Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bush: "What's the G20?"

Well, given the past idiotic gaffes by Bush, the following one is not hard to believe! Sarah Palin is the female equivalent of George Bush, and we are VERY fortunate that she won't have a place in the new White House in January 2009. After an 8-year journey through dark and hellish neocon waters, we will once again have someone intelligent at the helm of our ship of state.

SYDNEY (AFP) – Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd came under fire on Sunday for reportedly leaking embarrassing details of a phone call with US President George W. Bush.
During the call to discuss the global financial crisis on October 10, Bush reportedly responded to a suggestion by Rudd for a summit of the G20 group by saying: "What's the G20?"

The alleged exchange, reported by The Weekend Australian to have taken place as Rudd took the call during a dinner party at his official Sydney residence, has been denied by both Washington and Rudd's office.
But the leader of the opposition Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull, said Sunday that Rudd should apologise for embarrassing Bush by leaking details of the phone call.
The alleged exchange was leaked "in a way that was clearly authoritative, that clearly came from the prime minister's office," Turnbull said.
The briefing was "designed to embarrass the US, and in particular the president, and of course to make Mr Rudd particularly knowledgeable," Turnbull said.

The G20, a grouping of the world's largest industrialised and emerging economies, will meet in Washington on November 15, at Bush's invitation, to discuss the financial crisis.
Former foreign minister Alexander Downer, who served the Liberal government ousted by Rudd's Labor Party last year, called for an investigation into the alleged leak, saying it could damage Australia's ties with the US.
Turnbull said Rudd could avoid a police investigation by apologising for the "remarkable diplomatic gaffe," saying he had heard directly that the leak had caused offence to the Bush administration.
"This has caused considerable offence in Washington," he said.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Rudd's office had issued a statement denying the alleged details of the conversation.
"The president did not make the reported comment you refer to. In fact he has been deeply engaged with the G20 and the role the G20 will play in dealing with the global financial crisis," the statement said.
Rudd is expected to attend the G20 summit in Washington.