Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here's my answer to you, "Anonymous"

I just received a query from a reader of this blog who signs himself or herself "Anonymous." Here is what he/she wrote, in regard to the article about Obama trying to bring us 2.5 million new jobs by 2011: :How many really believe he will add 2.5 million jobs? How many really believe the dozens of other promises that he has made prior to the election? What happens in the next two or three years, when these promises haven't been fulfilled?

Here is my reply to you:
I prefer to think positively, now that we have a more positive president waiting in the wings to go onstage. Obama has not even taken over the presidency yet, and you are already putting out negative comments about him?!!! Why not wait and see what the man can do in turning around our ship of state that Cheney and Bush steered into disastrous waters? Are you not willing to give Obama a chance? If so, what does that say about you? Those of us who knew Gore had been truly elected in 2000 were told by Bush/Cheney supporters, "Get over it!" And so we did -- and we waited patiently to see what kind of presidency Bush and Cheney would bring us. Well, we have seen it. And we know what kind of "leadership" they provided. Most historians today put Bush at the very bottom of the list of presidents, earning him the well-deserved label "Worst President Ever." So I ask of you on the right to give the same chance to Obama that we on the left gave to Bush and Cheney. I am VERY hopeful that President Obama will deliver on his promises as much as is humanly possible and will vigorously try to undo all of the damage that was done to us, our country, and our Constitution by the Cheney/Bush administration. The task before him is monumental, and it would speak much better of you if you were willing to give him a chance to tackle it before condemning him.