Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bush rides motorcycle with disabled Iraq War vets

Bill Maher said it nauseated him.  When I heard of this, it nauseated me, too!  What hubris! What gall! What incredible lack of conscience and self-reflection!  Bush sent them to a needless war on lies, where their limbs were blown off -- and now he wants to appear as a "buddy" to these men who gave so much because of Cheney/Bush LIES! The insanity of this world never ceases to stagger my mind.

Hearing that former president George W. Bush went on a motorcycle ride with a group of disabled Iraq war veterans did not sit well with Real Time host Bill Maher on Friday.

“I found this to be nauseating,” Maher said of Bush’s appearance at the Warrior 100K Ride in Texas. “First he sends them off to war to get their limbs blown off, then he has them over for a barbecue. This is like the Cleveland guy having a pizza party for those girls he had in his basement.”