Monday, December 30, 2013

NASA Admits to Blue Star Kachina

I'm feeling more and more like Alice in Wonderland all the time --- Things are getting curiouser and curiouser....

Video: (about 8 and a half mins):
This is a very interesting short video, compiled from several sources, the information in which would explain a lot about the direction our government has been heading in the past few years. Perhaps you have noticed, as I have, that lately there have been a number of science programs about asteroids on TV, warning us that Earth is constantly being threatened by possible hits from asteroids but has so far been fortunate to have avoided such hits (with no guarantees for the future). 

Enormous changes in our earth life, especially ecologically and climate-wise, have been so sudden and swift that it's hard to keep up with them. Have you seen the documentaries Extreme Ice and Chasing Ice about our vanishing glaciers? We've all been made aware of increasingly dramatic weather events, wreaking havoc on those affected by them.  Add to that the disaster at Fukushima and what we thought could happen only in science fiction is now happening to us, as radiation from that site encircles the globe.  Dire political and economic changes have accompanied the foreboding ecological changes, steadily increasing the ranks of the poor.  The middle class is fast disappearing, while the elite keep exponentially adding to their Midas-like wealth. 

Some of my thoughts on anomalies that have been reported in the last year (usually not by mainstream media) are now beginning to fall into place regarding a possible disaster scenario being kept from us to avoid panic in the streets.  Remember the fairly recent youtube videos/reports of loud booming noises, suddenly coming out of nowhere, heard in many different cities across the globe? (see some of these links below). These are never addressed by any world government and have only been given side glances from the mainstream media, if at all.  We know of many reports of deep underground bases that have been built for secret military purposes.   There have even been govt.-approved open reports on programs like 60 Minutes of the underground bunker cities that have been prepared for our White House and Congressional leaders "in case of emergency."

Could it be that the loud booming sounds are caused by blasting in the creation of underground cities, in preparation for a possible asteroid close-call heading our way?--which is known to the elite but not to the masses?   For years, Taos, New Mexico residents were hearing a humming sound coming from under the earth--it became known as the Taos Hum. Other communities have experienced and reported that same humming sound.  It makes sense to me that the hum could come from heavy machinery, drilling large holes in the earth to create underground bases, cities and tunnels. What could their purpose possibly be?  We know from those who have worked at Area 51 in Nevada that there is a gigantic underground base there. 

Millions of us are now aware that UFOs are not imagined, and that alien civilizations have been visiting/monitoring Earth for centuries. Their presence here can no longer be denied.  That information has been kept from the public at large, for reasons of maintaining control over the population.   Many high-ranking military and government employees are casting off their secrecy vows, telling of the alien presence here--and of the technological information we have back-engineered through contact with alien civilizations and their crashed vehicles. (For more information on this, go to: and )  Form your own opinions after reading and hearing reports from those who claim to have been involved in many projects kept hidden from us ("we, the people").  One interesting man is Col. Philip Corso--an interview with him is at:

At any rate, I hope to have aroused your curiosity -- and, if any of this interests you, I encourage you to do some online sleuthing for yourself.  Of course, some things are beyond our control (most things, it seems to me, as I grow older and hopefully wiser (~.~).   It may be too late for us to avoid possible catastrophe, which seems to be looming over us in so many ways, but an aware public has a greater chance of avoiding disaster than a lulled, sheep-like population.  Look up things like HAARP, Majestic 12, MK Ultra, and chemtrails and form your own opinions about what you read.  The Wikipedia site on government experimentation is at:

An educated public are less likely to follow the government and its leaders blindly and unquestioningly.  Watch the 8-minute video below from Forbidden Knowledge re. a newly discovered planetoid that some are calling the Blue Star Kachina foretold in Hopi Indian lore. 

Is the US government's preparation 
for a vast, astronomical catastrophe 
(as long-prophesied by the Native 
American Hopi Nation from the 
Southwestern US) the reason why 
the government has become a 
"Police State," as many of those 
recently-polled agreed, in a C-SPAN 
post from last night?

