Friday, June 07, 2013

Oil corporations taking advantage of the Amish

How do these corporate shills sleep at night? How do they look at themselves in the mirror each day and go out and cheat more honest folk?  There is a price to pay for knowingly and deliberately cheating your fellow man.  Not content with ruining the water and causing earthquakes by their greed-driven fracking/drilling, the oil companies are taking advantage of the Amish, knowing the "plain folk" won't pursue legal action against them. The Amish won't make them pay for their evil deeds, but a higher court eventually will. Reading this article may make you feel sick to your stomach at the lengths billion-dollar corporations will go to feed their greedy obsession for more and more $$$, at the expense of anyone and everyone else.

The Amish Are Getting Fracked. Their religion prohibits lawsuits—and the energy companies know it

EXCERPT:  extraction companies are buying up the rights to drill on private property with unprecedented speed. At stake are geysers of money. And in the thousands of cases in which the landowner is of the Amish faith, their business partner would never dream of taking them to court should things go awry. This, obviously, has enticed some companies to take advantage of Amish farmers—who are finally figuring out how to fight back.