Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Madness of George W. Bush By Paul Levy

> See what you think. In my opinion, the following is
> one of the best
> analyses of Bush and Company that I have yet read.
> I know I sent this
> one around before, but it is SO worth a second
> round! The sad thing is
> that the people who would most benefit from reading
> and understanding
> this are unable to comprehend it. In reading it,
> they would lash out
> and call it psychological nonsense (or worse).
> So...what ya' gonna' do,
> folks? They will have to learn by sad experience.
> The bad thing is, by
> their support of the Bush regime, they are forcing
> the rest of us to
> endure the harsh lessons of living under the rule of
> Mad Emperor Bush
> and Company, just as the supporters of Hitler
> condemned the rest of the
> Germans. I think those of us who agree with this
> analysis have already
> learned those lessons--most probably in previous
> lifetimes. Oh
> we go again!

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