Monday, January 08, 2018

Oprah for President!

After seeing Oprah last night at the Golden Globes, and hearing her partner Stedman say she is actively thinking of running for President, I say, GO FOR IT, OPRAH!!!  What a great president she would make!  All the candidates pale beside her -- and I mean that in far more important ways than the color of her skin.  I LOVE the idea of her as President!!!!  OMG, what a MARVELOUS change from what we have now!....

Oprah is Everything I would want to see in a President. And she has enough money of her own to fund her own run -- together with what I imagine would be TONS of $$ coming in from small donors all across the country -- and even the world. She is universally loved and listened to. What a difference she could make on this planet as President of the United States -- just think of it. She would address climate change (what a concept, huh?) She would address poverty, homelessness, health care for all, the environment, infrastructure, education, veterans' care and all the other issues that have been ignored and even thrown in the trash by the Republicans.  

We would be living in an entirely different world with Oprah as President and a Democratic Congress filled with WOMEN!  Finally, my dream that I've carried from the 70s when I marched with Women's Strike for Peace in Washington, DC, would come true!  Women don't want to send their sons and daughters to war. They don't want a world in which nuclear weapons threaten our very existence as a species. Women all over the world in positions of power would change the direction that greed-and-power-driven men have taken us in for centuries.

It's time for a paradigm change on the planet!  OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT!!!  And for Vice President: Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders -- or even Tom Hanks!!!!

With candidates like these to lead us, we can usher in a new era--it's already starting! Just watching the Golden Globes last night with the revved-up energy for women's rights has convinced me the pot is being stirred for something new--and fair (which should have been the case all along). It's called "equality." 

 I'm excited about this prospect and am all in for this! -- are you????  😃