Saturday, December 14, 2013

Interesting quantum physics facts about the universe and us...

Science is telling us we have much to learn in order to understand ourselves and our world in the truest way.  It's interesting that what physicists are discovering dovetails perfectly with what sages from ancient times/religions have been telling us all along... Everything is connected--there is One Energy manifesting as all appearances. Nothing and no one is separate.  Imagine how different our world would appear if everyone knew this.


EXCERPT: In the world of quantum physics, it seems that elementary "particles" (including electrons) don't really exist at all. What does exist are relationships, correlations, tendencies to actualize from a multifaceted set of potentials. A quantum physicist might say that electrons, like all other subatomic particles, are described by a "probability density state." At this level it is strikingly evident that there may be no objective physical reality at all. What the scientific community once thought was there in the sub-atomic realm and what the educated world was taught to perceive as real simply does not exist.

    The new physics tells us that matter may actually be nothing more than a series of patterns out of focus and that subatomic "particles" aren't really made of energy, but simply are energy!

Just as surprising as the apparent ethereal qualities of matter is the fact that it is the observer who brings the possibilities of the micro-world into existence. In experiment after experiment, it has been shown that when the observed function, the wave, interacts with the observing system, the person making the measurement, it changes to a new state. And whether what comes into actuality is a wave or a particle depends solely on the structure of the experiment. One interesting aspect of the apparent dual representative state of matter is that it is not a dual property of the particle, but rather a property of experimental observations. Niels Bohr, who is regarded as the father of quantum physics, pointed out that a particle only becomes a particle when someone is looking at it. The new physics tells us that the observer cannot observe anything without changing what he sees. Moreover, Princeton researchers Brenda I. Dunne and Robert G. Jahn have shown that this concept is not limited to the microworld of quantum interactions. Astonishingly, they have, through a series of well documented experiments, established that our minds, our intent, can alter the outcome of events.

    The implications of these findings are far reaching and significant for the world of everyday activity and human interaction. They imply that by our conscious intent we bring into manifestation what we want to perceive-that we can and do shape our reality.

The Nobel Prize winning physicist David Bohm has written about what he calls the implicate order of the holographic universe. This concept suggests that the entire universe is an ever-changing cosmic hologram that is layered with information. Each layer holds a higher order of information and each higher order is enfolded in an aspect of space/time. The higher order may be thought of as consciousness that filters wave-like into form. Because it is a hologram, every segment contains information about the entire universe. Thus, consciousness is indeed in all things. Light is both the medium and the message.

    Moreover, Bohm's work in quantum physics suggests that at the subatomic level all points in space are essentially the same, and therefore nothing is actually separate from anything else. This property is called non-locality. Bell's Theorem, developed a few years later by J. S. Bell, a Swiss physicist, provided mathematical proof of non-locality.' If we think about locality in terms of the particle behavior of light (a specific point in space), then non-locality can be seen in terms of light behaving as a wave (indistinguishable and interconnected).

    What these concepts tell us is that, at the heart of our universe, there are no separate parts to anything, and that everything is connected to everything else. Moreover, they explain how information can be transferred superluminously, or faster than the speed of light. For example, if two photons are non-locally connected, communication between them can be instantaneous because they are not truly separate.

    These discoveries from quantum physics have important implications for the evolution of human consciousness predicted by the Andean prophecies. As Bohm states, the world is an "unbroken wholeness"; everything is non-locally interconnected. We need to learn to perceive holistically because our world and the entire universe is actually interconnected. It is erroneous to continue to perceive our world as a conglomeration of separate, unrelated parts. In light of emergent scientific principles, the Cartesian world view is decidedly misleading.

    Moreover, this holistic way of perceiving the world mirrors the teachings of ancient people such as the Inca.   … Buddhist and Hindu teachings have long told us that everything is energy dancing in form, and that the dance is a continuous weaving of the form and the formless. Now research from the frontiers of science is telling us the same thing.