Thursday, December 02, 2010

Interesting conversation between Anderson Cooper and Leo Berman

Leo Berman is a representative in the State of Texas government.  The statements he is making in this conversation are the same ones I have been sent by Republicans who believe they are true. The senders seem to have no interest in checking the facts. Their hatred of Obama is of such magnitude that they will believe anything said against him.

Sending on misstatements and distortions of truth is the main occupation of many Republicans these days.  They had no curiosity about George W. Bush and his going AWOL from his military service during the Vietnam years. They had no curiosity about Bush's birth certificate or his school records.  Yet now they have extreme curiosity about Barack Obama, and even when record proofs are put before them, they reject them. They simply won't accept that a black man is our legally elected president. Yesterday I received a racist type of e-mail against Obama, and the sender would probably never consider himself a racist. Yet why would anyone send out such a thing if they were comfortable with Obama's race?  We are still in the dark ages of consciousness on our planet.  One can only hope as further generations are born and intelligently raised that racism and hatred will eventually die out--and the real tenets of Christianity and all religions will actually be practiced by those who proclaim them as their guides. 

In the following video interview, Anderson Cooper has the facts and their proofs before him.  The other guy is typical of the type of Republicans who are sending out racist e-mails against Obama, without regard for truth.