Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TWA Flight 800 -- truth coming out

I think almost everyone (with a brain) knew the official story was a lie and that a missile took down that plane.  Not even one of the several eyewitnesses who saw a missile streak through the sky toward the plane were called to testify in the "investigation."  Many think the Navy mistakenly (or otherwise?) shot missiles at the plane -- and that had to be covered up.  Maybe we'll find out some of the truth in this new documentary film.  Just a quick question: how many out there still believe the government always tells us the truth? 

EXCERPT: "There is evidence of an external explosion that brought down that plane," Stalcup said.

He cited "corroborating information from the radar data" and complained that "not one single eyewitness was allowed to testify -- that's unheard of."

"The family members need to know what happened to their loved ones," he said.

Asked why such information might have been suppressed, Stalcup said, "That's a question that should be answered when this investigation gets reopened."