Wednesday, June 15, 2011

US is suffering from a severe case of "Palin-osis"

Once again, an excellent essay from David Michael Green.  I agree with everything he says--both about Palin and about Obama.  Read the entire article at:  Everything is upside down and backwards in our world today. Naivete, stupidity and ignorance in the electorate rule the day, as "leaders" (Palin, Bachmann, Santorum, and their ilk--and, yes, Obama, too--all of whom are puppets of the true rulers) are praised and extolled by the oblivious common people who are being most harmed by the leaders and the policies they carry out. Nowhere in sight is there anyone of substance to assume the presidency, challenge the string-pullers, and bring the ship of state back on course.  The corporations/Wall Street/Pentagon, who really rule, have bought the votes of our supposed "representatives" in Congress--and the voice of the people has been stifled and stilled.  If, by some miracle, an honest, intent-on-real-change man (or woman) should ever make his way to the presidency, with full support of "we, the people," his days would be numbered--and he would quickly become another assassination statistic (by a patsy "lone gunman," of course. That "solution" has worked so well in the past, it would assuredly be continued).

I Regret to Inform You that Your Country Is Suffering from a Severe Case of Palinosis
by David Michael Green

...ours is the strangest political moment, perhaps in human history. I say that not only because the tropes in our public discourse are so bizarre, but because, above all, the stakes are now so high. We live at a time when those who are the most angry and agitated in their politics are the very ones who have driven the country (and, in many respects, the world) off the cliff. And yet they endlessly preach to us about responsibility and morality.

There are no depths to the levels of duplicity and hypocrisy plumbed here, and there is no limit to the destruction being contemplated. Think about the damage that already litters the landscape, and the lies necessary to wipe away the fingerprints upon it.

What's worse than dictating to everyone else what their sexual practices must be, while simultaneously engaging in every manner of debauchery themselves?

Perhaps it would be ranting endlessly about the virtues of the "free market" while constantly shilling for all forms of corporate welfare and bleeding the country dry.

Or perhaps it is selling massive tax cuts for the wealthy on the premise that such giveaways would provide us a great economy, and then delivering the Great Recession instead.

Or maybe it's exploding the national debt to pay for wars and tax cuts and corporate welfare and a giant 'defense' establishment against no real enemy, and then demanding that seniors and the poor and the middle class be kicked to the gutter because there is no money left to pay for social programs.

Or perhaps instead it would be plunging the country into a war that claimed as many as a million lives, all on the basis of lies.

Or maybe lying about and ignoring global warming, the planet's greatest threat ever, in order to protect the short-term profits of a handful of oil and coal tycoons.

These are among the worst gifts of regressivism, whose greatest exemplar in our time is Sarah Palin. She is the ultimate nothingburger, herself. History will regard her as a cheap and rather harmless latter day Joe McCarthy.

But her politics are our national disease - Palinosis - and we have a lethal dose.

It is the politics of insecurity.

It's the politics of hate.

It's the politics of deceit.

It's the politics of hypocrisy.

It's the politics of laziness.

It's the politics of irresponsibility.

It's the politics of ignorance.

It's the politics of destruction.

But, most of all, it is the politics of greed.