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Rolling Stone article on Michele Bachmann

Excellent article by Matt Taibi, telling the horror story that is Bachmann. You have to wonder how did we sink so far that someone like this nutcase can run for President and be taken seriously?  Sadly, some (other nutcases) will vote for her.  You can't fix stupid.


Hypocrisy Dept.: the Bachmanns collect $137,000 in Medicaid payments

Reported by Michael Isikoff,

Looks like some more bad news for the Bachmann presidential campaign -- Bachmann's husband got $137,000 in Medicaid funds:  

While Rep. Michele Bachmann has forcefully denounced the Medicaid program for swelling the "welfare rolls," the mental health clinic run by her husband has been collecting annual Medicaid payments totaling over $137,000 for the treatment of patients since 2005, according to new figures obtained by NBC News.

The previously unreported payments are on top of the $24,000 in federal and state funds that Bachmann & Associates, the clinic founded by Marcus Bachmann, a clinical therapist, received in recent years under a state grant to train its employees, state records show. The figures were provided to NBC News in response to a Freedom of Information request.

The clinic, based in Lake Elmo, Minn., describes itself on its website as offering "quality Christian counseling" for a large number of mental health problems ranging from "anger management" to addictions and eating disorders.

The $161,000 in payments from the Minnesota Department of Human Services to her husband's clinic appear to contradict some of Michelle Bachmann's public accounts this week when she was first asked about the extent to which her family has benefited from government aid. Contacted this afternoon, Alice Stewart, a spokeswoman for Bachmann, said the congresswoman was doing campaign events and was not immediately available for comment.

Questions about the Bachmann family's receipt of government funds arose this week after a Los Angeles Times story reported that a family farm in which Michelle Bachmann is a partner had received nearly $260,000 in federal farm subsidies.

When asked by anchor Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" about the story's assertion that her husband's counseling clinic had also gotten federal and state funds, Bachmann replied that it was "one-time training money that came from the federal government. And it certainly didn't help our clinic."

At another point, she said, "My husband and I did not get the money," adding that it was "mental health training money that went to the employees."

But state records show that Bachmann & Associates has been collecting payments under the Minnesota's Medicaid program every year for the past six years. Karen Smigielski, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Human Services, said the state's Medicaid program is funded "about 50-50" with federal and state monies. The funds to Bachmann & Associates are for the treatment of low-income mentally ill patients and are based on a "fee for service" basis, meaning the clinic was reimbursed by Medicaid for the services it provided.

Brave New Book: Political Scientist Argues America Is a Police State

NOTE THIS EXCERPT (hard to argue with!): The U.S., Kolin says, shares all the major attributes of a Third World police state: a constant state of emergency in which security always trumps civil liberties; sidestepping of laws by the government; excessive secrecy; the use of preventative detention and holding enemies of the state without filing formal charges; the manufacturing of reasons to go to war.

Brave New Book: Political Scientist Argues America Is a Police State
By Ted Rall

The United States is a police state.

Not in danger of becoming one.


And it's too late to restore democracy.

That's the stark message of Andrew Kolin's brave, lucid and important book "State Power and Democracy: Before and During the Presidency of George W. Bush."

Kolin comes out swinging like Joe Frazier. Illusions and delusions about America as a democracy, much less one that is benevolent, don't stand a chance.

The U.S., Kolin says, shares all the major attributes of a Third World police state: a constant state of emergency in which security always trumps civil liberties; sidestepping of laws by the government; excessive secrecy; the use of preventative detention and holding enemies of the state without filing formal charges; the manufacturing of reasons to go to war.

"The expansion of state power over the course of U.S. history came at the expense of democracy," Kolin begins. "As state power grew, there developed a disconnect between the theory and practice of democracy in the United States. Ever-greater state power meant it became more and more absolute. This resulted in a government that directed its energies and resources toward silencing those who dared question the state's authority."

Some will find Kolin's more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger deadpan delivery disconcerting or depressing. I think it refreshingly honest. Notice his use of the past tense to describe this country?

The U.S. is over. It's always been over.

Creeping authoritarianism, Kolin says, began "not long after the end of the Revolutionary War, starting with the conquest of North America and by the start of the twentieth century, continuing with the expansionism outside of North America."

That's halfway down the first page.

A hundred pages in, you'll either be stuffing rags into Molotov cocktails or slitting your wrists. You'll definitely check the expiration date on your passport.

I was surprised to learn that Kolin is a political science professor at Hilbert College in upstate New York. His methodical walk through U.S. history and the struggle between increased state repression and popular democratic movements, a tug-and-pull in which government and its big business allies won the important battles, feels like a tight legal brief.

As Kolin argues, the fix was in from the start.

"The framers [of the U.S. Constitution] needed to establish a government that could promote and protect property, regulate the economy, create an elaborate infrastructure, and acquire native Indian lands, adhering to the policy of North American expansion, while allowing the democratic surge from below to be both expressed and contained," Kolin writes.

Obviously, the legal status of most Americans has improved since 1789. For example, "the Abolitionists prove that political movements can disrupt repressive state policies and advance democracy." However: "The success of the Abolitionists suggests that the government can accommodate reformism, provided its core interests [namely, to enlarge state power] remain unaffected."

Anyone who has read Zinn or Chomsky will be familiar with the long litany of criminality and ultraviolence which expose the claim of exceptionalism as a ridiculous hoax. These are all here: the Sedition Acts, the Palmer Raids, the Red Scare, dirty deals with dictators. Where the book becomes indispensable is its last third, focusing on the Clinton, Bush and early Obama administrations. This, the author argues beyond any sane ability to disagree, is when Americans citizens lost our basic freedoms and civil liberties once and for all. Habeas corpus, an 800-year-old right held by the citizens of all Western nations, gone without so much as a broken window. A president-king who orders the execution of American citizens without a trial--nay, without evidence of wrongdoing, with barely a harshly-worded newspaper editorial to complain.

For Kolin the USA-Patriot Act, passed in haste by a cowed and cowardly Congress that hadn't had time to read it after 9/11, marks the final end of formal democracy in the United States. If nothing else, sneak into a bookstore (if you still have one in your town) and read pages 142 to 152.

