Monday, July 13, 2009


Of all the things I post on my blog, I consider this to be my most important sharing because the pointers contained in it can lead one to complete inner peace, no matter how the world's and one's own life's events may appear to be spinning.

I have never read anything as clear and direct as the following pointers from John Wheeler's site ( All of them point directly to the core of being, the essence, that is our natural state. Each one is "Truth speaking to Truth about Truth." It is rare good fortune to hear and be directed in this way. Quantum physicists, to their great mental consternation, have recognized through their experiments that the material "reality" of the world that we perceive is not reality at all, but only an illusion, very like a hologram. But most of them have not yet come to see that the ever-present background of awareness (in which all changing appearances arise, have their being, and return), is the changeless natural state of our existence: the true reality. The mind--and its ever-changing thoughts--is part of the rising and falling and therefore cannot know its own essence. The kind of "seeing" that leads to freedom from suffering comes directly from the heart, which leaps up in recognition of truth when it hears it: because it itself is the truth it was seeking. There is a song that tells this beautifully:
I Traveled a Long Road  Oh, I traveled a long road Toward where the light showed In the distance, the way to go. Now I wonder who is traveling, As the road is unraveling, Along with all the selves I seemed to know.  Oh, this road goes out of the heart And winds back to meet it again At the place where the traveler knows That he and the road are the same.  And a voice says within you - "There is no distance. There is no reason to travel, to see. Right here is that beacon, Here is that wisdom.  There is no place untouched by me."  Oh, this road goes out of the heart And winds back to meet it again At the place where the traveler knows That he and the road are the same.  



Everything that can be perceived or conceived is simply a movement in awareness. It arises, abides and sets in awareness. Objects are like waves; awareness, like the ocean. Since the waves come and go, they cannot be the essence of what you are. What you are remains clear and constant. It is not a wave coming and going. Getting to know what you are is only being familiar with that which never changes. We have been accustomed to seeking identity in appearances. The only problem is that what you are, your abiding nature as it is, cannot be limited to an appearance. So that identification feels limited. There is nothing "you" can do about this, because the "you" is itself only an appearance. However, the seeing of all of this can and does happen — not by a "you", but by intelligence itself. In this seeing, the basis of the identity is resolved and the true being that you have never left stands pristine and clear beyond any doubt. The practical side-effect is that the seeking, suffering and doubt based on the limited identification is resolved. Nothing is gained, but the false conceptualization is undermined.

It is helpful to see what we are seeking in the mind and if we are justified in looking for it there. As long as reality, identity or happiness are imagined to exist in the concepts of the mind, the interest cannot help but go there. This is why it is important to discover whether or not reality, identity or happiness reside in the mind.

The purpose of the pointer to pause thought is to see what is still present in the pause.

Just be very clear what you are. That is the main point. There is no defective person in need of anything


See directly and thoroughly what the "me" actually is. It is only an idea, not a real presence at all. All the troubles, doubts and worries are for, by and about that "me", which is not really present!

Be very clear on these points and there are no longer any issues to resolve, because there is no one to have an issue. The center of all the self-centered thinking vanishes into non-existence. The natural existence shines fully as it is with no problems or doubts. That is non-conceptual being-awareness that is ever-present and beyond doubt. That has never been absent and cannot be absent — because it is your very nature.

Is there a settling in period for being what you are?

Being what you are is not a matter of slowly subsiding or resting in stillness. Who is subsiding in what? Who is resting in what? So cast aside those concepts and see what you are here and now.

Bondage and liberation are only from the personal perspective. Your real being needs no liberation, because it is the reality itself.

This approach is not for a person to implement, nor does it leave one in the game to wonder about his or her experiences and what he or she will do. The "he" or "she" disappears as a valid reference point. From there, self-less functioning happens according to circumstances.

The individual reference point is canceled by seeing the person never was present. You are left with no more puzzles, doubts, programs, stages, etc., all of which are still for the individual (the imagined self center).

The experience of being a spiritual seeker and all that that entails crumbles away in the clear seeing of what you are. But that does not leave an "I" with nothing to do in the picture. We are not stripping away all the activities and leaving an "I". We are removing the "I" and leaving the natural activities that spontaneously arise.

You are what you are. It is not a matter of resting as you are, which is a dualism. Simply be what you are. That is not a defective, limited person, but the vast untouchable fullness, the peace and clarity of the real self.