Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Peaceful Chinese Lady -- living in close relation to nature - so relaxing to watch

My daughter Jeanie and granddaughter Isabella watch this youtube site and told me about it. It shows a peaceful Chinese lady going through her daily life, picking and preparing foods from her garden and just living a natural life.  It is very relaxing to watch and makes me realize how far we have drifted from a natural way of living in our world.  Today, I learned from her all about green plums and the many ways they can be used and cooked.  Just watching her pick and prepare them probably lowered my heart rate and blood pressure, much better than any pharmaceutical drug could do -- so necessary for all of us in this hectic chaotic age of Trump.  The woman's name is Li ziqi.  I am grateful to her for providing a peaceful and balanced alternative to the daily news.  😊