Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Republicans are covering all bases in a dizzying way

They are both FOR and AGAINST many issues, leaving it up to Democrats running against them to figure out HOW to run against them. It would be hilariously amusing (and it is, keeping you laughing through your tears) if this incredible hypocrisy were not being swallowed whole, without a chaser, by the Limbaugh and Beck dittoheads nodding their heads as if it all makes perfect sense. "Oh, our candidates are For Cap and Trade (originally a Republican idea)-- but, wait a minute--now they're Against Cap and Trade. OK, got that."

"Oh, they're For a Health Care mandate...Oops...No, they're Against a Health Care mandate." (Republicans first proposed a health care mandate in the 1980s -- the same senators who introduced it then, now have come out against it.)

Mitch McConnell this past week led a campaign against his own ideas on campaign finance, leading the charge against himself!

"Oh, they're
or helping small business."...BUT a bill that would help small business with expanded loan programs and tax cuts (just what the Republicans asked for!) came up, and what did the Republicans do? They filibustered it! They didn't allow it to come up for a vote!

This is all verifiable on tape! See these crazy-makers on video, talking out of both sides of their mouths. And then contemplate in wonder how their Republican supporters can twist their minds six ways from Sunday around the issues, as their champions bounce from one side to the other, without embarrassment or apology -- or explanation. If the Democrats agree with their proposal and climb on board to help them pass what they said they wanted, they suddenly jump ship and swim in the opposite direction. This is the worst in reactionary, obstructionist politics -- that help no one!

It truly pays to be insane if you count yourself as a Republican. You just love being called a "dittohead" by those who lead you around by the nose -- and you pay no attention to the number of times your candidates jump back and forth on the issues. Wherever they jump, you follow. Whatever they tell you, you swallow. No need for a mind of your own -- or intelligent evaluation of the issues and your candidates. Just follow the bouncing balls--all over the place.

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The Democrats need to use this footage for some campaign ads this year. Rachel Maddow lays out how the Republicans have continually flip-flopped on their own campaign issues once Democrats decide to embrace them whether it be health care reform, campaign finance reform, aid to small businesses or cap and trade. As she said in the clip of this rank hypocrisy, they're just not embarrassed. But then since the media largely gives them a pass on this kind of stuff, why should they be?