Friday, August 13, 2010

Brazil will make public UFO documentation, sightings

With many countries (UK, Spain, Russia, France and now Brazil) making public their documentation on UFOs, can it be that the education of the masses on this subject (through TV documentaries, movies, etc.) is now considered strong enough to finally let the public know what has been going on for decades on this planet, regarding visitations from several different types of extraterrestrial civilizations? Apparently, it was feared by officials of all countries that the masses would be panicked by this kind of news (back in the 1940s when visitations started to become much more frequent in number), so they kept it from us, decade after decade, putting out denials, false information, and ridicule of anyone who reported seeing UFOs. They also feared that some religious groups would not be able to handle true facts about the origins of our species. It was thought that their beliefs in a personal God, etc. would be threatened by hearing alternative understandings from more evolved civilizations, and religious fundamentalists of all kinds would "freak out." The U.S. government so far keeps denying what most intelligent people already know -- that we are not alone in this universe. Many, many credible witnesses have come forth with their own experiences -- and those sources include high-echelon military members, astronauts, pilots, even Presidents (Jimmy Carter, for one), all of whom attest to having seen UFOs and, in several cases, seen the alien visitors as well--both dead and alive. How long can our government keep this information from the U.S. public at large? With revelations from other countries popping up every day, it looks as if the answer to that is "Not much longer."