This video is a compilation of History 
Channel programming with BBC and 
footage from a recent Chinese rocket 
launch, with undeniable views of a 
large blue planetoid visible from space. 
Video: (about 8 and a half mins):



Friday, December 20, 2013

Public isn't buying lamestream media's contrived attack on multivitamins

People are smarter than Big Pharma and the major media think....

NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) email newsletter

Dear NaturalNews readers,

Despite the most vicious efforts of the lamestream media to attack multivitamins and make nutrition look bad, the public isn't buying it!

Yep, most people realize that nutrition really works to prevent disease, and that the attack piece was almost entirely funded by Big Pharma interests and quack scientist shills who also believe that even vitamin C can't cure scurvy.

Here's the story:


Vaccines for mental disorders? The vaccine industy is now ridiculously pushing a vaccine for PTSD:


New petition announced against forced medication policies that turn citizens into medical slaves:


The FDA moves to ban triclosan in antibacterial soaps:



Today on

- Meat company exposed for feeding downer cows to schoolchildren

- Energy drinks alter heart function

- Amino acid breakthrough for mood disorders


Public isn't buying lamestream media's contrived attack on multivitamins
(NaturalNews) Once again, the lamestream media habit of completely accepting commentary from mainstream medical "authorities" has resurfaced as part of an anti-supplement campaign. Recently, they've take a fistful of press releases from medical mafia...

Mental vaccines? Researchers now pushing vaccine for PTSD
(NaturalNews) Fox News is pimping the latest investigational drug that conventional scientists allege might be able to help prevent post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in individuals exposed to trauma. A recent report by the news giant explains...

Is this one daily habit increasing your risk of cancer?
(NaturalNews) Bearing in mind that skin is the body's largest organ and absorbs substances readily, it's always a good rule of thumb to avoid exposing skin to anything we wouldn't ingest. And yet, a common routine is poisoning us on a daily basis - specifically...

Far beyond the Stasi; global secret surveillance has created 'delusionary nightmare'
(NaturalNews) Many political observers have asked, rhetorically, "What would malevolent dictators like Josef Stalin and Adolph Hitler have been able to 'accomplish' if they had access to the technology that exists today?" As cruel and inhumane as they...

New Petition Announced This Month To Close Two Loopholes Allowing Forced Medication and Quarantine
(NaturalNews) In December of 2011, Natural News was the first news organization to report a major loophole in American emergency laws - the loophole gives public health authorities ambiguous discretion to forcefully separate parents and their children...

Probiotics shown to dramatically heal food sensitivities
(NaturalNews) For those who are familiar with the GAPS diet, rebuilding the gut is of paramount importance. After all, the gut isn't only involved in properly absorbing nutrients to keep us fit - it's the foundation for a strong nervous system and immunity...

FDA may ban antibacterial soap ingredients such as triclosan
(NaturalNews) Soap, shampoo and personal care product manufacturers have been adding it to their consumer formulas for decades, even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it has never been proven safe or effective. But now the agency...

The detrimental effects of magnesium deficiency
(NaturalNews) Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth and one of the most important for the human body. It is estimated that over 80% of Americans are deficient in it. Magnesium deficiencies cause a myriad of health problems that are very...

Boston Children's Hospital accused of 'routinely kidnapping' children for profit
(NaturalNews) A Connecticut couple is fighting to regain custody of their 16-year-old daughter after she was forcibly abducted by Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) in Massachusetts, where her parents had voluntarily admitted her for medical treatment with...

Healthy benefits of epazote explained
(NaturalNews) Epazote is a herb used in many Mexican dishes. While the taste may take some time to get used to, this herb is packed with nutrients that include essentials such as vitamin A, B and C as well as zinc, copper, iron, potassium, complex carbohydrates...

