symbolic — but signing such orders requires only a pen, not deal-making skills.

Accordingly, the Trump-Schumer Shutdown Summit of yesterday came to an ignominious conclusion. "Trump and Senator Chuck Schumer … came close to an agreement to avert a government shutdown over lunch on Friday," reports the Times. "But their consensus broke down later in the day when the president and his chief of staff demanded more concessions on immigration."

Trump doesn't seem to grasp the difficult part of negotiations: compromise. The easy part is to demand more concessions. Even easier is to simply order your man Friday to … well, I'll let the Times explain. "[Chief of Staff John] Kelly urged Mr. Schumer to work out the details of an agreement with Mr. McConnell." So there. You make it work, Mitch. The Art of the Deal.

It's also rather unhelpful when the president of the United States harbors so little idea of what he's negotiating, of what he wants, of what will fly and what won't. It is not I saying that, it's the leadership of his own party. Senate Majority Leader McConnell has said he's "looking for something that President Trump supports"; John Cornyn, the #2 man in the Senate, has said "I don't know whether [an immigration deal is] clear to the president"; and John Thune, the Senate's #3 man, has said he is "at a loss" as to divining what Trump wants.

Marooned in a political Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of elusive objectives, they are left to shadow box.

Still, there is one certainty — a certainty so monstrously conspicuous, even Trump comprehends it. "Throughout the day," continues the Times, "Mr. Trump told aides that he knows he is going to get blamed for the shutdown, regardless of what happens and how it goes down."

It is so rare that I can write this, I don't wish to miss the opportunity: You got that right, ya jackass.


Friday, January 19, 2018

Excellent column by Eugene Robinson: We have no real President

An Administration With No Credibility Cannot Lead

WASHINGTON -- The rude, petulant man-child in the Oval Office is reeling ever more wildly out of control, and those who cynically or slavishly pretend otherwise are doing a grave disservice to the nation -- and to themselves.

How do you like him now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell? President Trump convened a made-for-television summit at the White House and said he'd sign any immigration bill Congress passes. "I'll take the heat," he boasted. So a bipartisan group of senators came up with a deal -- and he rejected it out of hand, launching into an unhinged rant about "shithole countries."

What about you, House Speaker Paul Ryan? You came up with a clever way to get Democrats to agree to a stopgap funding bill, dangling the possibility of a long-term renewal of the vital Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). But the president tweeted that "CHIP should be part of a long term solution" and not a short-term measure to keep the government from shutting down.

Is this what you signed up for, chief of staff John Kelly? In a meeting with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, you said that some of Trump's campaign positions on immigration were "uninformed" and that there will never be a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border. You reportedly added that whatever partial barrier gets built, Mexico won't pay for it. But the president slapped you down with another series of tweets, claiming that his promised wall "has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it" -- and that Mexico will, too, pay for the wall, "directly or indirectly."

How was your week, White House physician Ronny Jackson? You did what is expected of everyone who stands at the podium in the briefing room: lavish the president with flowery, over-the-top, Dear Leader praise. He is in "excellent health," you announced. But the test results you released, according to many other doctors, indicate that Trump suffers from moderate heart disease and is on the borderline between overweight and obese. In your view, the next step down from "excellent" must be "deceased."

Having fun, Steve Bannon and Corey Lewandowski? As bigwigs in the Trump campaign, you helped a manifestly unfit blowhard get elected president. This week, you did the White House a favor by stonewalling the House Intelligence Committee in a way that angered even the Republicans on the panel, which is hard to do. But you remain in the crosshairs of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, and the best-case scenario is that you emerge unindicted but saddled with mountainous legal bills.

No one should feel sorry for those who choose to aid and abet this travesty of an administration. They made their choices. They elected to trust a man they know to be wholly untrustworthy, and to lie shamelessly to massage his swollen ego. At this point, I wouldn't believe Sarah Huckabee Sanders if she told me that water is wet and the sky is blue.

But the larger impact is something we all must worry about: One year into the Trump presidency, we effectively do not have a presidency at all.

As McConnell noted in frustration Wednesday, he can't orchestrate passage of an immigration bill unless he knows what Trump is willing to sign. Likewise, Ryan can't pass spending legislation unless he knows what Trump will and will not accept. But the president has no fixed positions. His word is completely unreliable. How are congressional leaders supposed to do their jobs?

Regarding foreign policy, how can other nations take seriously anything Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says when he is subject to being countermanded on Twitter at any moment? What is the point of Jared Kushner's diplomacy, if you can call it that, in the Middle East? Does "America First" really mean anything, or is it just Trumpian hot air?

And why, at this point, do reporters even bother to attend Sanders' briefings, unless perhaps for the entertainment value? Past press secretaries all delivered pronouncements that were loaded with spin, but Sanders concocts laughable fantasies out of thin air -- usually to "justify" crazy things Trump has said or tweeted.

The nation has never before faced a situation like this: It is unwise to take literally or seriously anything the president and his official spokespersons say. An administration with no credibility cannot possibly lead.

Trump is incapable of growing into the job; if anything, he is becoming more erratic. I fear the day when a crisis arises and we must face it with a bratty preteen at the helm.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Calvin and Hobbes - sure wish they could be President

Far better than the cartoon character who now occupies the White House...sigh


Worried about govt. shutdown? Meanwhile, there's also THIS

Trump's inauguration money is still missing: report

Almost one year after President Donald Trump took the oath of office, millions of dollars from his leftover inauguration funds have still not been donated to the charities they were promised to.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Oprah for President!

After seeing Oprah last night at the Golden Globes, and hearing her partner Stedman say she is actively thinking of running for President, I say, GO FOR IT, OPRAH!!!  What a great president she would make!  All the candidates pale beside her -- and I mean that in far more important ways than the color of her skin.  I LOVE the idea of her as President!!!!  OMG, what a MARVELOUS change from what we have now!....

Oprah is Everything I would want to see in a President. And she has enough money of her own to fund her own run -- together with what I imagine would be TONS of $$ coming in from small donors all across the country -- and even the world. She is universally loved and listened to. What a difference she could make on this planet as President of the United States -- just think of it. She would address climate change (what a concept, huh?) She would address poverty, homelessness, health care for all, the environment, infrastructure, education, veterans' care and all the other issues that have been ignored and even thrown in the trash by the Republicans.  

We would be living in an entirely different world with Oprah as President and a Democratic Congress filled with WOMEN!  Finally, my dream that I've carried from the 70s when I marched with Women's Strike for Peace in Washington, DC, would come true!  Women don't want to send their sons and daughters to war. They don't want a world in which nuclear weapons threaten our very existence as a species. Women all over the world in positions of power would change the direction that greed-and-power-driven men have taken us in for centuries.

It's time for a paradigm change on the planet!  OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT!!!  And for Vice President: Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders -- or even Tom Hanks!!!!

With candidates like these to lead us, we can usher in a new era--it's already starting! Just watching the Golden Globes last night with the revved-up energy for women's rights has convinced me the pot is being stirred for something new--and fair (which should have been the case all along). It's called "equality." 

 I'm excited about this prospect and am all in for this! -- are you????  😃