Here you will find the most thorough and clear dissection of this horrible law in print. Describing Title I, for example, Kolin explains: "Due process is not mentioned in the part that grants the president the authority to freeze assets at the start of, or even prior to an investigation [into terrorism], instead of after it is completed. All property seized can be disposed of according to the president's wishes. There is no legal requirement to have a court order prior to a seizure, creating the possibility that mistakes may be made and, in most cases, won't be corrected."

Unfair confiscation may seem like a minor concern for an innocent man or woman arrested, tortured or assassinated on the order of a president. For conservatives who believe property rights are sacrosanct, however, the symbolism is unmistakable: a government that can steal your stuff with impunity is the enemy of the people.

I can imagine one logical objection to Kolin's thesis. The government may have the right to oppress. But it is not impelled to do so. So long as government officials are well-intentioned men and women, stout of heart and full of integrity, they will refrain from abusing the rights they claim against us.

However, recent history proves that our government is not run by such individuals. And even if it were--a purely theoretical supposition--who would want to live in a nation where the difference between democracy and dictatorship relies on the whims of a coterie of elites?

Though "a glimmer of hope seemed to appear after President Obama took office," Kolin shows how the Democratic president "merely modified police state practices." Furthermore, the transitional nature of the brutal authoritarian tactics enacted by Bush into the next presidency indicates that they are not anomalous but structural. "The Obama Administration's position that amnesty should be granted to those who tortured [under Bush] as well as those who authored the torture memos, itself violates national and international law; it also ensures that such policies will likely be repeated."

Attorney General Eric Holder said: "We don't want to criminalize policy differences." Kolin replies: "Since when is support for a police state a policy difference?"

If you've somehow managed to ignore Obama's record over the last few years, and you're still thinking of voting for him next November, this book will change your mind.

How to remove Clarence Thomas from the Supreme Court

Good article by John Dean (of the Nixon administration) with a good suggestion...but it will never happen.  To have a Supreme Court without him, we will just have to wait for this sleazy, bribe-taking liar to die. 


There is absolutely no question in my mind that Thomas lied his way onto the Supreme Court in 1991 when he denied Anita Hill's charges that he had sexually harassed her and some of his other subordinates. If anyone needs proof, please examine the reporting of Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson, authors of "Strange Justice: The Selling of Clarence Thomas," which sets forth the case against Thomas with an abundance of clear and convincing evidence (not to mention the evidence corroborating Hill that Joe Biden, then chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, withheld).

The way Thomas reached the court is important for two reasons. First, there was once a time when those sitting on our highest bench would never do anything to tarnish the court, and this factors into both his conduct and the chances of his removal. Secondly, Thomas' deceit during his confirmation hearing has overshadowed all of his behavior since he arrived on the court.

Thomas fooled no one when he dissembled in 1991. Those who embrace his consistently radical conservative voting record often overlook how he arrived on the high court, and a few supporters and admirers even defend him by diminishing the significance of his persistently questionable behavior. Those who are unhappy with Thomas as a justice, not to mention his aggressive polarization of the court, find that he has simply lived down to his standards as a scoundrel and fabulist. No one is particularly surprised that his behavior as a justice just keeps sinking lower and lower, constantly reaching new bottoms. (For a catalog that samples Thomas' failings, see The Reid Report.)

[Unfortunately] the Democrats would never do to Thomas what Republicans did to Fortas. For the Republicans, seats on the Supreme Court are worth whatever it takes to get them. They play hardball. For Democrats, well, they play beanbag over judicial appointments. Democrats are willing to toss a few stingers, but never do they truly want to hurt anyone. They cannot help it that they are nice people, and ruthlessness does not work for them. This is why a minority of Republicans in the United States can control the overwhelming majority of Democrats and independents who lean left.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mayor of Uvalda, Georgia: conservative Republican who practices Christian teachings

Uvalda Mayor Paul Bridges calls the tough immigration law "unconscionable" and "un-Christian."  Interesting man -- a Southern conservative Republican who seems to have a conscience and actually practices the Christian teachings he professes. There are too few of his kind in our world.  Once an immigrant-hater, he had an epiphany one day.

Bridges is an unlikely soldier on the front lines of the nation's immigration debate. The 58-year-old native Southerner describes himself as a conservative Republican. For years, he knew little about immigrants but didn't lack strong opinions about them: "They were just low-class people," he recalls. "They weren't even able to speak English."

Bridges knew immigrants were a growing labor force on South Georgia's farms, but he never heard or saw them.

That changed one afternoon in 1999 when he was looking for lasagna ingredients at a Soperton grocery store.

A brown-skinned couple caught his eye. From the way they leaned toward each other, he knew they were deeply in love. Words tumbled from their mouths -- a series of sounds without meaning for Bridges. He listened anyway, wishing he could understand.

He spotted them walking outside the store, plastic grocery bags in hand. "Do ya'll wanna lift?" he asked. They looked at him quizzically, so he tried again, "Do ya'll wanna ride?"

The couple and another man piled into his car, pointing the way to their destination a few miles away: two rundown trailers in the middle of a cotton field. Bridges dropped them off and went home to make dinner.

But he couldn't get what he'd seen out of his mind. Nearly 30 people lived in the two trailers.

A few hours later, Bridges went back to the cotton field, carrying lasagna and his daughter's Spanish-English dictionary. It was the beginning of a whirlwind journey into a new world that would change his life.


Where Did the Towers Go? Book by Dr. Judy Wood

Intriguing information for the Curious and Skeptical among us to consider.  Not saying her ideas are true--but they are worth considering, at least.  It can't hurt to listen and then make up one's own mind.  This is what keeps life interesting (~.~):

From Forbidden Knowledge:

Former professor of Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University, Dr. Judy Wood discusses how the destruction of buildings in NYC on 9-11 was the result of directed energy technology, not planes, fire, thermite or bombs.  In her book, Where Did the Towers Go?, she focuses on physical evidence, and does not speculate on who was involved in the attacks.  See video:

The official story of the Towers' "pancaking" down, and the lack of subsequent debris doesn't fit with the explanation of fire or even theorized controlled demolitions, she said.  And "Planes cannot turn buildings into powder in midair and leave no remains," she added.

