Friday, June 17, 2011

Where are we heading? Online video tells all about it   It appears that Nauru, a small Pacific island nation is the micro of the macro, as our world continues going down the tubes... Read this story about this tiny nation's position as the canary in the phosphate mine--and then watch the following online documentary to see how the entire world is heading in the same direction.

National Geographic channel last night presented a documentary called "Prophets of Doom," in which 6 men from different fields of expertise/analysis gave their opinions on how the world will go completely to ruin: financial disaster, lack of water, nuclear terrorism, etc.  Although each expert focused on the field of his own research, ALL of them agreed on one thing: that we are already in the midst of a great world decline that will eventually (actually, very quickly) lead to oblivion for millions on the planet--and huge lifestyle changes for those who survive. 

If interested, you can see this documentary online for free at:

It doesn't take long to notice that GREED and POWER LUST on the part of the few against the many are the major factors that have brought us to the place where we find ourselves.  Constant wars causing over-the-top national debt, jockeying for power, deregulation of corporations, tax cuts for the wealthiest, wanton disregard for the rights of the working middle class and poor, and profligate use of natural resources -- Well, here we are, folks, at the end game.  Notice that Republicans, in particular, think this game plan has worked so well, they would like even more of this strategy.