Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Intriguing: The newest NEW YORKER magazine article - scientists frustrated in search for Ultimate Truth

This is an interesting article that speaks to the confusion of scientists in their exploration of matter and the universe for Ultimate Truth  Regardless of which way science looks for answers, they can't discover the Original Truth (Source of Everything) they are searching for. It constantly eludes them. Wise sages tell us this is because they are using the mind, instead of what might be called the "heart." The heart is the longing for Truth that burns in everyone. All are looking for happiness but the sages point out that most are heading in the wrong direction for ultimate satisfaction. Instead of going outward, they tell us to go inward to discover that, as spiritual texts tell us--and mean it literally, "The kingdom of God is within you."  

This article was marvelous to read as it tells of the perfection of each mathematical level that scientists reach in their pursuit of ultimate Truth. There is a certain glorious feeling to it -- they are learning that perfection is all around us, in the outer world and in the inner world. Perfection reveals Itself at every level they explore.  Sages tell us everything is Pure and Perfect Reality, both in appearances and beyond appearances. They say Reality is our very Being.  They tell us to search within ourselves for the "I Am" presence that is prior to body, mind, experience, and all appearance, from which every thought and appearance seemingly spring forth. This is Consciousness (with a capital "c") beyond consciousness (with a small "c").  Scientists don't yet even know what small "c" consciousness is -- i.e., what is the ever-present awareness behind our perception of a world, a body, "others," the universe, etc.  What is that awareness that we wake up to each morning -- calling itself "I"?

For ultimate wisdom that transcends the acquisition of intellectual/scientific knowledge, one must finally go to the sages who are always willing to point earnest seekers to ever-present Reality, our own Being that is birthless and deathless.  It is said that even Einstein, when near physical death, said regretfully, "I should have listened more to the mystics."

You might find this article to be interesting, which is why I am sending it to you.  I am a subscriber to the New Yorker magazine and receive frequent links from them.  I am hoping this one isn't meant just for me as a subscriber, but that you also will be able to access the article by clicking on the link.  If this link doesn't take you to it, you might be able to find it on Google -- It's titled, "A different kind of theory of everything."  

For anyone intrigued and curious to explore more of what wise sages tell us, the best book I have ever found on this subject is "I Am That" by a wise Indian sage, Nisargadatta Maharaj (a humble little man who ran a cigarette shop in Bombay and had no desire to be anyone important. He left his body in 1981).  This book has transformed my life since I first read it in the year of its publication, 1973.  In simple dialogues with questioners seeking truth (just the kinds of questions we all might ask), Maharaj's words speak directly to the heart, bypassing the mind and uplifting the spirit.  In my opinion, there is no other book like it on earth. It is a magnificent jewel.  If you don't already have this book and you are interested, it can be ordered on Amazon.  Amazon Prime Video has an excellent documentary available now called, "Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds," which dovetails with articles of this nature.  It's well worth watching, superbly giving a cosmic view and a lift we can all use by taking us away, for just a short while, from the appearance of Trumpzilla in the White House (~.~)