2014 a big year for marijuana as advocates push to eradicate prohibition nationwide
(NaturalNews) With Washington and Colorado set to make history by ending cannabis prohibition for adults beginning in January, momentum is building at an unprecedented rate for many other states to follow suit in the coming months and years. And to help...

How to find the right homeopath
(NaturalNews) We only have one body, so naturally we don't want to mess it up. When it comes to dealing with health problems, most people are cautious, sticking to what is proven, trusted and true. But with the growing range of complementary and alternative...

Nine states propose 16 anti-fluoridation bills in 2013 to protect public against poison
(NaturalNews) Things are heating up on the fluoride front as states and municipalities all across the country rethink their official water fluoridation policies. According to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), some 16 pieces of legislation across nine...

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What the GOP has turned into (should be read by everyone)

Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth in this perceptive essay. But, also unfortunately, dyed-in-the-wool Tea Party types will be unable to recognize that truth. Blinded by ideology that will never be accepted by the majority of Americans, they are ruining their party and driving nails into its coffin.  Many of the people who vote Tea Party lines are the ones most affected in damaging ways by the ideology, but they seemingly are not insightful enough to understand this. 

By Thom Hartmann

Republicans ARE drinking the Kool-Aid.

On Wednesday, Politico published an article in which John Podesta, Bill Clinton's former chief of staff and current adviser to President Obama, said that Republicans are, "a cult worthy of Jonestown in charge of one of the houses of Congress."

Those comments caused outrage with Republicans in Washington, and in the interests of political correctness and civility, Podesta apologized to Speaker of the House John Boehner.

But apology aside, Podesta was right.

The Republican Party is a cult worthy of Jim Jones, and all across America, it's killing off its followers, just like Jim Jones did.

For reasons that typically have to do with god, gays or guns, low-income people across America frequently vote Republican, thus becoming Republican cultist followers.

And then, just like the followers at Jonestown, they let their leaders in the Republican Party pass out "policy Kool-aid" that actually kills some of them.

For example, right now, 23 states, led by mostly Republican lawmakers, are refusing to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.

As a result, millions of low-income Americans won't have access to life-saving health care and medications.

And those millions of Americans include the "followers" of the GOP who helped give Republicans control of the House.

Meanwhile, as Republicans are taking away health care from their "followers," they're also taking away their food.

Last month, thanks to Republican opposition, Congress failed to extend food stamp benefits to more than 47 million Americans. For a family of four receiving food stamp benefits, that means 21 fewer meals per month.

And, 2.3 million children in California and Texas alone have lost access to food thanks to the Republican-backed cuts.

So, the Republican Party is killing off its "followers" by denying them health care and food. But it doesn't stop there.

For "followers" of the Republican Party who are lucky enough to still have access to food, that food might be contaminated with diseases, parasites and other less savory things, because Republicans don't want us to know where our food comes from, or what's in it.

They oppose GMO and country-of-origin labeling laws, which would require all foods to be clearly labeled.

And since Republicans hate regulations, they've cut funding to the food inspection programs that keep us safe from contaminated, and potentially deadly, foods.

Take shrimp for instance.

Nearly 85 percent of the shrimp Americans consume is imported, and much of it is never inspected.

As Jill Richardson over at AlterNet points out, that means that shrimp is making it to the marketplace that all too often is riddled with salmonella, covered in antibiotics or pesticides, or contaminated with neurotoxins.

Not that much different from Jim Jones' cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. Yummy.

Republicans are also killing off their "followers" by taking away their homes and jobs, and condemning them to lives of poverty and despair.

They support corporations that lay off millions of American workers each year, and then ship their jobs overseas to the lowest bidder.

And when those millions of Americans get laid off, Republicans refuse to help them survive.

Yesterday, the Senate passed the bipartisan budget deal, but noticeably missing from the deal was the extension of unemployment benefits for 1.3 million Americans, benefits that are set to expire at the end of the month.

