Saturday, October 13, 2018

Words of Wisdom for our time from a simple sage

With the brutal murder and dismemberment of the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, and the indifference to it by Trump (and the further idiocy of his actions as President), the barbaric ignorance and cruelty of our times is staring us in the face.  We ask ourselves, What can we do to stop this?  How can we change things?  For a spiritual answer at the depth and height of true introspection, we can go to a little Indian man who passed from this world in 1981 -- a wise sage, Nisargadatta Maharaj.  

Maharaj had no church, no ashram, no large gathering place, and he never sought followers. He simply shared what he had learned from another wise sage, saying it had brought peace to his life.  Word of mouth brought many people, of all religions and from all parts of the globe to Maharaj's humble apartment in India during his lifetime, hoping to get answers that would bring relief from their suffering and the misery they saw happening all around them. They wanted to know how to find peace in a world that always seems to be in turmoil.  The answers he gave to their questions were simple and profound. They touch in the deepest place in the heart of those who are earnestly looking for Truth about life, our existence, and who we really are. Anyone looking for that kind of understanding might find resonance with what Maharaj said, in answer to the following question that was put to him by two visitors, about how to change the world:

 We both come from far off countries; one of us is British, the other American. The world we know is falling apart and, being young, we are concerned. The old people hope they will die their own death, but the young have no such hope. Some of us may refuse to kill, but none can refuse to be killed. Can we hope to set the world right within our lifetime?

For his answer: