Thursday, June 13, 2013

50 Worst Charities--important info. to know!

This is an important article/investigation.  One of the charities I have given to over the years is Paralyzed Veterans of America -- sounds like a good one to donate to, doesn't it? Its very name tugs on the heartstrings. They even enclose little cards that you can sign, telling the veteran how much you appreciate the sacrifice he has made for the country, and "the card will be given to a veteran in one of the hospitals."  BUT--I recently discovered in another online site that this is one of the worst charities, in which
hardly any donated money (if ANY) goes to veterans' care. The professional fund raisers get the donations. The veterans get close to zero.  I've learned my lesson.  I will give to charities in my own locale that I can be sure will use the money for the purposes they state.

Here's the Tampa Bay list of the 50 worst charities they discovered in their investigation:

There are far more greed-based "charities" than those included on the Tampa Bay list.  I have been solicited by many of them, especially the veteran's ones, no doubt because my name was sold by Paralyzed Veterans of America to dozens/?hundreds of other "charity" organizations. Greed has taken over in our society and, because of it and the repercussions of this information getting to the public, the charities that do deserve to be donated to will now lose many of their donations as well.