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Educate Yourself: More by former state Senator John DeCamp

For those interested in understanding where we are and how we got there, this article gives plenty of information.  If  you watched the video I recently sent on the Franklin Coverup and are interested, this is more on that subject.  As former Nebraska senator DeCamp points out, the Melville book Billy Budd and its ending applies in today's world.  The system must be protected, at all costs -- even at the cost of truly innocent lives.  But, as DeCamp argues, what if the system is corrupt from the bottom up?  Should that system be protected?  Are we starting to wake up -- and, with the Occupy Wall Street beginning, to realize we will have to have a revolution in order to overcome the evil of the system?  Note that even the former head of the CIA, when he wanted to tell some truths about what was going on, was killed (William Colby -- you can read about him and his death at:  Colby was a good friend of DeCamp from Vietnam service days -- and warned DeCamp about the dangerous territory he was going into with the Franklin Coverup -- and also gave him some advice about how to navigate in that territory.  Shortly after his last meeting with DeCamp, Colby suffered a mysterious and very suspicious death. 

It's not easy to face up to facts of this magnitude, that our governmental system is corrupt and protective of its corruptness to the point where anyone who tries to reveal truth about it is likely to be killed. But if you read, with an open mind, some of the information being brought forth by reliable and credentialed people, you will be aghast at what has been kept from us.  Criminal atrocities that lead to the highest offices in the land have been kept under wraps.  But like all things hidden, eventually truth begins to leak out.  And that is what is happening now.  This information is here for all to see and evaluate for themselves.  The pendulum is swinging..... And it may be that the Far Right and the Far Left are closer together in what they suspect and what they value than they have yet realized.  Strange to say ... but that is becoming clearer to me as time goes along.  It is only in the measures to be taken where we disagree.  There needs to be more dialogue between the two extremes, who seem most to understand that things have gone dangerously wrong in our governmental system, but don't really know what to do about it.  True information is our best aid in understanding and then tackling the problem.


An online documentary that will knock you off your feet: The Franklin CoverUp: Conspiracy of Silence

Now that we are hearing of the abuse of children by Jerry Sandusky of Penn State and of another coach, Bernie Fine, at Syracuse University -- and, of course, the Catholic priests' abuse of children, it may finally be time for Americans to wake up to perversions they have not been aware of -- in high places in our country.  It is now coming out that Sandusky was not only abusing young boys himself, but was also pimping them out to important people. (See story below*).  I first heard of this kind of perversion in high political places, back in the 1990s.  I was told about a documentary that was ready to be aired on the Discovery Channel in 1994, but was suddenly pulled -- and not allowed to air.  The reason?  The rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown people who ordered all copies destroyed.  However, a copy was surreptitiously given to former Nebraska state senator John DeCamp, who shared it with the retired head of the Los Angeles division of the FBI, Ted Gunderson.  These men investigated the story thoroughly -- and, after conclusively discovering the allegations to be true, have made the documentary available to the public. Both of these men have had their lives threatened numerous times since revealing the conclusions of their investigation.  Ted Gunderson recently died.  He was a good man, whom I have had the privilege of meeting and talking with. His reputation as a many-years FBI department head is golden.  Having met and gauging him for myself, I can personally vouch for his sincerity and honesty.  He had learned much during his years of FBI service and in the years after his retirement, and his main motivation in life was to get truth out to the public.

I warn you, this is not an easy film to watch--or believe--because of the terrible allegations (even the up-to-now revered Boys Town is included in the coverup).  But would you have believed the allegations about Sandusky or Fine -- or Catholic priests even a few years ago?  We are being given a fast education these days about the underbelly of our society, our religious field, our sports field, and our political field--and how absolute power corrupts absolutely.  If we close our eyes to it, we allow it to continue.  If you are interested in truth above all else, you have an opportunity now to evaluate for yourself a documentary that blows the cover off this god-awful Conspiracy of Silence.  You may be tempted to say "Hogwash!" and condemn it (who would WANT to believe our most cherished institutions and trusted leaders could be capable of things like this?), but please watch and decide for yourself whether those people interviewed in the documentary are telling the truth.  Much truth has been concealed from "We, the People" -- and it's time we learned about it and started taking our country back from the con men who have stolen it from us. It's my belief that an informed public is an empowered public.  Isn't it better to know than to be kept ignorant of what is going on in our world?  How can we combat these evils if we don't know about them?
Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Toronto, Canada.

At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who ordered all copies destroyed.

A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by its participants.  You can watch this documentary at:


In April, Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden wrote a story revealing Penn State for much of the cover-up of Jerry Sandusky's alleged child rape that has been exposed in the past week. While it didn't raise many eyebrows back then, six months later it looks to be incredibly accurate.

On Thursday morning, just hours after legendary head coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier were fired by the school's board of trustees, Madden was asked on WEEI's The Dennis and Callahan Show what he believes the next piece of news will be.

What he said was twice as shocking as anything that's been released thus far.

"I can give you a rumor and I can give you something I think might happen," Madden told John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. "I hear there's a rumor that there will be a more shocking development from the Second Mile Foundation -- and hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross, I will use the only language I can -- that Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors. That was being investigated by two prominent columnists even as I speak."

After the news spread, Madden later explained via Twitter why he went public with the rumors.

"I normally abhor giving RUMORS credence," Madden wrote. "But whole Sandusky scandal started out as a RUMOR. It gets deeper and more disgusting all the time. One of state's top columnists investigating. That adds credence. I am NOT rumor's original source. [Why does] Sandusky deserve benefit of doubt?"