She cites the exactitude of the damage--the 47-story Building 7 collapsed, but the Post Office across the street "didn't get a scratch on it." And a police car had abrupt boundaries of damage--the front half melted, while the back half appeared untouched--"Fire doesn't do that," she notes.


More preparation for us earthlings to realize we are being visited

Warning preparation of the public is being stepped up, with many UFO documentaries and researchers being presented on TV these days.  The Steven Spielberg films Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, and Taken (hopefully not War of the Worlds) were all meant to be part of this preparation as well, easing info. to the public in entertaining, non-threatening ways.  The French and Brits have released their UFO files for the public to see.  Some Russian info. has also been made public. With this Russian scientist now adding to the messages, most people on earth will not be too shocked when it is finally revealed that our planet has been visited by aliens for centuries--with greater presence making itself known since the 1940s (after our creation of atomic bombs/weapons).  Most of the previously labeled "nutcases" who have reported being abducted/examined by aliens will be vindicated.  The govt./military has kept this information from us but are leaking it out gradually to see what the reaction will be.  They do not want mass hysteria that they can't control.  Fundamentalists of all types will still probably be stunned/shocked/hysterical -- but perhaps not as greatly as they would have been without exposure to the truth, as revealed in movies and documentaries over the decades.  I believe we have been closely watched and regulated against nuclear destruction of our planet (and perhaps our species).  The mysterious disarming of nuclear missiles in our military bases from time to time
(as UFOs flew overhead) has proven that much.  For short video info. about these incidents (from an Army Captain who was there), go to:  There are plenty of online articles about these and other strange occurrences at military installations for those who are curious enough to want to know more.  Just use Google and you will see what I mean.

From an online site ( ):
First French UFO files, then the British UFO files, the FBI Vault and recently the Kennedy disclosure. And now files from the prominent security agency rediscovered (never been reported in main stream media), the NSA, saying they have received alien messages.  Could the enlightenment period that the Mayans said would happen in 2012 actually be the revelation that we have visitors?

NSA had released to the public domain formerly classified UFO X-files HERE, but which never got media attention.

This one small step, yet ‘Giant Leap For Mankind’, is best described as a ‘treasure trove’.  Of the documents we have assessed so far, we are particularly interested in NSA Technical Journal Vol XIV No 1 with FOIA Case number 41472 which has been titled ‘Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages’.  The document, authored by a Dr. Campaigne, presented a series of 29 messages received from outer space in “Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

The article is described as developing a key to understanding these alien messages.

If the penny hasn’t dropped yet, this now unclassified document not only confirms the presence of extraterrestrials, but tells us that the US Government has received deep space transmissions from a civilization outside our own solar system!

The following is transcribed from Page 21, Appendix:
Recently a series of radio messages was heard coming from outer space. The transmission was not continuous, but cut by pauses into pieces which could be taken as units, for they were repeated over and over again.  The pauses show here as punctuation.  The various combinations have been represented by letters of the alphabet, so that the messages can be written down.  Each message except the first is given here only once.  The serial number of the messages has been supplied for each reference.
The following is a copy of the original document as found on the National Security Agency website.  You can view the original document at the following location: 


Cancer cases surge in TSA workers operating radiation scans on air travelers

Important bit of news for frequent fliers:


Fearful of provoking further public resistance to naked airport body scanners, the TSA has been caught covering up a surge in cases of TSA workers developing cancer as a result of their close proximity to radiation-firing devices, perhaps the most shocking revelation to emerge from the latest FOIA documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

After Union representatives in Boston discovered a “cancer cluster” amongst TSA workers linked with radiation from the body scanners, the TSA sought to downplay the matter and refused to issue employees with dosimeters to measure levels of exposure.

The documents indicate how, “A large number of workers have been falling victim to cancer, strokes and heart disease.”

Similar concerns to those explored in the Columbia University study were voiced in February 2010 by the influential Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety, who warned in a report that the scanners increase the risk of cancer and birth defects and should not be used on pregnant women or children.

Despite governments claiming that backscatter x-ray systems produce radiation too low to pose a threat, the organization concluded in their report that governments must justify the use of the scanners and that a more accurate assessment of the health risks is needed.

Pregnant women and children should not be subject to scanning, according to the report, adding that governments should consider “other techniques to achieve the same end without the use of ionizing radiation.”

“The Committee cited the IAEA’s 1996 Basic Safety Standards agreement, drafted over three decades, that protects people from radiation. Frequent exposure to low doses of radiation can lead to cancer and birth defects, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,” reported Bloomberg.


Monday, June 27, 2011

If It Be Your Will: Leonard Cohen

A song written in the heart ... for the heart.  A masterpiece.  I believe this poem/song applies to everyone in every life circumstance.  When I hear it, I think of it as being sent out to heal the people of the world ("make us well") so we can live in peace and harmony, as God meant us to be.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Infamous Billionaire Wm. Koch pays 2.3 million for photo of Billy the Kid

It's altogether fitting that one infamous criminal should want to pay so much for the photo of another infamous criminal.  But then, 2.3 million is just pocket change for the Koch brothers.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Michele Bachmann is a dangerous person

Good grief! Can you imagine her as President? The word "draconian" doesn't even begin to touch her view of things--she is so far beyond that! She's bought the farthest rightwing, born-again Christian, rewritten-history belief system straight down the line. Who cares about facts? She knows she has the "truth" (rightwing, nutcase style).

Read the following article that tells about her beliefs--and note that it appears in a usually rightwing website. I guess she is even too much for them to bear:

Michele Bachmann's Unrivaled Extremism
by Michelle Goldberg,

In the statehouse, Bachmann made opposition to gay marriage her signature issue. Both she and her husband, by all accounts her most trusted political adviser, believe that homosexuality can be cured. Speaking to a Christian radio station about gay teenagers last year, Marcus [her husband], who treats gay people in his counseling practice, said, "Barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined, and just because someone feels this or thinks this, doesn't mean that we're supposed to go down that road."

