Monday, July 27, 2009

To all the "birther" true believers

The rightwing propagandists who claim Obama was born in Kenya (despite all evidence proving he was born in Hawaii) are the same bunch who claimed John McCain fathered a black baby. They're the same bunch who brought forth the so-called Swiftboat vets with all their lies in 2004.  They can't stand to lose and will lie about anything and everything, without shame.  I receive e-mails regularly from their "dittohead" true believers that are so far outside of logic, one would think they'd be embarrassed to be associated with them.  But no--they actually BELIEVE them.  They will gobble down anything the right wing propagandists throw out to them, without even looking it over to see if it is edible/credible. 

So here's my latest e-mail to the Republican true believers (with thanks to online readers for some of the ideas).  Soon it will be circulating on the Internet as absolute truth, and within a couple days you can expect to receive it in an e-mail from the rightwing birthers, loudly proclaiming their outrage at these latest true revelations about Obama:

Obama lost the election! His victory speech was delivered on a secret soundstage and the thousands in the audience were photoshopped in. The liberal mainstream media hid the true election results and proclaimed him President in order to further their socialist agenda, which includes sending everyone over 60 years of age to Mars to reduce overpopulation, and raising taxes on every Republican to payments of $10,000 a month. Those who refuse to pay will be immediately executed. Obama is really a homosexual and Michelle and his daughters are just actors, pretending to be his family.  Obama plans to release Manson from prison and start a dog-fighting crew with Michael Vick. He's going to change the national bird from the eagle to the (fried) chicken. He eats white babies. AND
he intends to move planet earth out to an orbit next to Pluto.