Friday, October 19, 2018

Bob Dean, a treasure in our world, died on Oct. 11, 2018

For some reason, Bob came to my mind today and, when putting his name into Google, I discovered he died just a few days ago.  The online tributes to him are in the thousands -- I don't know of anyone more beloved, simply as a GOOD human being, than Bob. 

What a wonderful man! He brought much knowledge of UFOs to those who had the curiosity to question, and the ears to hear. Holland and I met Bob a few times at UFO conferences. He was fiery about the subject of UFOs and how information had been kept from all of us by the hierarchical governments of the world. And he was a beautiful soul, a sweet man, and the perfect representation of a "gentleman," in all that implies. One time when I spoke with him, he raised my hand to his lips, kissed it, and thanked me for acknowledging him and the work he was doing. 

I learned most of what I know about UFOs from Bob Dean, the most knowledgeable man on the subject whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing.  There is a tribute to him online at:  

If you have never heard Bob speak, you are in for a treat if you go to any of the many online youtube presentations of him speaking around the world.  His interviews online are riveting and full of information he gleaned over a lifetime in military service and in just being one of the "good ol' boys" of high-office military men, with whom he kept in close touch during his lifetime.  If you are curious to know more, just google Robert O. Dean and see what comes up.  I promise you that he and the information he reveals are hard to turn away from.  You just may become addicted to hearing more....and more...and more. 😊  God knows, we need more people like Bob on the planet, to educate us in important ways, for the sake of the planet itself -- and for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  Bob Dean was a shining example of goodness personified.  I'm sure he will be an enlightening force for others, in whatever dimension he now finds himself.

Here is one of his talks, given in Barcelona, Spain -- one link is the full talk -- the other is an 18 minute sample.  Give yourself a treat and listen to him, if you have never seen him before:

Jul 29, 2009 - Uploaded by Project Camelot
Bob Dean's presentation at the European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, 25 July 2009. At 55:03 See ...
Jul 27, 2009 - Uploaded by Project Camelot
Bob Dean at the Exopolitics Summit Press Conference, Barcelona, 24 July 2009, filmed by Project Camelot ...

UFO analysis in 1991 by Steven Greer

A comprehensive analysis of the UFO phenomenon, as well as original research and experiences of members of the CSETI CE-5 Initiative Working Group, has enabled us to make some specific conclusions about UFOs, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and their motives. The summation of this analysis, which follows, is intended to assist both groups and individuals in their efforts to understand this complex subject. We have recorded only those conclusions for which we have a high level of certainty.


  • Some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft (ETS) which are piloted by extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) who originate on another planet, and most likely another star system.

  • More than one extraterrestrial civilization is represented in the current activities involving Earth.

  • These extraterrestrial civilizations are working in concert and not competitively, although there is some specialization in function and activities for the various groups. This indicates that there exists either an emerging or well established organization for these groups.

  • These beings have bases within this solar system and may maintain temporary bases on Earth, particularly under water.

  • While various reports and speculations exist, we cannot at this time definitely state which planets or star systems are the home systems for these beings. Any specific information on this subject is very likely to be incorrect due to the security considerations of these beings. That is, given human tendencies towards war, aggression and violence, open disclosure of their planets of origin would put these planets at potential risk should human military interests unravel the energy and propulsion technology of their craft.

  • The variety in sizes and shapes of ETs observed is due to:
    a) varying civilizations of origin, and more importantly,
    b) specialization of function, which include general reconnaissance, medical research, central command and base operations, energy generation and transfer, and human technology, military and space program research and reconnaissance.

  • Sudden and fully open contact with human civilization has been avoided because of a number of interrelated factors, including:

    a) the need to avoid an untimely disruption of Earth civilization including military, political, geopolitical, cultural, economic, technological and religious upheaval;
    b) risks to their own civilization and 'people', as well as overall mission, given human xenophobia and tendencies towards violent armed reactions.
    c) up to this time, such massive and open contact has not been necessary, and has not been consonant with their overall long-term mission and purpose (see below "The Question of Intent"), since their purpose is not acquisition oriented or disruptive.

  • A plan is in place to allow for gradually broader and deeper contact with human society and individuals so that humans may become accustomed to the reality of other intelligent beings in the universe, and so that needed research and observation may take place on both sides. Limited but increasing opportunities for bilateral and human initiated contact will occur in the reasonably near future.

  • Sudden and large scale contact will occur only in the event of a significant world-wide emergency (man-made or natural).

