Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sean Hannity - Ya' gotta' love the hypocrisy in this video!

You have to watch this video -- it shows Sleazy Sean Hannity speaking out of both sides of his mouth, depending on whether Republicans are in the White House. When Cheney/Bush were the Siamese-twins President, Hannity vociferously defended the NSA's Big Brother surveillance they put into effect, doing away with our Constitutional rights of privacy against warrantless search and seizure of us and our papers and effects (phone/e-mail).  But when Obama is in the White House continuing the exact same surveillance, then Hannity rails against it, suddenly becoming a self-appointed Great Guardian of the Constitution's 4th amendment

His hypocrisy is SO blatant, even the Tea Party Bubble Dw
ellers will have a hard time defending his remarks that are diametrically opposed to each other (but, knowing their unsurpassed ability to be in denial, I'm sure they'll find a way to justify it to themselves). For the rest of us, watching Hannity's incredible antics, it's as if he is twins who are polar opposites.  This is a mind-boggling, totally amazing display of a liar switching sides on a dime and pretending to have moral beliefs and values he really doesn't have. 

Hannity is a master hypocrite with absolutely no credibility.  You can't trust a thing he says.  He is a Parseltongue (those familiar with Harry Potter will know this means he speaks like a snake).  He is a perfect representative of the "values" of FOX and Rupert Murdoch.