Madden also spoke more definitively on Dennis and Callahan to the cover-up efforts at the school and beyond that he expects will be made public soon.

"The other thing I think that may eventually become uncovered, and I talked about this in my original article back in April, is that I think they'll find out that Jerry Sandusky was told that he had to retire in exchange for a cover-up," Madden said. "If you look at the timeline, that makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

"My opinion is when Sandusky quit, everybody knew -- not just at Penn State," Madden added. "I think it was a very poorly kept secret about college football in general, and that is why he never coached in college football again and retired at the relatively young age of 55. [That's] young for a coach, certainly."


Big Bloc of Pro-Adultery Voters Switches to Gingrich: Andy Borowitz

November 30, 2011

Borowitz's humor sounds just like truth this time around.

As Cain Drops Out, Pro-adultery Voters Shift to Gingrich

Biggest GOP Voting Bloc, Experts Say

CONCORD, NH (The Borowitz Report) – Herman Cain withdrew from the Republican presidential race today, a move that resulted in millions of pro-adultery voters shifting their support to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The shift in support is significant because pro-adultery voters represent the single largest voting bloc in the Republican Party, experts say.

Tracy Klugian, a prominent adulterer from Concord, New Hampshire, said he was sorry to see Mr. Cain leave the race “because he was very committed to the one issue I care about: namely, adultery.”

But he added that he had been in touch with many other adulterers in the state and that they were all switching to Mr. Gingrich.

“Even when we were supporting Cain, a lot of us were supporting Gingrich behind his back,” the adulterer said.  “I guess that’s how we do.”


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Good documentary for anyone interested in knowing how corporations own our government

Can be seen on streaming Netflix:

The Best Government Money Can Buy?

2009NR76 minutes

Just how influential are lobbyists? Francis Megahy writes and directs this absorbing documentary about lobbyists' role in American politics, the far-reaching implications of their spending on elections and their threat to democracy. In addition to exploring case studies from several industries such as health care and energy, the film features insights from Capitol Hill insiders, former White House officials and more.


How the top 1% control and cheat the rest of us

Hank Paulson’s Secret: Of Course the System Is Rigged

By: Jon Walker Tuesday November 29, 2011 12:20 pm
Inside trading man

Hank Paulson knows the system is rigged (photo viw Wikipedia)

When former Goldman Sachs exec Henry Paulson was Treasury Secretary he apparently gave his hedge fund buddies extremely helpful and lucrative secret information about his plans to seize Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac while still assuring the public everything was fine. To a room full of hedge fund mangers, including many of his former colleagues, Paulson let it be known the companies would soon go into conservatorship. From Bloomberg (I highly recommend you read the whole shocking article.)

Paulson explained that under this scenario, the common stock of the two government-sponsored enterprises, or GSEs, would be effectively wiped out. So too would the various classes of preferred stock, he said.

The fund manager says he was shocked that Paulson would furnish such specific information — to his mind, leaving little doubt that the Treasury Department would carry out the plan. The managers attending the meeting were thus given a choice opportunity to trade on that information.

This is an important reminder that we don’t have a meritocracy. We don’t have a fair or free market. Many of the people at the very top with all the wealth are not now making incredibly more money than regular Americans because they are super genius Galtian “job creators.”

Many of these people are making huge sums of money, because we have a system rigged for them, by them. A well trained gorilla could become insanely rich if it had the triple benefit of the Treasury Secretary giving it incredibly useful insider information, the Fed giving it effective interest free loans, and the special carried interest tax loophole so it paid a lower tax rate than a school teacher.

If our top government officials showered regular Americans with even one tenth of the favoritism they have shown to Wall Street, I doubt we would have people protesting in the streets right now.



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Shining Ray of Light Beams Down on Dog Rescued from Iraq

The dog was rescued by a soldier who later was killed in Iraq.  Read this story and see the photo that will warm your heart:

Very interesting videos -- Dr. Steven Greer re. secrecy about UFOs/aliens

Yesterday I watched a documentary on Nikola Tesla (Tesla, Master of Lightning, available from Netflix).  The following information given by Dr. Steven Greer (an American physician and ufologist who founded the CSETI Project and The Disclosure Project) in an interview dovetails with much of the information about energy/consciousness that Tesla wanted to bring out to the world (but was prevented from doing so).  If you watch these videos, you may find them as fascinating as I did.  First, you might want to watch this 3-minute compilation of different interviews with astronauts and military spokespeople, plus announcements by John Podesta (White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton) and mainstream journalists, etc. to prepare you for what you will hear in the Steven Greer videos.

 In my opinion, this is a very valuable way to spend an hour of your time.  I feel certain you won't be bored.
STEVEN GREER VIDEOS   Part One      Part Two       Part Three       Part Four


GOP's Gingrich fits GOP Standards for Character (there are none)


Gingrich, the Ultimate Beltway Bandit

November 25, 2011

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich epitomizes the licentious lifestyle and lucrative cronyism that American conservatives claim to hate, yet he is the latest Republican presidential hopeful to soar into frontrunner status, as Michael Winship notes.


By Michael Winship

You maybe should think twice when even Jack Abramoff thinks you’re beneath contempt. Not that Newt Gingrich cares.

Abramoff, America’s favorite convicted influence peddler, told NBC’s David Gregory that presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Gingrich is one of those “people who came to Washington, who had public service, and they cash in on it. They use their public service and access to make money.”

Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Newt, he continued, is “engaged in the exact kind of corruption that America disdains. The very things that anger the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement and everybody who is not in a movement and watches Washington and says why are these guys getting all this money, why do they go become so rich, why do they have these advantages?”

