Saturday, August 22, 2009

IMPORTANT--Read/watch this --

Whether you believe in alien visitation of our planet, or not, you may want to satisfy your curiosity and watch this report from a knowledgeable, credible military witness. Then make up your own mind. This video of Bob Dean tells of his own discoveries while serving in a high military position. Dean spoke at a press conference in Spain, after having spoken at the Exopolitics Conference there this summer. Here is his short presentation at a press conference while there: You can also watch Bob Dean's entire presentation at the Exopolitics conference on youtube at: He shows many stunning NASA photos that may just blow your mind!

Also, watch ABC's Primetime this coming Tuesday at 10:00 p.m.--they will be doing a story about Alien Abductions. (Interesting, isn't it, how often you now see shows about UFOS on mainstream, primetime news shows? Can it be that our government is trying to inform us, bit by bit, and piece by piece about our "visitors" so we won't be too shocked when the full truth is revealed to us?) Here's an article about the upcoming show from ABC:

It's interesting that in the poll contained within the article, more than six times as many people have voted that they DO believe in alien abduction as those who think UFOs and crop circles are baloney. Having done much reading, investigating, and talking with credible (often military and government) witnesses--and having seen 3 UFOs myself at different times in my life, I count myself among the believers. After hearing what Bob Dean has to say, and doing some exploring for yourself (if you are a curious sort, like I am), you may find yourself among the believers, too.

On September 12 and 13, the annual Bay Area UFO Expo will be held in San Jose as it has for the past several years. I have attended almost every one of these conferences and have heard Bob Dean and other very informed speakers many times throughout those years. This year, Bob Dean will be speaking on the 12th and presenting a workshop as well. I have already registered to attend. As you'll see if you watch the above-mentioned videos, he is an extremely interesting and credible speaker. His honesty and sincerity shines through whenever he speaks. He has dedicated most of his adult life to getting the truth out -- and has been joined by many other former military and government members who share his desire and have their own stories to tell. Our government has spent years of misinforming/disinforming the public in trying to refute the truth about UFOs. They have used ridicule, threats, and lies to tarnish the information being given by eyewitnesses to the fact that we are being visited by extraterrestrials -- and are being monitored by them so that we don't blow up our planet.

This is an intriguing subject to investigate. But you do have to have an open mind that is willing to peruse the information without holding onto an already established bias. In other words, you have to be willing to believe that your government and the military/industrial complex have lied to you and have tried (in so many ways) to keep you from knowing what is really going on in our world.