Saturday, August 14, 2010

Alien Encounters documentary video from Disney

It appears even Disney Studios have aligned themselves with those who are wanting to get the truth out about UFOs. You can see this documentary video at:

Note that the site contains links to other videos you can see online re. the same subject. My opinion is that Out of the Blue is the very best. It contains solid-gold information and irrefutable evidence through credible witnesses and films of UFOs. This DVD is the one I consider most valuable for educating skeptics. If the footage in that documentary doesn't convince you that our government is withholding important UFO evidence from us, nothing will.

My own opinion about all of this is that our government is trying to convey some of the truth, piece by careful piece, to the public through videos like this, which are more frequently being seen on cable TV channels and even major network channels (i.e., ABC's UFO series narrated by Peter Jennings -- Seeing is Believing). If you missed seeing it, you can read about the ABC report at: I believe Steven Spielberg's UFO films (ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and his TV series Taken) were made with the sanction of the U.S. government for the purpose of acclimating the public to seeing real evidence, thereby slowly leading them to an acceptance of the fact that evolved extraterrestrial civilizations not only exist, but several of them are visiting our planet at this time--and have been for years. World governments want to avoid mass terror and panic, such as occurred in the '30s when Orson Welles' radio presentation of War of the Worlds was broadcast so realistically that many people actually believed aliens had invaded Earth.

In the past few years, there have been many, many TV presentations on this subject. By now, I would think most people on the planet have been exposed to the truth in this way. So it may be time now for the full truth to be told -- which civilizations are here, why they are here, and what has been their agenda in all these covered-up years. Yes, we are living in "interesting" times.