Friday, February 19, 2016

Ya' gotta' love this 110-year-old woman and her temperament

I laughed all the way through this "interview" at the bouncy, brainless young newsperson as she asked the usual inane questions, in a lively, bubbly upbeat voice, treating glum-looking Flossie as if she were one year old, instead of 110.  She kept putting her microphone right in Flossie's face, and it was truly comedic when Flossie showed no reaction and gave no answer.   Flossie's reaction was exactly what one would expect from someone who had lived this long and just wanted to sip her morning cup of coffee, without all this day-long hoopla cutting into her nap times.  When she said, "I'm tired" you KNEW for SURE she is TIRED.  And when asked if she was looking forward to all the relatives who were going to descend on her and give her a Big Birthday Party! in the afternoon, she said firmly, "Not a bit!" (~.~)

God bless Flossie -- she looks a heckuva lot younger than 110!  But you can tell she's pretty damn tired of the whole scene around her. (~.~)  I'm only 80 ("only 80" sounds young when put in this context :-) ) and I wanted to bop the young bubbly untouched-as-yet-by-time girl in the nose. But I also felt sorry for her, as she was clearly out of her league with Flossie (~.~)).  I guess I've already reached the grumpy old coot stage, too.  ;-)   It's kinda' freeing when you no longer care what people think of you (one of the Good benefits of aging). :-)