In 2004, Bachmann gave a speech warning that gay marriage would lead to schoolchildren being indoctrinated into homosexuality. She wanted everyone to know, though, that she doesn't hate gay people. "Any of you who have members of your family in the lifestyle, we have a member of our family that is," she said. "This is not funny. It's a very sad life. It's part of Satan, I think, to say that this is gay."

She was clearly talking about her 51-year-old stepsister, Helen LaFave, who had lived with her partner, Nia Wronski, for more than 15 years. ...

In a Star Tribune story headlined "Bachmann, stepsister hold opposing views," Bachmann claimed that she'd polled her siblings and stepsiblings, and that six of the nine agreed with her. Her stepbrother Mike LaFave was horrified. "The reality was she hadn't taken a family vote count, nor would my family ever do such a thing," he says. "I just find it terrible that when Michele was taken by surprise by a question she wasn't prepared for, the first thing she did was throw not only my sister but her whole family under the bus." (Such a good "Christian" thing to do. Lies come so naturally to her. If she could do this to her family, imagine what, given the power, she could do to strangers like "we, the people")


Clarence Thomas -- the GOP will never rid us of this devil

Clarence Thomas never should have been appointed to the Supreme Court in the first place. Anita Hill was telling the truth about him, but the GOP/Good Ol' Pervs' club weren't going to let the truth get in their way of having an idiot ultra-conservative on the Court. There must be some special kind of afterlife reserved for people like Thomas and his wife...they have sold their souls and devoted their lives to making life miserable for others while basking in the luxury they have stolen for themselves. With the kind of Congress we now have in place, they probably won't get a comeuppance on earth, but a special kind of hell may await them where they will find themselves with the likes of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush (and many members of this Congress) for eternity. I can't think of anything much worse than that.

By William Rivers Pitt

The lifetime appointment for a Supreme Court Justice is not set in stone, as Justice Abe Fortas found out to his woe forty years ago. Fortas, who was appointed to the bench by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968, was found to have taken large sums of money from litigants who appeared before the high court, including Phillip Morris. After a second pay-for-play arrangement benefiting Fortas was discovered, he was forced to resign in disgrace. As Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress argues:

It is difficult to distinguish Fortas' scandal from Thomas'. Like Fortas, Thomas accepted several very valuable gifts from parties who are frequently interested in the outcome of federal court cases. One of Thomas' benefactors has even filed briefs in his Court since giving Thomas a $15,000 gift, and Thomas has not recused himself from each of these cases.

Of course, Thomas is also the least likely Justice to actually follow the command of precedent. Thomas embraces a discredited theory of the Constitution which would return America to a time when federal child labor laws were considered unconstitutional. His fellow justices criticize him for showing "utter disregard for our precedent and Congress' intent." Even ultra-conservative Justice Antonin Scalia finds Thomas' approach to the law too extreme - in Scalia's words, "I am a textualist. I am an originalist. I am not a nut."

But Thomas' disregard for what has come before him changes nothing about the precedent he faces. If Abe Fortas had to resign his seat, so too should Clarence Thomas.

Given the simple, unavoidable fact that Mr. Thomas is bereft of both shame and a code of personal ethics, it is highly unlikely he will resign, especially if his wife is raking in the cash thanks to his decisions. In that event, the final remedy of impeachment must be deployed. The Supreme Court must not be a place for partisan political fundraising or friendly-donor back-slapping. It is the place of last recourse in our system of laws, and must be as far above reproof as can be humanly managed. Clarence Thomas is an embarrassment to the ideals of our system of government, and must go. He can choose to leave, or be removed by Constitutional remedy, but his time on the bench must be concluded.

He and Ginni will just have to go find honest work like everyone else.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best performance ever of Hallelujah - k.d. lang

The audience erupted in prolonged cheers -- and for good reason!  When Leonard Cohen (the song's composer) heard k.d. sing this in 2005 in Canada, he said, "I think we can put that song to rest now.  It's been done to its ultimate perfection."  I love Leonard's singing/talking (he's got the best/sexiest male voice I've ever heard) and his version of Hallelujah, too -- but k.d.'s rendition takes you as close to heaven as we can get here on earth... Listen to this and see what you think....


Area 51 story -- employees poisoned by toxic material being burned onsite

But don't ask for compensation.  It's the secret government and they don't admit anything, or pay anything to afflicted ex-employees.  Those employees can get nothing but death from their years of working there...
Another great story of America the Beautiful--land of the free, etc. etc.  Are you a cynic yet?  If not, why not?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Man robs bank of $1 so he can get health care in prison

What's wrong with our system that a man has to take such a desperate step in order to get health care?  And yet, Republicans rail against what they call "Obamacare," which is the meagerest of health care plans.  They don't want everyone to have health care.  As long as they have it for themselves, it seems they don't care about anyone else.


Trouble in Amish Paradise - documentary

An extraordinary insight into the secretive world of the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. When two radical Amish men, Ephraim and Jesse Stoltzfus, start to question some of the most fundamental aspects of their Amish culture, they face excommunication from their church and total rejection by their friends and family.

The Amish arrived in America 300 years ago and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, today home to around 30 000 hardworking Amish whose lives revolve around their church, families and land.

As well as a strictly plain dress code, they don’t use cars, electricity and eschew modern technology. This program follows two men who let us into their private world because although their Christian faith is strong they begin questioning the all-powerful bishops’ authority and rules. They are ultimately excommunicated for not following strict Amish law, but that’s not the end of the story.