Unemployment benefits were left out of the deal because Republicans think unemployment insurance makes Americans dependent and causes them to stop looking for work.

They think that Americans will magically find jobs if they aren't receiving unemployment insurance.

But what will really happen when 1.3 million Americans lose their unemployment insurance right after Christmas is that these Americans will fall deeper and deeper into poverty, unable to afford the most basic things needed to survive, like food and shelter.

For those "followers" of the Republican Party who are lucky enough not to lose their health care, homes, food and jobs, they may still be killed by the party's refusal to combat climate change.

Despite overwhelming evidence that climate change is very real, man-made, and that it could be devastating for the human race, Republicans continue to argue that climate change is just one big hoax, spread around by those "crazy" liberal scientists.

Republicans are content to let their "followers" die in climate-change-fueled massive superstorms and epic wildfires.

Finally, Republicans are killing off their "followers" by sending them off to fight unnecessary and illegal wars.

As of last month, there had been 4,489 American military deaths in Iraq since George W. Bush and his war-hawk cronies lied America into war in March of 2003.

While calling an entire political party a "cult" may not have been the best move politically, John Podesta's comments in Politico were entirely accurate.

From taking away health care and food, to failing to fight climate change or give unemployed Americans assistance, Republicans are effectively killing off the very people who have helped put them in positions of power.

If that doesn't scream cult, I don't know what does...


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You have to love the Italians!



The best food and drink in the world

click below sound  on>"


Sunday, December 15, 2013

U.S. now matches corrupt undeveloped countries

Nothing to be proud of....and it's still not enough for Republicans who want even more wealth distribution to the top!  Obama's rhetoric, like that of most Presidents before him, is pure b.s.  His actions, in supporting the Wall Street criminals, speak louder than any of his words in telling us what he is all about. The backs of the middle class are broken and they have now descended into the ranks of the poor.

According to the latest study by the highly regarded economic-concentration specialist Emmanuel Saez, the richest 1% of Americans have been receiving 95% of the income-gains during the Obama “economic recovery.” This “recovery” has raised incomes for the top 1% by 31.4%. Everyone else has seen income-gains of 0.4%. Other studies have shown that the bottom 95% of Americans have actually experienced overall reductions in their incomes under President Obama. So: for most Americans, the “recession” has merely continued.

The United States Is Now the Most Unequal of all Advanced Economies

The United States has such an unequal distribution of wealth so that it’s in the league of corrupt underdeveloped countries, no longer in the league of the developed nations, according to the latest edition of the world’s most thorough study of wealth-distribution.

The most authoritative source comparing wealth-concentration in the various countries is the successor to the reports that used to be done for the United Nations, now performed as the Credit Suisse Global Wealth DatabookThe latest (2013) edition of it finds (p. 146) that in the U.S., 75.4% of all wealth is owned by the richest 10% of the people. The comparable figures for the other developed countries are: Australia 50.3%, Canada 57.4%, Denmark 72.2%, Finland 44.9%, France 51.8%, Germany 61.7%, Ireland 58.4%, Israel 68.9%, Italy 49.8%, Japan 49.1%, Netherlands 54.6%, New Zealand 57.6%, Norway 65.9%, Singapore 61.1%, Spain 54.0%, Sweden 71.1%, Switzerland 71.5%, and U.K. 53.3%. Those are the top 20 developed nations, and the U.S. has the most extreme wealth-concentration of them all. However, there are some other countries that have wealth-concentrations that are about as extreme as the U.S. For examples: Chile 72.5%, India 73.8%, Indonesia 75.0%, and South Africa 74.8%. The U.S. is in their league; not in the league of developed economies. In the U.S., the bottom 90% of the population own only 24.6% of all the privately held wealth, whereas in most of the developed world, the bottom 90% own around 40%; so, the degree of wealth-concentration in the U.S. is extraordinary (except for underdeveloped countries).

