Saturday, February 13, 2016

One Republican voter's online comment re. the Republican field

This Republican's view of the choices available to the GOP voters is interesting -- his question at the end is a good one:

--Carson - I am a black, Christian gentleman-neurosurgeon with excellent table manners. (It would be great to believe in a black person again, but no experience, copies the obama model. )

—Bush -
Ugh. Absolutely painful to watch Jeb! stutter and flub through his canned lines in EVERY debate. Dubya was the smart one, apparently.

— Rubio-bot
- I am a flip-flopping, pro-amnesty 5'2" angry little whipper snapper who sometimes wears high heels. Like Clinton, I will say or do ANYTHING to be elected.

- I want to deport illegals, close the border, stop ALL political correctness BS, stop all muslim welfare-scab immigrants from coming here, and fix everything else that is wrong with America. (I'd vote for Trump just to give Obama and every one of his lemming liberal followers in America a heart attack!!)

- I will repeal obamacare, de-fund planned parenthood and rebuild the military, but will still let illiterate, unskilled, lazy welfare muslims into America. If elected, I will get rid of the national debt. I'll turn Thursday into Tuesday, and then lump all of the unused Thursdays into one month. I'll bring back the McRib sandwich. I have argued and won 6 cases in front of the supreme court and am smarter than everyone else on this stage. (Pretty much 90% as good as Trump)

…Who will you choose?