  • While ETI observation and interaction with Earth is probably an ancient as opposed to purely modern phenomenon, the marked increase in activity coinciding with World War II and the dawning of the 'nuclear age' indicates that ETI are quite concerned about this transitional stage of human social evolution. They are particularly concerned about human nuclear weapons and technology and their potential for world-wide destruction, and possibly for their potential threat to ETI, although this is nominal. These beings are further concerned with our peaceful transition to a world society, international peace, and the establishment of a just, effective and representative world government, expected to occur within 10 to 15 years or less.

  • ETI technology is strictly guarded by both ETI and human governmental agencies because of its potential for military applications which would greatly threaten world security. It is imperative that this technology not found significant human applications until such time as the Earth attains international peace and an effective world government.

  • The US government, at least at the level of a highly compartmentalized above top secret group, has known about the reality of these ETS and their occupants since at least 1947. A strict secrecy and a world-wide cover-up of these facts have been maintained due to:
    a) fear of public panic and social disruption
    b) security issues surrounding possible military and technology applications of ETI technology, especially in the setting of a world beset with Cold War tensions and competing interests. c) uncertainty and mistrust regarding ETI motives and ultimate intentions.
    d) embarrassment and consternation over human military inability to secure world air space from repeated penetrations by ETS
    e) embarrassment and loss of face resulting from disclosures concerning how this matter has been handled, such as the harassment and ridicule of innocent civilians and military personnel, the withholding of information from the public and Congress, etc.

  • The US government possesses several ETS and the deceased bodies of several EBEs. While there is evidence to strongly suggest that these agencies are attempting to reverse-engineer these craft, such efforts have not been functionally successful, although a number of secondary and partial 'discoveries' have resulted from this research.

  • The nature or 'reality' of these craft and these beings has been incorrectly characterized by some as belonging to 'another dimension or reality' from this dimension. Unfortunately, these statements are made without fully considering what 'this reality' is. A more correct understanding of this is that the Full Spectrum of Reality is a singular, integrated one which may be perceived wholly or in its various aspects, such perception being entirely dependent on the level of consciousness of the perceiver. The various aspects or 'dimensions' of this reality, which are limitless in number, are not restricted to or by time and space as we know it commonly. These beings and their craft belong to the same Reality as humans, however their advancement in the realms of physical science and the science of consciousness has given them competence in a broader aspect of the Full Spectrum of Reality than is usually experienced by humans. The difference, then, is one of degree and not fundamental reality, since humans potentially have access to all aspects of the Full Spectrum of Reality just as extraterrestrial beings do. These differences are not insurmountable, nor are they truly fundamental; in fact they are relative and only temporary. While these beings are utilizing and experiencing a broader aspect of the Full Spectrum of Reality, so too can and will humans, for we are as 'inter-dimensional' by nature as they…

  • ETS energy and 'propulsion'(or space transfer) systems utilize principles and laws of the physical universe not yet fully appreciated by human science, and include:

    a) gravity/anti-gravity and electromagnetic/gravity technology b) space energy and so-called hyperdimensional energy systems
    c) matter-energy inter-changeable technologies
    d) possible Consciousness Assisted Technology(CAT) and Technology Assisted Consciousness(TAC)

  • Some if not all EBEs have advanced mental capabilities which include telepathy, precognition, remote viewing and others, indicating that they have developed the 'science of consciousness' to a degree which parallels or surpasses their advanced physical technologies. Humans also possess these capabilities, but these remain largely undeveloped by most humans.

  • EBEs are more developed or advanced than humans in a number of respects, but are not superior to humans as beings. Our point of unity and equality with EBEs is in our mutual existence as conscious intelligent beings.

  • While these various EBEs may have values and priorities which are different from those of some 20th century humans, their motives and ultimate intentions are non-hostile and do not include the acquisition or subjugation of the Earth or its peoples (see below, "The Question of Intent").

The establishing of a lasting world peace and a just and effective world government is essential to the long term ETI-human relationship.