The broadest mathematical measure of wealth-inequality is called “Gini,” and the higher it is, the more extreme the nation’s wealth-inequality is. The Gini for the U.S. is 85.1. Other extremely unequal countries are (pages 98-101 of this report) Chile 81.4, India 81.3, Indonesia 82.8, and South Africa 83.6. However, some nations are even more-extreme than the U.S.: Kazakhstan 86.7, Russia 93.1, and Ukraine 90.0. But Honduras and Guatemala are such rabid kleptocracies that their governments don’t even provide sufficiently reliable data for an estimate to be able to be made; and, so, some countries might be even higher than nations like Russia.

Under Barack Obama, the U.S. has, for the first time in this nation’s history, increased the concentration of its privately held wealth during an “economic recovery” from a financial crash. (Consequently: the bottom 90% have experienced no benefit from this “recovery.”) Usually, there is more instead of less economic equality in the wake of a crash; but Obama’s policies of holding harmless the Wall Street insiders who profited enormously from creating the bubble, and of restoring their wealth by taxpayers buying up their toxic assets via the bailouts, etc., have made the U.S. more like nations such as Chile, India, Indonesia, and less like nations such as Australia, Canada, and Finland. Although Mr. Obama’s rhetoric has been opposed to extreme wealth-concentration, his policies have actually intensified that tendency. Republicans are not satisfied with the extent to which he has done this, and they call for even more extreme wealth-concentration policies, but Obama has actually benefited America’s billionaires a great deal. Romney received most of their campaign money, but Obama has performed extraordinarily well for them.

According to the latest study by the highly regarded economic-concentration specialist Emmanuel Saez, the richest 1% of Americans have been receiving 95% of the income-gains during the Obama “economic recovery.” This “recovery” has raised incomes for the top 1% by 31.4%. Everyone else has seen income-gains of 0.4%. Other studies have shown that the bottom 95% of Americans have actually experienced overall reductions in their incomes under President Obama. So: for most Americans, the “recession” has merely continued.


Interesting interviews re. Chas. Dickens and also "Piano Pat" of Great Falls, Montana

Keep watching after the Ralph Feinnes interview re. Dickens -- the segment on Piano Pat follows.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Interesting quantum physics facts about the universe and us...

Science is telling us we have much to learn in order to understand ourselves and our world in the truest way.  It's interesting that what physicists are discovering dovetails perfectly with what sages from ancient times/religions have been telling us all along... Everything is connected--there is One Energy manifesting as all appearances. Nothing and no one is separate.  Imagine how different our world would appear if everyone knew this.


EXCERPT: In the world of quantum physics, it seems that elementary "particles" (including electrons) don't really exist at all. What does exist are relationships, correlations, tendencies to actualize from a multifaceted set of potentials. A quantum physicist might say that electrons, like all other subatomic particles, are described by a "probability density state." At this level it is strikingly evident that there may be no objective physical reality at all. What the scientific community once thought was there in the sub-atomic realm and what the educated world was taught to perceive as real simply does not exist.

    The new physics tells us that matter may actually be nothing more than a series of patterns out of focus and that subatomic "particles" aren't really made of energy, but simply are energy!

Just as surprising as the apparent ethereal qualities of matter is the fact that it is the observer who brings the possibilities of the micro-world into existence. In experiment after experiment, it has been shown that when the observed function, the wave, interacts with the observing system, the person making the measurement, it changes to a new state. And whether what comes into actuality is a wave or a particle depends solely on the structure of the experiment. One interesting aspect of the apparent dual representative state of matter is that it is not a dual property of the particle, but rather a property of experimental observations. Niels Bohr, who is regarded as the father of quantum physics, pointed out that a particle only becomes a particle when someone is looking at it. The new physics tells us that the observer cannot observe anything without changing what he sees. Moreover, Princeton researchers Brenda I. Dunne and Robert G. Jahn have shown that this concept is not limited to the microworld of quantum interactions. Astonishingly, they have, through a series of well documented experiments, established that our minds, our intent, can alter the outcome of events.

