Monday, July 14, 2008

Wrong-Way, Lead-you-over-a-cliff McCain

Please watch this video and read the following article in its totality -- and then imagine this guy in the White House. Haven't we endured enough of this excruciating kind of "leadership" in the last 8 years? Wouldn't you prefer someone intelligent and articulate for a change?

If Obama or his campaign were guilty of any one of the following listed gaffes, the press would be all over them, and they would be mincemeat. We know who owns the mainstream press (giant corporations) -- and we know who they want in the White House so their tax cuts and other Bush/Cheney "goodies-for-the-elite" (such as more war--and more war contracts) can continue.

Introducing Wrong-Way McCain

By: Jon Perr --

Wrong Way McCain This week, Americans were introduced to Wrong-Way McCain. To be sure, it’s the same John McCain (”McSame”) who would continue the policies of George W. Bush that 80% of Americans believe have put the country on the wrong track. It’s also the same “Jukebox John” who has changed his tune 61 times on issues foreign and domestic, including a dizzying 10 times in two weeks back in June. But as he showed repeatedly over the past several days, Wrong-Way McCain is also the Republican presidential nominee who simply can’t keep his stories straight.

Whether the result of crass political opportunism, transparent deceit or just plain confusion, on at least 7 occasions this week alone, Wrong Way McCain couldn’t remember what he stood for, if anything at all.
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