Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meghan McCain makes a lot more sense than her father

There are several videos on the following link of Meghan's appearances on The View.  If she represents the youth of the Republican Party, there may be hope for it in the future. But I do wonder why she doesn't just become a Democrat, where her views are already embraced by the party.  Would her father disown her?  His handlers  actually asked her to leave the campaign trail when McCain was running for president!  She tells about this on the video with George Stephanopolous, which airs on the following link before the several The View videos.  And the Bushes disinvited her from a lunch at the White House when Dubya was president, after they had invited her (and she had already ARRIVED!).  As she says, "I am probably the only person invited to the White House for lunch who had to take the lunch home in a doggy bag."   I continually get e-mails from ultra-conservative right wingers who tell me how polite the Bushes were/are.  Hmmmm.......their definitions of "polite" and mine greatly differ.  You might enjoy the following videos--there are 4 or 5 of them, so wait a bit after the first one finishes for the rest to be played...