Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Rick Perry Gets Mid-Debate Amnesia

Good Heavens! Is this man a drinker? After Rick Perry's shocking New Hampshire speech last week, in which he looked and acted as if he were drunk -- now in tonight's debate he couldn't name the 3 agencies he is going to get rid of when he's president (god help us if that terrible event should ever take place!). Try as he may, he could only think of two of them. You almost could feel sorry for him.  Almost. But we're talking about Rick Perry here, so let's not go overboard.

Watching the latest batch of GOP candidates is like watching the clown act in the circus.  We've already suffered through 8 long years with Duhmbya Bush as President--we don't need another Texas idiot in the White House. I'll bet Perry's staff is sorry they didn't strap on the electronic Box to  his back, like they did to Duhmbya, with which to receive earphone coaching from back-stage handlers. Remember the outline of that box that stuck out on the back of Duhmbya's jackets?   Remember how he spoke, seemingly to the air, during one of his debates as he said something like, "Yeah, I'll get to it -- don't rush me!" and everyone in the room looked puzzled -- who in heck was he talking to?  No one was rushing him that they could see.  (Look for the outline of "the box" on Perry if he even makes it to another debate.)

The Republicans put up such pitiful candidates, you'd think they be embarrassed. I thought they couldn't beat Palin as the worst possible candidate (next to Duhmbya), but Perry follows in her wake.  And the Repugs proudly keep sending idiots to represent them.  Many in their electorate just love Perry, as they loved Duhmbya and thought he made a "wonderful prez'dent cuz he's just like us." Which says a lot about the GOP electorate.  The more intelligent people in their number (and I do know a few) must be suffering from apoplexy as they survey the shabby scene before them in the debates.  Many of them can't stand Romney, but it looks like he'll be their candidate.

Watch Perry stumble. Again.