Why indeed? Granted, Abramoff’s in the middle of his promotion tour of confession and attempted redemption, a pot obscenely eager to call his kettle and former mentor black — especially if it sells books. But Casino Jack does have a point.

Gingrich personifies everything rotten about the ATM machine we call Washington: the merchandising of favors and votes; the conversion of  past incumbency into insider information, making your contacts and the ability to play the system available to the highest bidder; the archetypal revolving door between government service and shilling for corporate America.

Yet there he is, suddenly riding at the top of the polls, his debate skills lauded, his churlish dismissal of the media praised, and infused with sufficient cheek to portray himself to gullible elements of the electorate as an outsider. It’s as if Kim Kardashian proclaimed herself American Housewife of the Year.

(Gingrich now is trying to play the inside-outside game both ways, proclaiming last week, “We just tried four years of amateur ignorance and it didn’t work very well. So having someone who actually knows Washington might be a really good thing.”)

In fact, a quick look at just a few of Newt’s activities since his GOP colleagues tossed him out of the speakership in 1998 is sufficient to expose him as the ultimate poster boy for inside-the-Beltway game playing — adherence to ideology often shoved aside in favor of expedience and the chance to make a buck.

You’ll remember hearing just this past spring about Mr. and Mrs. Gingrich’s revolving, no-interest credit line at Tiffany’s, a luxury store they treated like a diamond encrusted version of the Home Shopping Network, and Tim Carney’s report in The Washington Examiner that, “Christy Evans, formerly a top staffer to … Gingrich, is a registered lobbyist for Tiffany’s.”

Now Carney writes, “We know that Gingrich has been paid by drug companies and by the drug lobby, notably during the Medicare drug debate. A former employee of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (the main industry lobby), told me Gingrich was being paid by someone in the industry at the time.

“A spokeswoman for Gingrich’s health care consulting firm, Center for Health Transformation, told me that drug companies have been CHT clients. PhRMA confirmed in a statement that they had paid Gingrich. Bloomberg News cited sources from leading drug companies AstraZeneca and Pfizer saying that those companies had also hired Gingrich…

“Three former Republican congressional staffers told me that Gingrich was calling around Capitol Hill and visiting Republican congressmen in 2003 in an effort to convince conservatives to support a bill expanding Medicare to include prescription-drug subsidies.

“Conservatives were understandably wary about expanding a Lyndon Johnson-created entitlement that had historically blown way past official budget estimates. Drug makers, on the other hand, were positively giddy about securing a new pipeline of government cash to pad their already breathtaking profit margins.”

On Monday, the chair of Gingrich’s Center for Health Transformation estimated its revenues over the past decade at $55 million. Fees are flexible, she said, with “charter memberships” going for an annual fee of $200,000.

According to the Nov. 21 Wall Street Journal, ”The health think tank also charges for consulting sessions with the former speaker and Mr. Gingrich’s speeches, according to two health care trade groups.”

More dynamically, the center’s PR materials promised “direct Newt interaction”(!) and as per The Washington Post, “The biggest funders, including such firms as AstraZeneca, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Novo Nordisk, were also eligible to receive discounts on ‘products and workshops’ from other Gingrich groups.” Sounds like the Potomac edition of “The Price Is Right.”

Another Center for Health Transformation charter member was Gundersen Lutheran Health System of La Crosse, Wisconsin. The Nov. 17 New York Times reported that in July 2009, without reporting his connection, Gingrich praised the company in The Washington Post ”for its successful efforts to persuade most patients to have ‘advance directives,’ saying that if Medicare had followed Gundersen’s lead on end-of-life care and other practices, it would ‘save more than $33 billion a year.’”

Advance directives means helping families determine future care for the terminally ill, but when Tea Partiers and others started yelling about “death panels” during the healthcare reform fight, Gingrich made a quick flip-flop to the right and changed sides.

Listening to Newt attack child labor laws this week, I thought one of his clients might be Miss Hannigan’s Orphanage. In reality, others who have anted up for his advice include GE, IBM, Microsoft, Growth Energy (a pro-ethanol lobby group that between 2009 and 2011 paid him $575,000) and the US Chamber of Commerce.

The Wall Street Journal notes that, “The Chamber, the largest lobbying organization in Washington, paid Mr. Gingrich about $840,000, according to people familiar with the arrangement, or about $120,000 a year for seven years, beginning in 2001, to serve on an informal board of advisers to its president and senior staff.”

And then, of course, there’s Freddie Mac, which triggered this recent tsunami of scrutiny when Gingrich claimed at the Nov. 9 candidates’ debate that it was for his expertise as an historian that the home mortgage giant had paid him $300,000.

Bloomberg News then reported that the number was actually as much as $1.8 million, paid as consulting fees right up until 2008, when the failing agency was taken over by the government and such outside contracts were suspended.

Gingrich claims he warned Freddie about “insane” loans and then told USA Today, “I was advising them over a period when they weren’t in crisis. I’m pretty happy to say, I gave these guys advice … on how do you build opportunity for the poor to learn to be non-poor?”

Until caught, he hadn’t bothered to mention his own involvement, even as he attacked Barney Frank and others for taking Freddie Mac’s campaign contributions.

Through it all, Gingrich has denied being a lobbyist, apparently adhering to a very narrow definition – he’s not officially registered with Congress under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, as amended by the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007.

But you do the math: according to Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Kristin Jensen at Bloomberg News, “The former Georgia congressman reported assets in 1997 of between $197,000 and $606,000, according to his last House personal financial disclosure report, which permits lawmakers to record their wealth in broad ranges. According to his 2011 presidential disclosure report, the Republican primary candidate today is worth between $7.3 million and $31 million.”

