Friday, October 19, 2018

Bob Dean, a treasure in our world, died on Oct. 11, 2018

For some reason, Bob came to my mind today and, when putting his name into Google, I discovered he died just a few days ago.  The online tributes to him are in the thousands -- I don't know of anyone more beloved, simply as a GOOD human being, than Bob. 

What a wonderful man! He brought much knowledge of UFOs to those who had the curiosity to question, and the ears to hear. Holland and I met Bob a few times at UFO conferences. He was fiery about the subject of UFOs and how information had been kept from all of us by the hierarchical governments of the world. And he was a beautiful soul, a sweet man, and the perfect representation of a "gentleman," in all that implies. One time when I spoke with him, he raised my hand to his lips, kissed it, and thanked me for acknowledging him and the work he was doing. 

I learned most of what I know about UFOs from Bob Dean, the most knowledgeable man on the subject whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing.  There is a tribute to him online at:  

If you have never heard Bob speak, you are in for a treat if you go to any of the many online youtube presentations of him speaking around the world.  His interviews online are riveting and full of information he gleaned over a lifetime in military service and in just being one of the "good ol' boys" of high-office military men, with whom he kept in close touch during his lifetime.  If you are curious to know more, just google Robert O. Dean and see what comes up.  I promise you that he and the information he reveals are hard to turn away from.  You just may become addicted to hearing more....and more...and more. 😊  God knows, we need more people like Bob on the planet, to educate us in important ways, for the sake of the planet itself -- and for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  Bob Dean was a shining example of goodness personified.  I'm sure he will be an enlightening force for others, in whatever dimension he now finds himself.

Here is one of his talks, given in Barcelona, Spain -- one link is the full talk -- the other is an 18 minute sample.  Give yourself a treat and listen to him, if you have never seen him before:

Jul 29, 2009 - Uploaded by Project Camelot
Bob Dean's presentation at the European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, 25 July 2009. At 55:03 See ...
Jul 27, 2009 - Uploaded by Project Camelot
Bob Dean at the Exopolitics Summit Press Conference, Barcelona, 24 July 2009, filmed by Project Camelot ...