See the full documentary at:


The Ground Truth: powerful documentary about soldiers returning from Iraq

See it in full at:

Hailed as powerful and quietly unflinching, Patricia Foulkrod’s searing documentary feature includes exclusive footage that will stir audiences. The filmmaker’s subjects are patriotic young Americans – ordinary men and women who heeded the call for military service in Iraq – as they experience recruitment and training, combat, homecoming, and the struggle to reintegrate with families and communities. The terrible conflict in Iraq, depicted with ferocious honesty in the film, is a prelude for the even more challenging battles fought by the soldiers returning home – with personal demons, an uncomprehending public, and an indifferent government. As these battles take shape, each soldier becomes a new kind of hero, bearing witness and giving support to other veterans, and learning to fearlessly wield the most powerful weapon of all – the truth. (Excerpt from


Einstein quotes

A good way to learn is to listen to wisdom from people you admire/appreciate.  Here are some of my favorite Einstein quotes:

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. (My very favorite--I accept that conclusion as true, as proven by quantum physics. Our everyday reality is exactly like last night's dream, which seems real...until we wake up (~.~))

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.  (Another good one)

Few are those who can see with their own eyes and hear with their own hearts.  The only source of knowledge is experience.

It is not enough for a handful of experts to attempt the solution of a problem, to solve it and then to apply it. The restriction of knowledge to an elite group destroys the spirit of society and leads to its intellectual impoverishment. 

The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service. 

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. 

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.  Never lose a holy curiosity.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.  The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. 

The only real valuable thing is intuition.
  When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.  Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?  

The physicist's greatest tool is his wastebasket.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Texas Governor throws in his ten-gallon hat

Rick Perry Wants to Be President and do to the whole U.S. what he's done to Texas
Borowitz Report

AUSTIN (The Borowitz Report) – Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination today, unveiling his official campaign slogan, “What Harm Could a Governor from Texas Do?”

In throwing his hat into the ring, Gov. Perry explained his earlier reluctance to run: “I promised the people of Texas I would destroy the state by 2012, and now it looks like we’re on track to do that.”

Gov. Perry said that he hoped to bring down the cost of the federal government the same way he reined in costs in Texas, “by making the state no longer habitable for human life as we know it.”

He said that his plan to eliminate the states one by one was picking up steam, with support from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

As President, Gov. Perry promised, he would push a three-part agenda: “Eliminate education, eliminate healthcare, and pray for Rapture.”

He said his one regret about his tenure as governor was that Texas never seceded from the United States, but added, “As President, I promise that the United States will secede from Planet Earth.”

In related news, the GOP presidential candidates "are pretty much perfect," according to a new poll of voters named Barack Obama.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Republicans have no sense of humor -- look at this Obama impersonator

He's good, looks a lot like Obama and has the voice and mannerisms down pat. He got in many stabs at Democrats (at a GOP gathering), but when he got too close for comfort on Republicans, they turned off his microphone and ushered him off the stage.


Bilderberg 2011 discussions leaked by mole inside

VERY interesting article for anyone curious to know how our world is run. 
The Bilderberg group is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately 120 to 140 guests from North America and Western Europe, most of whom are people of influence. About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labor, education and communications. Meetings are closed to the public and often feature future political leaders shortly before they become household names  As the article says: The idea behind each and every Bilderberg meeting is to create what they themselves call THE ARISTOCRACY OF PURPOSE between European and North American elites on the best way to manage the planet.  In other words, the creation of a global network of giant cartels, more powerful than any nation on Earth, destined to control the necessities of life of the rest of humanity.

EXCERPT: In the world of international finance, there are those who steer the events and those who react to the events. While the latter are better known, greater in numbers, and seemingly more powerful, the true power rests with the former. At the centre of the global financial system are the financial oligarchy today represented by the Bilderberg group....

It´s a meeting of people who represent a certain ideology. Bilderberg is a medium of bringing together financial institutions which are the world´s most powerful and most predatory financial interests. And at this time, it is that combination which is the worst enemy of humanity.

Not One World Government or New World Order as too many people mistakenly believe. Rather, the ideology is of a ONE WORLD COMPANY LIMITED. Back in 1968, at a Bilderberg meeting in Canada, George Ball, the then Under-secretary for Economic Affairs with JFK and Johnson said: “Where does one find a legitimate base for the power of corporate management to make decisions that can profoundly affect the economic life of nations to whose governments they have only limited responsibility?”

The idea behind each and every Bilderberg meeting is to create what they themselves call THE ARISTOCRACY OF PURPOSE between European and North American elites on the best way to manage the planet.  In other words, the creation of a global network of giant cartels, more powerful than any nation on Earth, destined to control the necessities of life of the rest of humanity.

Read on if you want to hear the elites' newest plans for the rest of us (from notes taken by the mole at the meeting):


Short video: cat barks like a dog, until noticed--then starts meowing

This cat is looking out a window and barking just like a dog, probably to annoy dogs below -- until the cat's owner comes in the room. Then the cat turns around and, seeing the owner, swiftly shifts gears and begins meowing -- really funny!  Makes you realize how intelligent (and talented!) cats really are!!!

Monty Python "Back in the old days" sketch -- guaranteed to make you laugh

We all need some hearty laughs these days...this sketch had me howling...thank god for Monty Python humor!  Hope you enjoy it, too. (~.~)