Not bad for government work.

Michael Winship, senior writing fellow at Demos, is senior writer of the new public television series “Moyers & Company,” premiering in January 2012. Go to


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One idiot endorses another -- and on and on it goes...

Arizona Sheriff Arpaio to Endorse Rick Perry for President

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona will endorse Rick Perry for president next week. The self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in the nation” has gained national attention for his hard-line stance against illegal immigration.


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America: A Fascist Police State


A scene from director Michael Radford's version of Orwell's classic novel - 1984. (photo: MGM Studios Inc.)
A scene from director Michael Radford's version of Orwell's classic novel - 1984. (photo: MGM Studios Inc.

America Has Become a Fascist Police State

By Carl Gibson, Reader Supported News

26 November 11
Reader Supported News | Perspective

eorge Orwell's "1984" wasn't meant to be an instruction manual.

One word that emerged from the novel was the word "doublespeak," where truth is deliberately obfuscated through clever wording. In some cases, the meaning of a word is reversed entirely. Oceania, the totalitarian regime in Orwell's book, used doublespeak as a matter of course. The Ministry of Truth specialized in propaganda. The Ministry of Love was a secretive torture complex.

In the early years of public school, or in public addresses by politicians, America is touted as the Land of the Free, or the Land of Opportunity, or the Greatest Country on Earth. We're taught from near-infancy that this country was founded on the right to say what you want, whenever, wherever, to whomever. We're told we have the freedom to assemble peacefully, to petition our leaders for a redress of grievances. We're taught that if you're apprehended by the law, you have the right to a fair trial and legal representation.

Yet, today we live in a country where government aids the corporate takeover of elections. Here, banks who fraudulently took Americans' homes for profit can get bailed out by the taxpayers, and use the money to pay themselves 12-figure bonuses. This is a country where even US citizens can be detained without due process, tortured, and even assassinated overseas.

Today, in the Land of the Free, nonviolent political protesters using their First Amendment rights to speak out against all of the above can be beaten, tasered, and maced by heavily-militarized police forces, using military-grade equipment, without any provocation.

The recent Black Friday mobs of consumers pitching tents in parking lots and rioting over $2 waffle irons were met with silence from the police. Yet, 10 people speaking out in a Wal-Mart about the company's CEO making $19,000 per hour while his employees are forced to work on a holiday for less than poverty-level wages apparently provokes police to tackle and arrest the citizens nonviolently encouraging shoppers to buy local. In today's America we can Occupy for Capitalism, but not for Democracy.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has openly admitted that the recent police crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street solidarity encampments were the result of careful coordination between mayors on a series of conference calls. There are also reports that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI gave advice on the crackdowns, encouraging municipalities to deploy large numbers of police, equip them with riot gear, and break up encampments when the media were least likely to be present. Reports from New York allege that reporters were asked to raise their hand if they had press credentials, before being penned in an area far from the protests. Those trying to get through were arrested, and told that it was illegal to "take pictures on the sidewalk."

It is no longer extreme to say we now live in a fascist police state. Thanks to the Patriot Act, the SCOTUS' Citizens United decision, and a complacent electorate, our First Amendment rights of free speech and free assembly now only exist on paper. In Tienanmen Square, the Chinese government also censored the press and violently cracked down on peaceful protesters. All that's missing here are the tanks.

Mussolini said, "Fascism should be more accurately called corporatism, because it is a merger of state and corporate power." It is Orwellian doublespeak to call this country "free" while freedom is actively suppressed with aid from a corporate-owned government. The people are not free if their leaders are actively making war with them.

Carl Gibson, 24, of Lexington, Kentucky, is a spokesman and organizer for US Uncut, a nonviolent, creative direct-action movement to stop budget cuts by getting corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. He graduated from Morehead State University in 2009 with a B.A. in Journalism before starting the first US Uncut group in Jackson, Mississippi, in February of 2011. Since then, over 20,000 US Uncut activists have carried out more than 300 actions in over 100 cities nationwide.


Gingrich: A candidate for the "Family Values" party

Does character matter? Republicans will have a chance to decide when choosing their candidate this time around. Of course, that may be difficult. Do any of their many candidates actually have character?

EXCERPT: Gingrich has been fighting the story of his divorce from his first wife (his former high school math teacher) for years -- he allegedly asked for a divorce while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer. Oh, plus he was cheating on her at the time.

It seems especially callous to cheat on and divorce a partner who's sick or suffering, as Gingrich did twice -- he cheated on and divorced wife No. 2 after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis -- but it isn't all that uncommon. Women who are diagnosed with cancer or MS are six times more likely to find themselves separated or divorced shortly after their diagnosis than if they were a man, according to a 2009 study.


Lying political ads -- Romney and Perry

Lawrence O'Donnell hits a  home run on his analysis of Romney and Perry as Liars.  Watch this video and pay particular attention to the Romney video quotes compiled by O'Donnell at the end. They will not be used by Obama -- but Romney had no compunction about using the same kind of video "quote" against Obama:

'Tis the holy season...

At the start of the Christmas season of Love, Peace and Brotherhood, Christians across the U.S. begin their shopping:

Report: Shoppers unfazed as man dies at Target

By NBC News and staff

Family and friends were stunned by the loss of a West Virginia man who died while shopping on Black Friday as fellow bargain hunters reportedly walked around — and even over — the man’s body.

Family members told WSAZ-TV that 61-year-old Walter Vance of Logan County, W. Va., had become ill and collapsed while shopping for Christmas decorations inside Target in South Charleston. He later died after being taken to the hospital, family said.

