Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Strangeness in the sky -- now being reported in mainstream news

Below is a link to 3 mainstream TV shows in which reports are being made on chemtrails. I have also added an interview Alex Jones had with Clifford Carnicom on the subject. It's unfortunate that Alex Jones is a loudmouth blowhard type, much like Chris Matthews on MSNBC and Bill O'Reilly on FOX. They ask questions, but then don't let their guests talk because they love the sound of their own voices. Very frustrating for the listener!! However, Carnicom (a brilliant research scientist who became interested in chemtrails years ago and has done much research on them) does manage to bring forth some good information, despite Jones's frequent interruptions.

Here is some basic info. I got from listening to the Jones/Carnicom interview:
The global military/govt./industrial complex is creating an altered atmosphere by adding toxic barium, aluminum, and other particles to the air -- to what end??? Barium is highly toxic--as toxic as arsenic. Very high levels--6 times the lethal levels--have been found in water/earth samples through testing. There is no forthcoming information from the government on this, so all information gathered is from citizen observation and testing--collecting photographs and samples. Photos have shown emissions come from the entire wingspan -- these trails are not coming from the engines. Clifford Carnicom says his many years' investigation show it is not a benevolent experiment, but rather is a nefarious experiment of some kind. The operations are mostly conducted during low humidity--right before moisture/storms come in. It seems they need to maintain a certain concentration level in the atmosphere -- it has been going on since 1998. The earth is 20% darker than it was 20 years ago. The material is locking up the moisture that would be going into our water tables -- changing the climate of the earth on a global level, with the water levels being altered--earth may become a desert planet. The physics of our atmosphere has been changed. Cloud formations are changing, with new kinds appearing. Our atmosphere is fragile -- our planet's life is threatened by these changes to it. The EPA refuses to test the "spiderweb" material (sub-micron filaments) that falls from the sky after these sprayings. Can the newly appeared/diagnosed Morgellon's disease (where strange filaments/threads emerge from under the skin) be connected? (See fascinating 2008 video with Carnicom on this subject at: )

Final conclusion: Control by government. QUESTION: Are we willing to sacrifice our atmosphere for intentions not being told to us?

Despite Jones's interruptions, the following interview is well worth listening to -- each part is about 9 minutes long. Clifford Carnicom interview Part One Carnicom interview continued Carnicom interview continued continued continued continued continued continued

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Some weather reporters on mainstream TV are not only
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