Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Educate Yourself: More by former state Senator John DeCamp

For those interested in understanding where we are and how we got there, this article gives plenty of information.  If  you watched the video I recently sent on the Franklin Coverup and are interested, this is more on that subject.  As former Nebraska senator DeCamp points out, the Melville book Billy Budd and its ending applies in today's world.  The system must be protected, at all costs -- even at the cost of truly innocent lives.  But, as DeCamp argues, what if the system is corrupt from the bottom up?  Should that system be protected?  Are we starting to wake up -- and, with the Occupy Wall Street beginning, to realize we will have to have a revolution in order to overcome the evil of the system?  Note that even the former head of the CIA, when he wanted to tell some truths about what was going on, was killed (William Colby -- you can read about him and his death at:  Colby was a good friend of DeCamp from Vietnam service days -- and warned DeCamp about the dangerous territory he was going into with the Franklin Coverup -- and also gave him some advice about how to navigate in that territory.  Shortly after his last meeting with DeCamp, Colby suffered a mysterious and very suspicious death. 

It's not easy to face up to facts of this magnitude, that our governmental system is corrupt and protective of its corruptness to the point where anyone who tries to reveal truth about it is likely to be killed. But if you read, with an open mind, some of the information being brought forth by reliable and credentialed people, you will be aghast at what has been kept from us.  Criminal atrocities that lead to the highest offices in the land have been kept under wraps.  But like all things hidden, eventually truth begins to leak out.  And that is what is happening now.  This information is here for all to see and evaluate for themselves.  The pendulum is swinging..... And it may be that the Far Right and the Far Left are closer together in what they suspect and what they value than they have yet realized.  Strange to say ... but that is becoming clearer to me as time goes along.  It is only in the measures to be taken where we disagree.  There needs to be more dialogue between the two extremes, who seem most to understand that things have gone dangerously wrong in our governmental system, but don't really know what to do about it.  True information is our best aid in understanding and then tackling the problem.