Witnesses told the NBC News affiliate in Charleston, W. Wa., that shoppers walked around and even over Vance’s body.

"Where is the good Samaritan side of people?” Vance’s co-worker and friend Sue Compton told WSAZ. “How could you not notice someone was in trouble? I just don't understand if people didn't help what their reason was, other than greed because of a sale."

Vance had joined in the crowded frenzy of deal seekers at Target shortly after midnight on Friday. He had been searching for holiday odds and ends to complete his display at his newly remodeled workplace at Aracoma Drug Company store in Chapman, co-worker Annette Fortune told on Saturday.

“He was so excited about Christmas this year, he wanted everyone to enjoy the holiday he loved so much,” Fortune said.

Vance had been working at the Aracoma Drug Company store since he was 16 and later became its co-owner in the 1970s.

Friends say Vance had been suffering from heart problems for years and had open heart surgery in 2000, but his death came as a shock.

An E.R. nurse who also happened to be shopping at the store tried to administer CPR. She and an off-duty paramedic tried to help Vance while he was on the floor.

“The world lost a wonderful angel,” co-worker Beth Wright told, adding: “We lost our best friend and our best boss.”


Report: Shoppers pepper-sprayed; man shot in parking lot

A shopper who allegedly fired pepper spray at other customers during a Black Friday sale for Xbox video games has surrendered to authorities, Los Angeles police said Saturday.

Police Sgt. Jose Valle told the Associated Press that the woman who allegedly caused minor injuries to 20 shoppers, including children, at a Los Angeles-area Walmart had turned herself in Friday night.

She was released pending further investigation after she refused to discuss the incident, police said Saturday.

The woman's identity was not released. 

The alleged attack took place about 10:20 p.m. Thursday, shortly after doors opened for the sale. Employees brought out a crate of discounted Xbox video game players, and a crowd formed to wait for the unwrapping. Valle said the woman began spraying people in order to get an advantage.

Wal-Mart officials called it "an unfortunate situation."

"We're glad everyone seems to be OK," Wal-Mart said in a statement. The company pledge to assist authorities with the their investigation.

The incident was among those nationwide in which violence marred the traditional kickoff to the holiday shopping season on the Friday after Thursday's Thanksgiving holiday.

Walmart seemed to have a worse day than many other retailers as shoppers screamed, shoved and elbowed each other to save a few bucks.

Incidents across the country included a man shot by robbers in the parking lot outside a San Leandro, Calif., store and shoppers pepper sprayed by security at a store in Kinston, N.C.

A fight for bath towels, purportedly recorded at a Michigan store, has become a YouTube sensation. Cheap towels also caused mayhem at a Walmart in Oregon, Ohio.

"They were fighting over bath towels on sale for $1.88, as ridiculous as that sounds," Police Sergeant Jason Druckenmiller told Reuters. "A woman tried to get her hands on some towels when she was pushed from behind, and that's when she came out swinging."


Iron Lady trailer -- story of Margaret Thatcher

Meryl Streep disappears and Thatcher appears -- Streep is the greatest actress of our time, maybe of all time.  I am NO fan of Thatcher, but this is a movie I would like to see.


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The #1 Cause of Accidental Death in America


With all its designer drugs and state-of-the-art machinery, you'd think modern medicine is the perfect fix for providing patient-focused care.

You might also expect that Americans would be the healthiest people on Earth, seeing that the U.S. is the epicenter of all this technology, and especially since we spend more on health care than any other country in the world.

Yet, every year in the U.S., seven out of 10 deaths are due to preventable chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, and obesity.

How can that be?

How is it that we're not just chronically ill, but also lagging behind most industrialized nations in life expectancy?

The answer lies in how we approach health care: like it or not, the real focus of modern medicine is on selling disease and making money, not making you well.

In her book, "Death by Modern Medicine," Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about how, for well over a century, the definition of health care has been pills-and-drugs. It's a deliberately schemed and manipulated paradigm that's been packaged and sold through:
  • The insurance industry's (including Medicare's and Medicaid's) methodology for payment, which doesn't recognize nutritional care or proven naturopathic approaches to health care
  • Direct-to-Consumer advertising
  • Influencing physicians and other health care providers through gifts, honoraria for speaking engagements, and financial support for training programs, which is simply another form of advertising
  • Intense lobbying by PhRMA and individual drug makers such as Merck and Pfizer

Big Bucks for Buying Doctors' Attention

When it comes to making payments to physicians it wants to influence, the pharmaceutical industry is very generous, Pharma Marketing Blog notes:

"Last year (2010) a mere dozen pharmaceutical companies paid $760 million to physicians and other health care providers for consulting, speaking, research and expenses, according to ProPublica's 'Dollars for Docs' project."

These "gifts" ranged from $50 to $2,000 for a single meal, to thousands of dollars for speaking fees, ProPublica said. In fact, one pain specialist, Gerald M. Sacks, allegedly racked in $270,825 from four different Big Pharma companies in one year! Whether that bonus income influenced Dr. Sacks' prescribing practices is unknown, but what we do know is that just between 1997 and 2005, the amount of five major painkillers sold in the U.S. jumped 90 percent – and in 2011 prescription drug overdoses replaced car accidents as the No. 1 reason for accidental deaths in the U.S., with painkillers topping the list.

It's scandalous how this happens, Dr. Dean says, because when it's all said and done, the advertising and marketing aren't even based on science!


