Tuesday, December 07, 2010

One of the major places where we went wrong

By the time of the 2000 (s)election, the wealthy corporatists were well in charge of our government and made sure they got their candidate in, with the help of the conservative Supreme Court, to the everlasting shame of that Court -- and of our country.  The devastation caused by the Bush/Cheney presidency upon our country and the world is so great it is  beyond calculation. They brought about the beginning of the end of America. We are on a downward course that cannot be changed because of greed and power lust that has infiltrated our government at every level, and it will end with America in the dust. Read the following to get a true picture of the damage we all allowed to happen in our lifetime:

By Eric Alterman
The Supreme Court's granting Bush the victory looks even worse today than it did 10 years ago, says Eric Alterman—even if historians weren't debating whether George W. Bush was the worst president ever or just since Grant.

...the inescapable fact is that Gore was the genuine choice of a plurality of Florida’s voters as well as America’s. As the Associated Press reported in its examination of the NORC report, “In the review of all the state’s disputed ballots, Gore edged ahead under all six scenarios for counting all undervotes and overvotes statewide.” As I pointed out in my book What Liberal Media?, he beat Bush by almost every conceivable counting standard. Gore won under a strict-counting scenario and he won under a loose-counting scenario. He won if you counted “hanging chads” and he won if you counted “dimpled chads.” He won if you counted a dimpled chad only in the presence of another dimpled chad on the same ballot—the so-called Palm Beach standard. He even won if you counted only a fully punched chad. He won if you counted partially filled oval on an optical scan and he won if you counted only a fully filled optical scan. He won if you fairly counted the absentee ballots. No matter what, if everyone who legally voted in Florida had had a chance to see their vote counted, then Al Gore not George W. Bush, was elected president.