(Hawaiian music)
Man#1 (Michael Palin) Aye! Very fussable, eh? Very fussable bit, that? eh?
Man#2 (Graham Chapman): Grand meal, that was, eh?
Others: Yes, wonderful, yes very good..
Man#2: Nothing like a good glass of Chateau le Shlasseler, eh, Guissay?
Man#3 (Terry Jones): Oh, you're right there, Robidaier.
Man#4 (Eric Idle): Who'd 'ave thought, thirty year ago, we'd all be sitting here drinking Chateau de Shlasseler, eh?
Man#1: Aye, in them days we was glad to have the price of a cup of tea!
Man#2: Aye, a cup of cold tea!
Man#4: Without milk or sugar!
Man#3: Or tea!
Man#1: Aye, in a cracked cup and all!
Man#4: Oh, we never had a cup. We used to have to drink out of a rolled-up newspaper!
Man#2: Aye, the best we could manage in those days was to suck on a piece of damp cloth!
Man#3: Aye, but we were happy in those days, though we were poor.
Man#1: Because we were poor! My old dad used to say to me: Money doesn't buy you happiness!
Man#4: Aye, he was right, I was happier then and I had nothing. We used to live in this tiny old house with great big holes in the roof.
Man#2: House! You were lucky to live in a house! We had to all live in one room, all twenty-six of us, no furniture, half the floor was missing, and we were all huddled together in a corner for fear of falling!
Man#3: You were lucky to have a room! We used to 'ave to live in a corridor!
Man#1: Oh, we used to DREAM of living in a corridor. It would have been a palace to us! We used to have to live in an old water tank in a rubbish pit. We got woke up every morning by having a load of rotting fish dumped all over us! House! Huh!
Man#4: Well, when I say house, it was only a hole in the ground covered by a sheet of tarpaulin, but it was a house to us!
Man#2: We were evicted from our hole in the ground. We had to go and live in a lake!
Man#3: You were lucky to have a lake! There were a hundred and fifty of us, living in a shoebox in the middle of the road!
Man#1: Cardboard box?
Man#3: Aye!
Man#1: You were lucky. We lived for three months in a paper bag in a septic tank. We used to have to get up at six in the morning, clean the paper bag, eat a crust of stale bread, go to work down at the mill, fourteen hours a day, week in, week out, for sixpence a week, and when we got home, our dad would thrash us to sleep with his belt.
(slight pause)
Man#2: Luxury. We used to have to get out of the lake at six o'clock in the morning, clean the lake, eat a handful of damp gravel, work a twenty-hour day at the mill for tuppence a month, and when we got home, our dad would thrash us to sleep with a broken bottle, if we were lucky!
Man#3: Well, of course, we 'ad it tough! We used to have to get up out of the shoebox at twelve o'clock at night, and lick the road clean with our tongue. We 'ad two bits of cold gravel, and worked a twenty-four hour day at the mill for six or seventy-four years, and when we got home, our dad would slash it to us with a bread knife.
Man#4: Right. I had to get up at ten o'clock at night, half an hourbefore I went to bed, drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day down at the mill and pay the mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our mother and father would kill us and dance on our graves singing Halleluja.
Man#1: Aye, and you try telling young people of today that. And they won't believe you.
Man#4: Aye, they won't!

— Monty Python

Very interesting 5-minute video of CNN discussion on life after death

Interesting, also, to note that a poll mentioned on this Larry King program shows 30% of Catholics believe in reincarnation...and half of all Americans have experienced a religious or mystical experience.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Online documentary: Is there Life After Death? Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

Many good documentaries like this one (and different subjects in multiple categories) can be seen in their entirety online at:

Where are we heading? Online video tells all about it   It appears that Nauru, a small Pacific island nation is the micro of the macro, as our world continues going down the tubes... Read this story about this tiny nation's position as the canary in the phosphate mine--and then watch the following online documentary to see how the entire world is heading in the same direction.

National Geographic channel last night presented a documentary called "Prophets of Doom," in which 6 men from different fields of expertise/analysis gave their opinions on how the world will go completely to ruin: financial disaster, lack of water, nuclear terrorism, etc.  Although each expert focused on the field of his own research, ALL of them agreed on one thing: that we are already in the midst of a great world decline that will eventually (actually, very quickly) lead to oblivion for millions on the planet--and huge lifestyle changes for those who survive. 

If interested, you can see this documentary online for free at:

It doesn't take long to notice that GREED and POWER LUST on the part of the few against the many are the major factors that have brought us to the place where we find ourselves.  Constant wars causing over-the-top national debt, jockeying for power, deregulation of corporations, tax cuts for the wealthiest, wanton disregard for the rights of the working middle class and poor, and profligate use of natural resources -- Well, here we are, folks, at the end game.  Notice that Republicans, in particular, think this game plan has worked so well, they would like even more of this strategy.


So what else is new dept.: Boehner has had affairs for years: Olbermann

Watch this video from NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, broadcast May 16, 2011:

Keith Olbermann says Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) isn’t the only one in Congress having inappropriate relationships.

There have been rumors of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) having affairs for years, according to the Current host.

“You know what’s next, right?” Olbermann asked Fallon. “Something with John Boehner. Boehner. B-O-E-H-N-E-R. You know what his nickname is? Is — is ‘boner.’ He answers to that.”

“All sorts of rumors about him too,” the liberal host continued. “Oh, yes. For a long time.”


So what else is new dept.: Boehner has had affairs for years: Olbermann

Watch this video from NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, broadcast May 16, 2011:

Keith Olbermann says Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) isn’t the only one in Congress having inappropriate relationships.

There have been rumors of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) having affairs for years, according to the Current host.

“You know what’s next, right?” Olbermann asked Fallon. “Something with John Boehner. Boehner. B-O-E-H-N-E-R. You know what his nickname is? Is — is ‘boner.’ He answers to that.”

“All sorts of rumors about him too,” the liberal host continued. “Oh, yes. For a long time.”


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

US is suffering from a severe case of "Palin-osis"

Once again, an excellent essay from David Michael Green.  I agree with everything he says--both about Palin and about Obama.  Read the entire article at:  Everything is upside down and backwards in our world today. Naivete, stupidity and ignorance in the electorate rule the day, as "leaders" (Palin, Bachmann, Santorum, and their ilk--and, yes, Obama, too--all of whom are puppets of the true rulers) are praised and extolled by the oblivious common people who are being most harmed by the leaders and the policies they carry out. Nowhere in sight is there anyone of substance to assume the presidency, challenge the string-pullers, and bring the ship of state back on course.  The corporations/Wall Street/Pentagon, who really rule, have bought the votes of our supposed "representatives" in Congress--and the voice of the people has been stifled and stilled.  If, by some miracle, an honest, intent-on-real-change man (or woman) should ever make his way to the presidency, with full support of "we, the people," his days would be numbered--and he would quickly become another assassination statistic (by a patsy "lone gunman," of course. That "solution" has worked so well in the past, it would assuredly be continued).

I Regret to Inform You that Your Country Is Suffering from a Severe Case of Palinosis
by David Michael Green

...ours is the strangest political moment, perhaps in human history. I say that not only because the tropes in our public discourse are so bizarre, but because, above all, the stakes are now so high. We live at a time when those who are the most angry and agitated in their politics are the very ones who have driven the country (and, in many respects, the world) off the cliff. And yet they endlessly preach to us about responsibility and morality.