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Fox News viewers misinformed in comparison to all others: POLL

Now this will be no surprise to anyone except FOX viewers, who don't realize they are constantly being misinformed...and take everything they are told by Rupert Murdoch's channel as absolute truth. 

EXCERPT:  Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don't watch any news, according to a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Dan Cassino, a political science professor at Fairleigh Dickinson, explained in a statement, "Because of the controls for partisanship, we know these results are not just driven by Republicans or other groups being more likely to watch Fox News. Rather, the results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all."

This isn't the first study that has found that Fox News viewers more misinformed in comparison to others. Last year, a study from the University of Maryland found that Fox News viewers were more likely to believe false information about politics.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dr. Burzynski, his Cure for Cancer and his Persecution

Today, there's a pretty much universal cure for cancer. Using personalized gene therapy, there's no longer any reason for people to die from cancer. But whether or not Dr. Burzynski's personalized cancer gene cell therapy is still used past April 12, 2012 may well depend on how many million letters reach Gov. Rick Perry's desk by the end of this year, demanding that Perry fire every member of the Texas Medical Board and replace them with more scientifically-minded physicians before the end of March, 2012.

Read the following article to find out about Dr. Burzysnski and how he is being endlessly harassed and persecuted by the FDA, Big Pharma, and the moneyed interests in our world.

FDA, TX Medical Board Fights To Kill Cancer Cure


Want to know truth about Newt Gingrich? Watch this video!

Rachel Maddow exposes Gingrich scams on the public (which have enriched him to a multi-multi-millionaire status). This video should be seen by every American -- but those who watch only FOX News will never see it -- they are the ones supporting this scam artist for President.  Will they never wake up?

Rachel Maddow
, and Salon​.com editor Steve Kornacki, Friday accused Newt Gingrich and his presidential campaign of perpetrating a financial “scam” against the American people, by constructing his campaign as a money-​making effort. Maddow also documented and detailed the flow of money from donors to Gingrich’s American Solutions organization, into an organization named, “The Gingrich Group,” which is a consulting firm headed by Newt Gingrich.

Maddow repeatedly stated, “It is a scam.”

Stating, “Newt Gingrich exists in this world to sell Newt Gingrich-​related products,” Maddow also reviewed the Gingrich staff mass exodus in June, noting one ABC News story that quoted a staffer saying, “We didn’t sign up to be hucksters for products for sale.”

The whole Newt, Inc. empire is basically kind of a fundraising scam,” Maddow said, adding, “Newt Gingrich left Congress thirteen years ago under a cloud of fundraising ethics charges.”

None of this should come as a surprise. CNN began this story in March, reporting the Gingrich “holds no fewer than 25 current titles, positions, and occupations, according to a review of public records and filings as well as his various official biographies.”

Many of these are advisory positions with non-​profit or public interest organizations, but others are likely to comprise a significant portion of the former speaker’s annual income.

Gingrich is the chairman and CEO of The Gingrich Group, a communications and consulting firm founded in January 1999, shortly after the speaker left Congress. The firm says on its web site that it specializes in “transformational change.” One of the speaker’s first clients was Freddie Mac, according to the federal mortgage lender’s company listing in the Hoover’s business directory.

And in August, conservative-​run “The Daily Caller” wrote, “Gingrich’s total assets were valued at between $6.7 million and $30.7 million in 2010. He has written 23 books and produced eight documentaries with his wife. He commands between $40,000 and $50,000 per speech.”

So how does Gingrich do it?

The former Speaker of the House has financed his operations by creating a large network of for-​profit and nonprofit organizations which directly and indirectly spread the gospel according to Newt.

The majority of Gingrich’s assets come from his numerous name-​branded, for-​profit groups: The Gingrich Group, Gingrich Communications, Gingrich Productions and Gingrich Holdings. He uses these companies to produce, distribute and supplement his prolific output of books, documentaries and public speeches.

Relations between the corporations are cozy. For example, in his July financial disclosures Gingrich declared a “promissory note” from the Gingrich Group, LLC to Gingrich Productions, Inc., valued somewhere between $5 million and $25 million.

Gingrich Productions, which “provides talent for audio, video and photographic productions,” paid its namesake more than $2.4 million in distributions last year and is valued at between $500,000 and $1 million. Gingrich’s wife, Callista, heads the company and is the creative force behind its many documentaries, all of which feature her and Newt.


How to Get a Great Job: Be a President's Daughter!

by Ted Rall | November 18, 2011 - 9:14am | permalink

[click image to enlarge]

Young people whine about unemployment. So why is Chelsea Clinton rolling in cash?

» article continues...


Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Earth "Bat" Signal in NYC

God bless this guy for creating an image that is now on the Internet for all to see.  We are Unstoppable.  We are Winning.  The 1% may have the power for now -- but we have the numbers, and We, the People are AWAKE.  We are NOT going to allow the 1% to take over our country and our world. If our representatives won't represent us, we will represent ourselves, and we won't stop until our message is heard and heeded EVERYWHERE!  Watch this video and take heart, all of you 99 percenters!  Justice will prevail. Love is the most powerful force in the universe!

As Occupy Wall Street protesters were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday evening, a mysterious series of images flashed across the facade of the Verizon building, located near the East River, starting with a circled “99%.”



