Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Want to know about U.S. counter-intelligence?

Watch this video: 

This is the first of the 5-part
non-profit documentary film
series, 'Counter-Intelligence'
by the gifted independent
filmmaker, Scott Noble.

This episode, "The Company"
focuses on the history of the
CIA and covert operations.

The film has been lauded roundly
by multiple CIA veterans and by
college professors, alike - the latter
recommending that this series
become part of the coursework for
classes on political science, history,
sociology and cultural criticism.

"An extraordinary work by a gifted
filmmaker, 'Counter-Intelligence"
shines sunlight into the darkest
crevices of empire run amok.
The film vividly exposes a monstrous
and unconstitutional "deep state"
in which multiple competing chains
of command -- all but one illegal --
hijack government capabilities and
taxpayer funds to commit crimes
against humanity in our name.

Anyone who cares about democracy,
good government, and the future will
want to watch all five segments of this
remarkable film."

-- Robert David Steele Vivas: CIA,
USMC, OSS, Earth Intelligence
Network and Founder, Phi Beta Iota,
the Public Intelligence Blog

Video (about 78 mins):

 Counter-Intelligence Part 1 - The Company