While not minimizing the strange and startling aspects of this phenomenon which some humans have experienced, our assessment of these visitors' motives and ultimate intentions, is that they are decidedly non-hostile. Their primary operations and activities center around:

    • General reconnaissance of Earth and her societies

    • Military(especially nuclear) observation and assessment

    • Human social and psychological study and observation

    • Human medical, physiological and genetic research and observation

    • Observation and assessment of human mental and spiritual development

    • Earth ecology research and documentation, including documentation of Earth life systems, and mineral, plant, and animal specimens

    • Observation of human technology and technological developments

    • Observation, active monitoring and if necessary limitation of human space programs, particularly those directed towards the nationalistic colonization of space

    • Close and active monitoring of international conflicts and international relations

    • Careful interaction with humans to convey certain information about themselves and to accustom humans to their presence


Our assessment is that these activities are derived from several ultimate motives, which include:


  1. Pure study and research of a rapidly developing intelligent species(human) during a time of transition to a world community

  2. A needed increase in ETI knowledge of world societies and human nature preparatory to future significant interaction, which will be mutual in nature, and which will eventually culminate in the introduction of Earth civilization into an inter-planetary network(this may require several centuries to complete)

  3. Preparatory activities for continued readiness in the event that intervention is required during a major world emergency, such as a large scale nuclear war; such interventions would be in the protective form of –

    a) interception and destruction of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs)
    b) alteration of missile coordinates and readiness
    c) emergency Earth based activities when and where warranted

    The minimum intervention necessary would be used, with the intention being the preservation of Earth as an inhabitable planet with adequate human resources remaining to sustain intelligent life here.

  4. Emergency intervention in the event of an environmental or geological catastrophe of world wide dimensions

  5. Preservation of Earth species, including human genetic preservation and/or augmentation as a precaution in the event of a worst case scenario (see above).

  6. Protection of space from hostile or military utilization by human national interests.

  7. ETI self-protective interests, insofar as humans have a strong recent history of coupling marked aggressiveness with rapid technological development; in this setting, monitoring and perhaps even limiting human capabilities may be important to ETI security – Human evolution to world peace, non-aggression and a world government would remove this motive as well as several of the motives listed above

  8. ETI short and long time goals related to the attainment of a significant human paradigm shift from one of fragmentation/separation to one of unity, to include the unity of science and religion, world political and eventual spiritual unity, and universal unity. This paradigm shift is dependent on the development of human consciousness, which is of particular interest to ETI.

  9. The preservation and advancement of intelligent life in the universe.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Words of Wisdom for our time from a simple sage

With the brutal murder and dismemberment of the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, and the indifference to it by Trump (and the further idiocy of his actions as President), the barbaric ignorance and cruelty of our times is staring us in the face.  We ask ourselves, What can we do to stop this?  How can we change things?  For a spiritual answer at the depth and height of true introspection, we can go to a little Indian man who passed from this world in 1981 -- a wise sage, Nisargadatta Maharaj.  

Maharaj had no church, no ashram, no large gathering place, and he never sought followers. He simply shared what he had learned from another wise sage, saying it had brought peace to his life.  Word of mouth brought many people, of all religions and from all parts of the globe to Maharaj's humble apartment in India during his lifetime, hoping to get answers that would bring relief from their suffering and the misery they saw happening all around them. They wanted to know how to find peace in a world that always seems to be in turmoil.  The answers he gave to their questions were simple and profound. They touch in the deepest place in the heart of those who are earnestly looking for Truth about life, our existence, and who we really are. Anyone looking for that kind of understanding might find resonance with what Maharaj said, in answer to the following question that was put to him by two visitors, about how to change the world:

 We both come from far off countries; one of us is British, the other American. The world we know is falling apart and, being young, we are concerned. The old people hope they will die their own death, but the young have no such hope. Some of us may refuse to kill, but none can refuse to be killed. Can we hope to set the world right within our lifetime?

For his answer:


Tuesday, October 09, 2018

PERFECT! Barbra Streisand new song to Trump -- DON'T LIE TO ME

Just in time for elections -- absolutely perfect song for the times.  Tears will fill your eyes at the truth of much work ahead of us to right our sinking ship of state--and our world. Our kids and grandkids will pay the price for what Trump's Party (no longer the Republican party we once knew) has done to tear everything down. Much rebuilding to do, starting with getting a Democratic House and Senate on November 6.  


Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Shocking: Global temps to rise by 7 degrees by end of century - Trump doesn't care

This story rode under the radar when it first broke, because we were all riveted on Trump antics and rallies. Our kids and grandkids and great-grandkids are going to have a horrendous problem to deal with.  We must get Democrats into power to at least try to curtail this dire prediction for all life on Earth.  As the article says, Trump is like a death cult leader, converting too many members and marching us unwillingly toward the end of life on this planet.