Friday, December 24, 2010

Hawaii's governor takes on "Birthers"

Regarding Obama's birth record, Hawaii's new governor wants to change Hawaii's laws so Obama's original birth certificate can be shown to the public.  He says:

'Rather than get into some kind of argument or play into that mentality, why not just simply try to authenticate this and let the facts speak for themselves?’

Naive man.  Facts mean nothing to far right wingers.  They skim right over proven facts in favor of believing their own brand of fiction, based in hatred and always aimed at making others believe their lies as well.  They succeed quite well among their own kind.  Remember the Swiftboating smear campaign against Kerry, funded by rich Republican liars, the Koch brothers?  Well, they're baaaccccck -- and this time they're supporting the nutcases called The Birthers.  Their lies against Kerry were so successful, it resulted in the term "swiftboating" entering the English language lexicon, referring to smear campaigns based on lies.  If there is one thing the Republicans are good at, it is in creating lies that seem too outrageous and ridiculous to believe -- and then going ahead (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, FOX "news") and making the "dittoheads" believe them.  Then they get their unthinking sheep to go out with signs and teabag hats and (often) guns strapped to their sides to do their dirty work of smearing the Democrat who is in their sights at the time.  It's really pitiful that this kind of consciousness is still proliferating in our country. These ignorant people breed, and teach their children the same hatreds and lies.  And so it goes, with our world hardly advancing at all in understanding or wisdom.  Sad.