There are no depths to the levels of duplicity and hypocrisy plumbed here, and there is no limit to the destruction being contemplated. Think about the damage that already litters the landscape, and the lies necessary to wipe away the fingerprints upon it.

What's worse than dictating to everyone else what their sexual practices must be, while simultaneously engaging in every manner of debauchery themselves?

Perhaps it would be ranting endlessly about the virtues of the "free market" while constantly shilling for all forms of corporate welfare and bleeding the country dry.

Or perhaps it is selling massive tax cuts for the wealthy on the premise that such giveaways would provide us a great economy, and then delivering the Great Recession instead.

Or maybe it's exploding the national debt to pay for wars and tax cuts and corporate welfare and a giant 'defense' establishment against no real enemy, and then demanding that seniors and the poor and the middle class be kicked to the gutter because there is no money left to pay for social programs.

Or perhaps instead it would be plunging the country into a war that claimed as many as a million lives, all on the basis of lies.

Or maybe lying about and ignoring global warming, the planet's greatest threat ever, in order to protect the short-term profits of a handful of oil and coal tycoons.

These are among the worst gifts of regressivism, whose greatest exemplar in our time is Sarah Palin. She is the ultimate nothingburger, herself. History will regard her as a cheap and rather harmless latter day Joe McCarthy.

But her politics are our national disease - Palinosis - and we have a lethal dose.

It is the politics of insecurity.

It's the politics of hate.

It's the politics of deceit.

It's the politics of hypocrisy.

It's the politics of laziness.

It's the politics of irresponsibility.

It's the politics of ignorance.

It's the politics of destruction.

But, most of all, it is the politics of greed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Natl. Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society skewered in new book by leading cancer expert

Truth about the corruption of these organizations is finally coming out to the public.  Our government is controlled by Wall Street corporations and the military.  As for Big Pharma, the A.M.A., the Cancer Institute and Cancer Society, etc. finding cures for cancer, forget about it.  They are all in cahoots together to make the lucrative medical business even more lucrative -- not to actually cure the sick.  Think about it -- a cure for cancer is not in their best interests.  Alternative treatments that actually cure cancer immediately spur government witch hunts against the poor doctors/researchers who discovered them. See the excellent new documentary movie about this: 

Let's face it, folks -- we are not living in a country with a government "of the people, for the people, by the people" (if we ever did).  I'm thankful for the Internet, which gives us access to information about real cures.  I hope that won't soon be taken from us with regulation by the military/industrial complex that has taken over our government, as Eisenhower sternly warned us about in his farewell speech to the nation. See short video: and NPR program at:

His somber warning was strongly stated:
  "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.  The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals."

Eisenhower's warning was all the more powerful coming from a five-star general.  As his grandson David Eisenhower has stated: "Eisenhower's farewell address, in the final analysis, is about internal threats posed by vested interests to the democratic process," he says. "But above all, it is addressed to citizens — and about citizenship."

But we paid no attention to his warnings.  And now it is too late.  The takeover of our government is complete, and we live in an oligarchy instead of a democratic republic.  If we are diagnosed with cancer or other diseases that Big Pharma assures us they are working on, we know we can't depend on them for real cures.  We must do our own online research while we still can.

A new book by leading cancer expert, Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, skewers the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society and blames the organizations for America losing the war against cancer.

The cancer drug industry is even more lucrative than mammography with annual sales over $12 billion. The intimate association between ACS and the pharmaceutical industry is illustrated, Epstein said, by the unbridled aggression which ACS directs at its critics.

"ACS maintains a Committee on Unproven Methods of Cancer Management, which periodically reviews unorthodox or alternative therapies," Epstein wrote. "This committee is comprised of volunteer health care professionals, carefully selected proponents of orthodox, expensive, and usually toxic drugs patented by major pharmaceutical companies, and opponents of alternative or unproven therapies that are generally cheap, and minimally toxic."

Periodically, the committee updates its statements on unproven methods, which are then widely disseminated to clinicians, cheerleader science writers, and the public. Once a clinician or oncologist becomes associated with unproven methods, he or she is blackmailed by the cancer establishment. Funding for the accused quack becomes inaccessible, followed by systematic harassment.

"The highly biased ACS witch-hunts against alternative practitioners are in striking contrast to its extravagant and uncritical endorsement of conventional toxic chemotherapy. This despite the absence of any objective evidence of improved survival rates or reduced mortality following chemotherapy for all but some relatively rare cancers."

The cancer industry's favor of pharmaceutical products is evidenced, Epstein said, "by the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved approximately 40 patented drugs for cancer treatment, while it has yet to approve a single nonpatented alternative drug."

According to Epstein, "Dr. Samuel Broder, NCI director from 1989 to 1995, frankly admitted, in a 1998 Washington Post interview, that 'the NCI has become what amounts to a government pharmaceutical company.' Taxpayers have funded R & D and expensive clinical trials for over two-thirds of cancer drugs on the market. These drugs are given, with exclusive rights, to the industry, which sells them at inflated prices.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Important to read: A doctor's cancer cure -- and how the govt. has tried to suppress it
Important! The producers of this powerful film are allowing a full and FREE preview through June 13th! Please tell everyone you know to watch this film in its entirety through June 13, 2011.

Visit the Mercola Video Library

Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food and Drug Administration in American history.

In the 1970’s, Dr. Burzynski made a remarkable discovery that threatened to change the face of cancer treatment forever. His non-toxic gene-targeted cancer medicine could have helped save millions of lives over the last two decades had his discovery not been criminally suppressed by the US government, as his therapy, called “antineoplastons,” have been shown to effectively help cure some of the most “incurable” forms of terminal cancer.

It became clear that ever since 1977, when Dr. Burzynski first tried to get antineoplastons approved, the FDA had begun scheming to eliminate the threat he and his discovery posed to the entire cancer industry...

This documentary takes you through the treacherous 14-year journey Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to finally obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of antineoplastons.