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mayors of several cities coordinated night raids on OWS movement

Thanks to a friend for sending me this e-mail:  Why does this story not surprise me? ( taken from Police Crackdowns On OWS Coordinated Among Mayors, FBI, DHS  By Juan Cole )  ********* Oakland Mayor Jean Quan let slip in an interview with the BBC that she had been on a conference call with the mayors of 18 cities about how to deal with the Occupy Wall Street movement. That is, municipal authorities appear to have been conspiring to deprive Americans of their first amendment rights to freedom of assembly and freedom to petition the government for redress of grievances.  Likewise, A Homeland Security official let it slip in a phone interview that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security had been strategizing with cities on how to shut down OWS protests. The FBI is said to have advised using zoning ordinances and curfew regulations, and to stage the crackdown with massive police force at a time when the press was not around to cover the crackdown. ********** Our government at work, trying to make sure the 99% shuts up and gets in line.  Fat chance.    This article is also particularly good.. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This article makes sense to me -- autism increase may be attributable to a number of factors

More studies are finding that the dramatic increase in autism may not be caused by one particular thing which, when identified and eradicated, will bring about a reduction in the cases of autism.  This article points out some practical considerations that seem to me to be leading in the right direction. The vulnerable systems of children in developmental stages must be taken into account.  When trying to protect them from disease with vaccinations, we may sometimes be creating a toxic overload in their ultra-sensitive systems. But not only vaccines may be involved -- multiple other factors may be combining together.  I think this article is important for everyone to read, as research is continued:

EXCERPT: in the end, it's unlikely that any one vaccine is the culprit. Rather, curbing autism is a matter of taking a closer look at the overall toxic burden of our children, and the sheer number of vaccines given during sensitive moments of their development.

We Must Broaden Our Scope and Address Multiple Co-Factors

Ultimately, focusing on "one cause" does little more than cause confusion when that theoretical cause turns out to be lacking or incorrect. Furthermore, there's a danger of wholly dismissing one potential cause after the other, as each potential cause fails to be proven absolutely causative. As a result, we may end up doing too little, or nothing, to eliminate the various co-factors that might be working in tandem to, ultimately, produce autism.

In addition to the vaccine-related factors just mentioned, there are numerous other potential co-factors that cannot yet be discounted, including:

Genetically modified foods Fluoride over-exposure Environmental toxins of all kinds
Mercury amalgams Processed, denatured foods Electromagnetic fields and "dirty electricity"
Vitamin D deficiency Gut flora dysbiosis  

This is one of the reasons why the NVIC avoids trying to pin any particular vaccine injury on any particular vaccine. Rather the main thrust of their information campaign is to simply question the wisdom of mandating increasing numbers of childhood vaccines in the absence of true knowledge. There are distressing gaps in vaccine safety science that precludes us from understanding the biological high-risk factors that make some individuals more susceptible than others, for example.

The current one-size-fits-all vaccine mandates simply throws too many children under the proverbial bus, because we simply do not know what all these vaccines are doing to individuals with different predispositions, or how different vaccines interact when given in combination.


Outrageous new attack on Dr. Burzynski

Big Pharma and the government they've bought and paid for through their lobbyists will do ANYthing and EVERYthing to stop Dr. Burzynski. They want to steal his research and treatment so they can make billions from it, rather than have Dr. Burzynski profit from his own discovery.  This good man has helped cancer victims who had nowhere else to turn. His antineoplastins have cured cancers for which the pharmaceutical companies have no helpful treatment.  He has been harrassed for years by the greed-and-power-driven pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and the National Cancer Institute, and it HAS TO STOP!  We, the People can help stop it.  Read the following and please take action.  Send this message to your friends and alert them to yet another criminal act against the people by the powerful one percent who think they own our country and can do whatever they want whenever they want, with impunity.

The pioneering cancer doctor is a target once again. But you can help stop the attack.

Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, is a biochemist practicing in Texas who developed (using his own money) a nontoxic gene-targeted cancer therapy called antineoplastons. It has been shown to effectively help cure some of the most “incurable” forms of terminal cancer.

Dr. Burzynski had tried to get the FDA to review and approve antineoplastons since 1977, to no avail. To make sure he would not get into trouble for using the experimental therapy in his practice, his legal team confirmed that he was acting within the law and could use antineoplastons in his own practice “to meet the immediate needs of patients.” But in the 1980s the Texas Medical Board (TMB) charged him with breaking a law that didn’t actually exist and tried to revoke his medical license. Numerous investigations later—including an appearance before the Texas Supreme Court—found no violation of any law or standard of care. The TMB came up empty-handed.

We have reported on the TMB’s pattern of harassment against integrative doctors a number of times, discussing serious allegations from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the serious attacks on Dr. Bill Rea’s work in environmental medicine and chemical sensitivity, and on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s involvement in appointing board members who actively harass integrative physicians.

the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, and the National Cancer Institute all knew how promising Dr. Burzynski’s therapy was proving to be. Standard cancer treatment is based on very expensive machines and very expensive toxic drugs. There is an enormous amount of money to be made in this paradigm, and Dr. Burzynski’s work single-handedly threatened to overturn much of it. On the other hand, this treatment showed such promise that they wanted to get their hands on it themselves.

So first they tried to copy his invention using a single non-patented ingredient, and when that failed, they tried to steal his patents out from under him. However, they knew they couldn’t use the stolen patents so long as he had the ability to defend his rights. So the government spent over $60 million to prosecute him on 75 counts of violating federal law, hoping to tuck him away in jail for the rest of his life.

For the next ten years, Dr. Burzynski was engaged in a lengthy and convoluted legal battle with the FDA. After two trials, he was found not guilty on all counts, and his antineoplastons medication is currently undergoing the FDA approval process. His fight was chronicled in a stunning documentary film, Burzynski: The Movie. More info on the documentary can be found at the film’s website, while the movie itself can be viewed online for a limited time.