    The implications of these findings are far reaching and significant for the world of everyday activity and human interaction. They imply that by our conscious intent we bring into manifestation what we want to perceive-that we can and do shape our reality.

The Nobel Prize winning physicist David Bohm has written about what he calls the implicate order of the holographic universe. This concept suggests that the entire universe is an ever-changing cosmic hologram that is layered with information. Each layer holds a higher order of information and each higher order is enfolded in an aspect of space/time. The higher order may be thought of as consciousness that filters wave-like into form. Because it is a hologram, every segment contains information about the entire universe. Thus, consciousness is indeed in all things. Light is both the medium and the message.

    Moreover, Bohm's work in quantum physics suggests that at the subatomic level all points in space are essentially the same, and therefore nothing is actually separate from anything else. This property is called non-locality. Bell's Theorem, developed a few years later by J. S. Bell, a Swiss physicist, provided mathematical proof of non-locality.' If we think about locality in terms of the particle behavior of light (a specific point in space), then non-locality can be seen in terms of light behaving as a wave (indistinguishable and interconnected).

    What these concepts tell us is that, at the heart of our universe, there are no separate parts to anything, and that everything is connected to everything else. Moreover, they explain how information can be transferred superluminously, or faster than the speed of light. For example, if two photons are non-locally connected, communication between them can be instantaneous because they are not truly separate.

    These discoveries from quantum physics have important implications for the evolution of human consciousness predicted by the Andean prophecies. As Bohm states, the world is an "unbroken wholeness"; everything is non-locally interconnected. We need to learn to perceive holistically because our world and the entire universe is actually interconnected. It is erroneous to continue to perceive our world as a conglomeration of separate, unrelated parts. In light of emergent scientific principles, the Cartesian world view is decidedly misleading.

    Moreover, this holistic way of perceiving the world mirrors the teachings of ancient people such as the Inca.   … Buddhist and Hindu teachings have long told us that everything is energy dancing in form, and that the dance is a continuous weaving of the form and the formless. Now research from the frontiers of science is telling us the same thing.



Friday, December 13, 2013

Ready for this Christmas light display? What does the Fox say?

What does the Fox say---a Christmas musical display for the younger generation:

If you don't have grandchildren, you may not have heard of this new song...

Natl Geo report: 98% of Seafloor Covered In Dead Creatures 145 mi from California

As reported by National Geographic and the National Academy of Sciences.  We were warned over and over about the cataclysmic dangers of nuclear power plants and weapons.  Dr. Helen Caldicott has devoted her life to this cause, citing the millions of years plutonium/Cesium 137/depleted uranium can poison the planet.  But did we listen?  Nope. Greed prevailed, as always.  Seems the Earth human species always has to learn by hard lessons.  This lesson could be the hardest one of all, with the elimination of many species, including, perhaps, us....  To hear an interview with Dr. Caldicott about Fukushima and the dangers it presents to us, go to:

This newly-released report from 
National Geographic is nothing 
short of devastating, demonstrating 
how the ongoing Fukushima 
catastrophe is affecting the 
food chain of the entire Pacific Basin, 
including the waters off the coast of 

This information is taken from both 
National Geographic and the National 
Academy of Sciences and it shares 
that, as of July 1st of 2012, 98% of 
the studied sea floor 145 miles off the 
coast of California was covered with 
dead and decomposing sea creatures. 
For those who think that 98% may be 
a normal study number, only a few 
months earlier, in March the same 
study found less than 1% of the sea 
floor covered with 'detritus'.

Several up-to-date video reports 
depict that squid are now washing 
ashore on Santa Cruz beaches and 
that a mysterious illness is causing 
starfish of the Pacific Northwest to 
simply fall apart. 
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Alexandra Bruce
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