Saturday, June 22, 2019

Two fascinating documentaries on Amazon PRIME

I watched two extremely interesting documentaries on Amazon Prime video today -- both of them free for Prime customers.  My dear Holland would have loved these.

Capturing the Light (only 45 minutes long, but I think it will hold your interest! About an ordinary housewife named Dorothy and what happened in her life that is beyond normal explanation).  And Newman, the story of an extraordinary man of science and his discovery that could have changed our world in magnificent ways--and why it hasn't.  I was riveted to both films, as there is no rational explanation to satisfy the mind for either one of the manifestations that take place in each story, yet they are real (admitted by researchers/scientists whose previous skepticism was blown away in each case, after viewing the matter for themselves), with strong proof that seemingly cannot be refuted.

The story of Joe Newman reminded me of the Coral Castle phenomenon in Florida, created by a little man named Ed Leedskalnin  (scientifically minded folks, see -- and also of Nikola Tesla.  Newman's story brings to humanity's attention, proven magnetic energy and perpetual motion that flies in the face of physics as we have known it up until this time. And also the human faults, failings, and tendencies that so often come in and muddle up the best of plans and promises.  Fascinating and highly recommended!  You will come away from the viewing with a sense of wonder -- and maybe sadness, too.  We humans always seem to be our own worst enemies.