Saturday, May 14, 2005

Important book re. 9/11--review on Air America Radio

> Barry Crimmins: 'Pass the Reynolds Wrap'
> May 13
> By Barry Crimmins, Air America Radio
> <>
> I'm not what you'd consider a conspiracy buff. It's
> not that I don't
> believe in conspiracies, it's just that in a country
> impervious to the
> insult of having its alleged "war on terror"
> overseen by those who
> facilitated Central American death squads during the
> Reagan years, it's
> naively optimistic to expect the populace to
> suddenly develop the kind
> of night vision required to probe the murkiness that
> envelops the real
> operators of big time American political and
> corporate enterprise.
> And so when a friend who has embraced every
> Reynolds-Wrapped hypothesis
> that's come along over the past 30 years (not to
> mention a few dozen
> more he created on his own) wrote me to say "CSPAN
> may have something
> interesting about 9/11 on this Saturday
> morning...I'll send you
> something..." I knew it would be some sort of
> conspiracy theory.
> His next e-mail was a forward of an announcement
> that David Ray Griffin,
> a respected scholar, would be on C-SPAN2 discussing
> his new book " The
> 9/11 Commission: Omissions and Distortions." Having
> long harbored
> feelings that the Bush Administration at the very
> least failed to do its
> job of protecting us on that awful day, I tuned in.
> I had my own question about 9/11. It was: who had
> the most to gain from
> it? With the passage of time the question became:
> Who did gain the most
> from it? Well on September 10, 2001 George W. Bush
> was a struggling and
> unimpressive court-appointed president of the United
> States. By
> September 12, 2001 he was our flag-wrapped war
> president leading us
> anywhere he chose. If you weren't for tax cuts for
> the wealthy, the
> terrorists won. If you didn't support revenge so
> blind that it
> eventually misled us into war against a people with
> no connection to
> 9-11, you were an accessory after the fact to the
> heinous crimes
> committed that day. By last year it wasn't unusual
> to see bumper
> stickers implying that John Kerry was al Qaeda's
> choice to replace
> George W. Bush.
> While Bush prosecuted a foreign policy that alleged
> to spread freedom
> and democracy around the world, ancient cornerstones
> of our republic
> like due process under the law quickly became just a
> quaint option to
> his federal authority. Slowly but surely many people
> began to fear that
> not only could it happen here. But it was. And the
> "it" to which I
> allude, is fascism. This raises the most awful
> question of all: could
> the horror of 9/11 have been the American burning of
> the Reichstag? I
> surely hope not but the question must be answered.
> This country is crazy for forensics. There are
> dramas, reality shows and
> almost entire networks devoted to piecing together
> crime scenes so that
> truth can be uncovered and justice achieved. Well
> what bigger crime than
> 9-11 has been committed in our "homeland" during our
> lifetimes? Yet as
> Griffin painstakingly details in his book, the vast
> crime scenes created
> on that September morning were violated so
> profoundly that within weeks
> of the attacks the steel from the World Trade Towers
> was on a fast boat
> to Asia, where it was melted down. Think that over
> before you buy your
> next Chinese-manufactured lawnmower at Wal-mart.
> In any case, I was so impressed with Griffin's
> presentation that I
> bought and read his book " The 9-11 Commission:
> Omissions and
> Distortions." In it he unapologetically raises the
> possibility that the
> collaborators that succeeded so terribly that day,
> had ties to the White
> House. He also reminds us that before we discount
> his book as just
> another conspiracy theory, we should remember that
> what we have been
> sold as the facts from that day is itself nothing
> more than just another
> conspiracy theory.
> He asks many questions to which we did not receive
> answers from a
> Commission peopled by Washington insiders. He points
> out that Bush's
> conduct on 9-11 was absurdly dangerous if we are to
> believe he and the
> Secret Service thought this country was under
> widespread attack. He
> questions just what hit the Pentagon and why what
> hit it, struck at such
> an improbable spot on the world's most well defended
> structure. He
> probes the WTC towers as well as the infamous
> Building 7 collapsing in a
> manner that is consistent with controlled
> demolition. And he asks a lot
> more questions I haven't the space to include here.
> Fortunately his
> reasoned queries are all in his book. Please read it
> and decide for
> yourself
> if
> we need a new show on the fall television schedule
> CSI: America.
> Pass the Reynolds Wrap.
> Air America Radio <>

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