Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A few of my own thoughts on this election cycle

A friend recently wrote me that she is wanting to vote for Bernie but fears that in a match-up with Trump (who is looking more and more like the inevitable Republican candidate), Bernie might lose -- and then we would have a racist megalomaniac in the White House. The other possible Republican nominee is the very ugly and despised Ted Cruz, a liar and a proven cheat with sociopathic tendencies. 

So what is our other option to keep sanity in the White House, other than supporting Bernie? Hillary with all the baggage she brings? (and there are tons of it that Trump or Cruz would hit her with, over and over, far more than Bernie has ever used to challenge her.)

I think we are far more safe and sane to go with Bernie. His honest goodness shines like a beacon of light in the dark world of politics, and would shine even brighter against a Trump or Cruz who spew hatred and racism.  After some reflection, I wrote the following reply to my friend:

I'm willing to wait and see how the other primaries turn out.  I am betting on Bernie and his honesty/authenticity to win over the people wherever he goes.  He stands out from the crowd of greed-and-power-driven politicians because he is sincerely and truly interested in addressing the problems and raising the lot of the common people (us!) with whom he completely identifies. It is definitely time for a revolution and I am on board for it.  If worse comes to worst and Hillary is the nominee, I would have to hold my nose to vote for her, but would certainly do so rather than see ANY Republican of the low caliber of the entire GOP slate get into the White House.

At the very least, Bernie is turning the entire Democratic party to the left.  If you listen to any of Clinton's latest speeches, she is now suddenly sounding just like Bernie.  She's adopted his platform and is calling it her own.  She's had to go much farther to the left without wanting to because it's apparent that Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are taking the country by storm -- and are leading us into a long overdue revolution.

It's obvious to the Clintons that they are being left behind with their "Have patience and we'll make the changes incrementally" -- the same old tune we've heard before from politicians we trusted, voted for, and then were betrayed by.  We, the people are not buying that phony line any longer and are on the march for real Change this time around. We now realize that the regular politicians (like Obama) are never going to do it for us -- they are bought-and-paid-for tools of Wall Street.  But there is a new breed rising in Washington, DC in the forms of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  They are actually something so rare that we thought we would never see such a thing: honest politicians.  Oh my God, can it BE??? I feel as if I am seeing a unicorn!  Do honest politicians really exist???  Let us support them and find out!

These are just my feelings.  Many don't share them, I know, but I am tired of the naysaying media telling us that Bernie couldn't win in a general election when every national poll is telling us he actually would win against any of the Republicans by a bigger margin than Hillary.  All he needs is for all of us to get behind him -- this is the continuation of the revolution started in the Occupy Wall Street movement that began a couple years ago.  I am heartened to see so many jumping on the bandwagon now--especially the young people.  We cannot let the top 1% rule us forever.  They have no hearts and no compassion for the poor, the homeless, the unemployed or the struggling middle class -- and we were the ones who bailed them out!  As Bernie says, "Now it's time for Wall Street to help the middle class."

Finally, I trust that the overall consciousness is rising in our country and it's manifesting most strongly in the young people--the millennials who are in Bernie's corner, come hell or high water.  I trust that there is a greater power at work here and Bernie and Elizabeth are the vehicles by which the changes in consciousness are being made. 

In Star War terminology, the Republican party has been succumbing to the dark force more and more, ever since Cheney/Bush took us into the Iraq War on lies.  The rise of Trump and Cruz within that party is a continuation of dark and malevolent energy.  They appeal to the baser instincts of lower-consciousness types, luring them in with their fear-and-anger-based rhetoric.  Kasich seems to be the only nominee on the GOP side who has not resorted to tactics of that nature.  But he is a product of the same old political "trickle-down" rulership that has held us under the thumb of the elite 1% for decades.

It seems to me that at some point we must simply trust that All is Well and is happening just as it should. Whenever we see goodness shining as it does in Bernie and Elizabeth, that is the light to follow.  I think Elizabeth would be a much better first woman President than Hillary ever could or would be.  One is bound to the old ways of greed and power plays, and the other is leading us in a new direction entirely--to a true government of the people, by the people and for the people.  If Bernie gets in the White House, Elizabeth would be the logical person to succeed him, and she would definitely be a close wise counselor in his administration.

Just my thoughts.  In the end, I believe everyone should vote the way their conscience tells them to.