Sunday, August 01, 2010

Why You're Alive and Can Never Die

This article by Dr. Robert Lanza offers some intriguing ideas about life and death.  It's interesting to read and ponder thoughts of this nature.  Considering this to be of paramount importance in the grand scheme of things, I've spent much of my life doing just that.
Other articles by Dr. Lanza are included in the links that follow this one.

hysics tells us that energy is never lost, and that our brains -- and hence the feeling of life -- operate by electrical energy, and this energy simply can't vanish. The biocentric view of the timeless, spaceless world allows for no true death in any real sense. Immortality resides outside of time altogether. Eastern religions have argued for millennia that birth and death are equally illusory. Since consciousness transcends the body -− "external" is a distinction of language alone −- we're left with consciousness as the bedrock of existence. Death has always meant only one thing: an end with no reprieve. If we're just our body, then we must die. But if we're our consciousness, the sense of experience, then we can't die for the simple reason that consciousness is expressed in manifold fashion and is ultimately unconfined.