Monday, December 30, 2013

NASA Admits to Blue Star Kachina

I'm feeling more and more like Alice in Wonderland all the time --- Things are getting curiouser and curiouser....

Video: (about 8 and a half mins):
This is a very interesting short video, compiled from several sources, the information in which would explain a lot about the direction our government has been heading in the past few years. Perhaps you have noticed, as I have, that lately there have been a number of science programs about asteroids on TV, warning us that Earth is constantly being threatened by possible hits from asteroids but has so far been fortunate to have avoided such hits (with no guarantees for the future). 

Enormous changes in our earth life, especially ecologically and climate-wise, have been so sudden and swift that it's hard to keep up with them. Have you seen the documentaries Extreme Ice and Chasing Ice about our vanishing glaciers? We've all been made aware of increasingly dramatic weather events, wreaking havoc on those affected by them.  Add to that the disaster at Fukushima and what we thought could happen only in science fiction is now happening to us, as radiation from that site encircles the globe.  Dire political and economic changes have accompanied the foreboding ecological changes, steadily increasing the ranks of the poor.  The middle class is fast disappearing, while the elite keep exponentially adding to their Midas-like wealth. 

Some of my thoughts on anomalies that have been reported in the last year (usually not by mainstream media) are now beginning to fall into place regarding a possible disaster scenario being kept from us to avoid panic in the streets.  Remember the fairly recent youtube videos/reports of loud booming noises, suddenly coming out of nowhere, heard in many different cities across the globe? (see some of these links below). These are never addressed by any world government and have only been given side glances from the mainstream media, if at all.  We know of many reports of deep underground bases that have been built for secret military purposes.   There have even been govt.-approved open reports on programs like 60 Minutes of the underground bunker cities that have been prepared for our White House and Congressional leaders "in case of emergency."

Could it be that the loud booming sounds are caused by blasting in the creation of underground cities, in preparation for a possible asteroid close-call heading our way?--which is known to the elite but not to the masses?   For years, Taos, New Mexico residents were hearing a humming sound coming from under the earth--it became known as the Taos Hum. Other communities have experienced and reported that same humming sound.  It makes sense to me that the hum could come from heavy machinery, drilling large holes in the earth to create underground bases, cities and tunnels. What could their purpose possibly be?  We know from those who have worked at Area 51 in Nevada that there is a gigantic underground base there. 

Millions of us are now aware that UFOs are not imagined, and that alien civilizations have been visiting/monitoring Earth for centuries. Their presence here can no longer be denied.  That information has been kept from the public at large, for reasons of maintaining control over the population.   Many high-ranking military and government employees are casting off their secrecy vows, telling of the alien presence here--and of the technological information we have back-engineered through contact with alien civilizations and their crashed vehicles. (For more information on this, go to: and )  Form your own opinions after reading and hearing reports from those who claim to have been involved in many projects kept hidden from us ("we, the people").  One interesting man is Col. Philip Corso--an interview with him is at:

At any rate, I hope to have aroused your curiosity -- and, if any of this interests you, I encourage you to do some online sleuthing for yourself.  Of course, some things are beyond our control (most things, it seems to me, as I grow older and hopefully wiser (~.~).   It may be too late for us to avoid possible catastrophe, which seems to be looming over us in so many ways, but an aware public has a greater chance of avoiding disaster than a lulled, sheep-like population.  Look up things like HAARP, Majestic 12, MK Ultra, and chemtrails and form your own opinions about what you read.  The Wikipedia site on government experimentation is at:

An educated public are less likely to follow the government and its leaders blindly and unquestioningly.  Watch the 8-minute video below from Forbidden Knowledge re. a newly discovered planetoid that some are calling the Blue Star Kachina foretold in Hopi Indian lore. 

Is the US government's preparation 
for a vast, astronomical catastrophe 
(as long-prophesied by the Native 
American Hopi Nation from the 
Southwestern US) the reason why 
the government has become a 
"Police State," as many of those 
recently-polled agreed, in a C-SPAN 
post from last night?

This video is a compilation of History 
Channel programming with BBC and 
footage from a recent Chinese rocket 
launch, with undeniable views of a 
large blue planetoid visible from space. 
Video: (about 8 and a half mins):