Friday, July 03, 2009

Speaking of "family values"...

The following is not surprising to me. Usually those who bellow most loudly about their "values" (how about all those fundamentalist rightwing ministers and politicians?) are themselves guilty of the very things they condemn others for. Hypocrisy turns out to be their most important "value." 

From my pal Lisa Derrick: Family Values? Red States Lead in Divorce, Teen Pregnancy and Online Porn

What is astounding is the New York Times chart which takes politicians out of the mix and breaks it down into the values that the Right espouses: Anti-divorce, anti-porn and anti-teen sex. Well gosh, even with my admittedly and embarrassingly bad math skills, it's clear that eight out of the ten states with highest rates in the categories of divorce, teen pregnancy and online porn usage were states where McCain came out ahead in the 2008 election.

Ahhhh, help...we need more teabaggers to save us...