His story is yet another testament that fact can be far stranger than fiction, as the film exposes the powerful, unscrupulous forces that work to maintain the status quo of the medical- and pharmaceutical industry at any cost—including the lives of millions of people.


EXCERPT: It's been stated many times that a crime can be solved simply by following the money, and this case is no exception. The FDA and the pharmaceutical industry had realized that if Dr. Burzynski's discovery—which he owned the patent for—received a fair review, chemotherapy and radiation would rapidly dwindle into obscurity, effectively crippling the industry. Not only that, but if antineoplastons were approved, billions of dollars of cancer research funds would get funneled over to one single scientist who had exclusive patent rights...

Dr. Richard Crout, Director of the FDA Bureau of Drugs, once wrote in a 1982 newsletter:

"I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances."


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Learn all kinds of subjects -- algebra, history, physics, etc. ONLINE for FREE

One man's way of helping to educate the world. 
What started out as Salman Khan making a few algebra videos for his cousins has grown to over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.   Watch Salman Khan on one of the TED shows -- video on this site.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

To be expected: Palin fans are trying to rewrite Revere's wikipedia page

True to form, Tea Party fans of Sarah Palin are trying to rewrite the Wikipedia site on Paul Revere, in order to make it compare favorably with Palin's idiotic claims on the purpose of Revere's ride ("to warn the British" by calling out, "The British are coming!").  Just what you would expect from the right-wing apologists, to whom truth is utterly unimportant (i.e., they listen to FOX for their creative "news").  In fact, they consider Truth to be obstructive when it gets in the way of the concocted lies they have come to prefer. When they hear one of their heroes/heroines spouting even the most ridiculous of lies, they will rush to support this new "truthiness" as absolutely correct. I suppose in other times there have been people this naive, who would believe anything told to them by lying narcissists like a Rush Limbaugh or dumbbells like a Sarah Palin.  But, in our time, when we have supposedly advanced in intelligence, it's hard to understand how non-thinking followers like these still exist. They even take pride in being called "dittoheads" by Limbaugh. Go figure.


Monday, June 06, 2011

Fascinating: American armchair explorer finds a built structure on Mars via Google Mars

We haven't seen anything about this in American newspapers; this was published in the UK Daily Mail.  Scroll down on the site and look at the video of this thing -- pretty remarkable!  As the visual zooms in, you can see clearly that this is definitely not a rock or something natural -- It is a built structure, 700 ft. long by 150 ft. wide. 
Little by little, piece by piece, sometimes planned and sometimes by accident, truth is making its way to the people of Earth. 
In this vast universe, we are not alone.

The guy even lists the coordinates 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W so others can go see the surprising anomaly for themselves.  MailOnline has tried to contact both NASA and Google for a response to the image, but neither has replied.

EXCERPT: 'It could be a power station or it could be a biological containment or it could be a glorified garage - hope it's not a weapon.

'Whoever put it up there had a purpose I'm sure. I couldn't imagine what the purpose was. I couldn't imagine why anybody would want to live on Mars.

'It could be a way station for weary space travelers. It could also belong to NASA, I don't know that they would admit that.

'I don't know if they could pull off such a project without all the people seeing all the material going up there. I sort of doubt NASA has anything to do with this.

'I don't know if NASA even knows about this.'


Three reactors melted down after quake -- the truth is finally coming out

The entire world has been exposed to far more radiation than was admitted to.  As physicist Michio Kaku says, "The effects were 500 times worse than Chernobyl."  But we're not hearing much about the radiation exposure in our mainstream news, are we?  In fact, it has been played down, in order to calm the public.  Do you think we have been told the truth?  Really?  Read the following before you make up your mind...


The earthquake and tsunami knocked out cooling systems at Fukushima Daiichi, causing the three operating reactors to overheat. That compounded a natural disaster by spewing radioactive material into the atmosphere.

Tokyo Electric avoided using the term "meltdown," and says it was keeping the remnants of the core cool. But U.S. experts interviewed by CNN after the company's announcement in May said that while it may have been containing the situation, the damage had already been done.

"On the basis of what they showed, if there's not fuel left in the core, I don't know what it is other than a complete meltdown," said Gary Was, a University of Michigan nuclear engineering professor and CNN consultant. And given the damage reported at the other units, "It's hard to imagine the scenarios can differ that much for those reactors."

A massive hydrogen explosion -- a symptom of the reactor's overheating -- blew the roof off the No. 1 unit the day after the earthquake, and another hydrogen blast ripped apart the No. 3 reactor building two days later. A suspected hydrogen detonation within the No. 2 reactor is believed to have damaged that unit on March 15.

See also:
Famed Physicist Michio Kaku says that we could be in a nuclear free fall with one of the reactors leaking plutonium, the most toxic substance known to man.

This could move into a tragedy far beyond Chernobyl creating permanent dead zones in Japan.

Expert: Japan Nuke Disaster Now Worse than Chernobyl Everything is Fine: Rising Levels of Fukushima Radiation Reported Throughout US More Than A Quarter of US Nuke Plants Failed to Report Serious Equipment Defects

Tokyo Yellow Rain: "Situation More Serious Than We Were Led to Believe" Track Radiation Plumes from Fukushima Nuke Plant, If you Dare

Radioactive Seawater Offshore Disabled Fukushima Plant 1250 Times NormalThe New Chernobyl: Russian Survivor Warns, "Run Away!" Japan's Nuclear Nightmare Will Play Out over Years and DecadesDiablo Canyon and 13 Other US Nuclear Plants had Recent "Near Misses" Conspiracy Not to Mention Nuclear Waste, Instead Called "Spent Fuel" National Academy of Sciences: Low Levels of Radiation Cause CancerThe Greatest Nuclear Danger to the American People Not From Japan: A Look at High Risk Earthquake Prone US Nuke PlantsNRC Warned in 1985, Chance of Severe US Meltdown in 20 Years 50/50New York City Overdue for Significant Quake: Will Indian Point Nuke Plant Be Able to Handle It?

"A Terrible Situation and It's Only Getting Worse:" Spent Fuel Pond Believed to have Been Breached What US States Will Be Affected if a Major Meltdown?