Now the Texas Medical Board is back. The TMB is making yet another attempt to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license which, if successful, would result in the closure of his clinic, the abandonment of all his patients, and would squelch any possibility of antineoplastons gaining FDA-approval.

The FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, and the National Cancer Institute all knew how promising Dr. Burzynski’s therapy was proving to be. Standard cancer treatment is based on very expensive machines and very expensive toxic drugs. There is an enormous amount of money to be made in this paradigm, and Dr. Burzynski’s work single-handedly threatened to overturn much of it. On the other hand, this treatment showed such promise that they wanted to get their hands on it themselves.

So first they tried to copy his invention using a single non-patented ingredient, and when that failed, they tried to steal his patents out from under him. However, they knew they couldn’t use the stolen patents so long as he had the ability to defend his rights. So the government spent over $60 million to prosecute him on 75 counts of violating federal law, hoping to tuck him away in jail for the rest of his life.

For the next ten years, Dr. Burzynski was engaged in a lengthy and convoluted legal battle with the FDA. After two trials, he was found not guilty on all counts, and his antineoplastons medication is currently undergoing the FDA approval process. His fight was chronicled in a stunning documentary film, Burzynski: The Movie. More info on the documentary can be found at the film’s website, while the movie itself can be viewed online for a limited time.

Please take 20 minutes to watch this brand-new video on the upcoming court case, and share it with friends. Not only does it outline the charges involved in this case, but it also gives you a glimpse at a new side of Dr. Burzynski’s treatment. You’ll be shocked at how flimsy the TMB’s case is—and how doggedly persistent the board is in harassing Dr. Burzynski and others like him.

The Texas Medical Board v. Stanislaw Burzynski trial will begin on April 11, 2012. Please write to Gov. Rick Perry, who appointed a number of members of the TMB, including its heads, as well as the House Committee on Public Health and the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, which oversee the TMB. This is about our right as citizens to choose our own cancer treatment—and not allow decades of important gene-targeted cancer research be flushed down the drain in the name of protecting the profits of an industry that doesn’t want Burzynski to survive. Please take action today!


Click THIS LINK to go to the Action Alert page. Once there, fill out the form with your name and address, etc., and customize your letter. We have a suggested message for you, but please feel free to add your own comments to the letter.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Cain Train Jumps the Tracks, hopefully this time for good

Another Repug OOPS! Herman couldn't remember his stand on Libya. Wouldn't you just love to have this Godfather Pizza dunce sitting in the Oval Office, trying to "get his bearings" in an emergency international crisis?  Republicans, who seem to prefer morons because, they say, "they're just like us!" are gung-ho to elect Herman as President. They like him, just as they liked Bush, another idiot who didn't know squat about the international scene. You may remember Bush asked the Brazilian president, "Oh, do you have blacks here, too?" as Condosleeza slithered to the floor in horrified embarrassment (but recovered enough to assure Duhmbya that "yes, they have blacks here, too.").  Unfortunately for our country's image, Condosleeza wasn't by her "husb's"* side to deter him from giving Angela Merkel a back rub (OMG!). When Bush tried that stunt, Merkel gave him a withering, dagger-filled look that made him back away.  These are the types of men the GOP delivers to the nation as "ready for primetime," only to have America be continually humiliated as the idiots display their massive ignorance in front of us and the world.  If Perry and Cain plan to continue in this mind-numbing fiasco of a presidential run, they will need to be fitted with backpacks under their jackets, like the one Duhmbya wore during debates, so they can get auditory coaching from their backstage cohorts.

Could preternaturally self-composed National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice actually have a roiling inner life? Is she tormented by needs, longings, embarrassing fantasies? So the world wondered after New York reported what it benevolently called a "poignant faux pas" committed by Rice at a recent D.C. dinner party. What Rice reportedly said was this: "As I was telling my husb—" before abruptly breaking off and correcting herself: "As I was telling President Bush." Jaws dropped, we're told. And though nobody thinks Bush and Rice are "actually an item," we were nevertheless reminded that the unmarried Condi does regularly spend weekends with the president and first lady. (April 16, 2004, Slate)


McCain: Waterboarding IS TORTURE

It's hard to believe that the GOP lineup of candidates is so heartless as a group that only 2 of them are against waterboarding, willing to admit it is torture.  Now John McCain (who ought to know torture when he sees it) has also reiterated WATERBOARDING IS TORTURE.  If they don't believe waterboarding is torture, the candidates who think it is OK ought to volunteer to undergo it themselves, just to drive home their point.  Do you think that will happen?  No, I don't, either.

By Sam Stein

The Republican presidential candidates, save former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), announced during Saturday night's GOP debate that they would reinstitute waterboarding if elected president, arguing that it is an "enhanced interrogation technique" and therefore doesn't violate the Geneva Convention's ban against acts of torture.

On Sunday evening, President Barack Obama chastised the candidates for that stance, noting the damage waterboarding has done for America's reputation and its standing in the world.

"It's contrary to America's traditions," he said. "It's contrary to our ideals. That's not who we are. That's not how we operate. We don't need it in order to prosecute the war on terrorism. And we did the right thing by ending that practice."

The Republican senator who is best known for criticizing the practice, and the man who challenged Obama in 2008, expressed his disappointment Monday morning as well.

"Very disappointed by statements at SC GOP debate supporting waterboarding," Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) tweeted. "Waterboarding is torture."

McCain was vocal in his opposition to waterboarding even during the Bush years. But his tweet Monday is a reminder that the 2012 election will likely raise a new policy dispute that Obama must address: the question of whether or not Bush-era interrogation policies -- policies that were ended by President Bush himself -- should be re-instituted.